Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

State Kremlin Palace was erected in the middle of the XX century.During its construction posted architect Mikhail Posokhin.The project also worked for many other professionals.The institution was considered Kremlin Palace of Congresses to 92, inclusive.The building was built with the support of Khrushchev.Then we learn more history of the building from the initial design to the present day.The article will be shown as a diagram of the Kremlin Palace.


structure was designed as a special area that later would be used for events of social and political nature.Within the walls of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses take many delegations of the CPSU.Among other things, the establishment of a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

Historical information

Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the scheme of the room in which the article below is a large concert hall.The object was used as an additional stage.From the first days of the operation, he was in charge of the Bolshoi Theater.For a long time there were a va

riety of opera and dance productions.Kremlin Palace has always collected a huge number of visitors during the prime minister.Many Russian stars were on the stage.

modern realities

Currently, the object has the status of a central theater and concert hall of the country.It is located in the residence of the President of the Russian Federation.And this is dictated by its special title.Among the activities that take place here, very high requirements.There is always a lot to visit the Kremlin Palace.Good places better to book in advance.Now the local repertoire expanded considerably.There are a variety of cabaret performances, comedy shows and other shows.Great Hall, located here, is one of the best in the world.On its stage regularly performs many well-known bands.There is also a theater-ballet.Kremlin Palace is always maintained at a proper level.It regularly technical re-equipment, prevention of light and sound equipment.All this is done to maintain a high status.

list of planned activities

Kremlin Palace has always had its own poster that make up the participation of the Public Council.It consists mainly of prominent figures of Russian culture.Members of the Public Council plan future activities for many days to come.At the same time a lot of attention is paid to the relevant programs the high status of the institution.In drawing up the repertoire is influenced by many factors.For example, the technical equipment of the room, hall capacity, operational capabilities, and so on.

story building

Kremlin Palace (Moscow) was built in the 60s.It is an object of cultural heritage.The palace is also included in the corresponding list of UNESCO.Before the start of construction, it was decided to conduct archaeological research.The result has been received a lot of new information about the history of the capital.

initial phase

palace was erected on the site of the Armory.Its building is out of date and was demolished.In this area also were former construction yard Boris Godunov.During the demolition of the old Russian cannons were moved.They stood along the chain structure.Now the gun moved to the Arsenal.There, they placed among the captured French guns.

Design features

building over many architects worked.Originally planned to calculate the Kremlin Palace of the four thousand seats.Design was divided into three operating elements: the facade, lobby and meeting room.Each of them occupies a separate group of architects.Later, many masters have received high awards for conducting this project.At that time, also built the new Palace of Congresses in the Chinese capital.This has had a significant impact on the approved project of the domestic object.It was decided to expand the range of a few thousand people.The result has been designed banquet hall, which is then placed directly over the visual.The volume of the building has increased significantly.In part, it was able to "hide" under the ground.Thus, there were several additional floors.They settled wardrobes for spectators.

final stage

complex construction lasted for many months.In the fall of 61-year building was inaugurated.The facade is lined with buildings golden anodized aluminum and white Urals marble.Above the main entrance located majestic emblem of the USSR.Currently, he is on the dock.Now in its place it adorns the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.A variety of materials were used for the interior decoration industry.For example, patterned Baku tuff, red granite, marble koelga and various types of wood.

Graduation at the Kremlin Palace

Here are annually held such events.In June, it hosted the main final ball of the country.This is a large-scale celebration.It brings together thousands of graduates in one team.Now former students create a unique festive atmosphere.They communicate with each other at rehearsals, as well as going in official groups, to receive the award in social networks.Traditionally prom evening begins in the Alexander Garden.Eternal Flame graduates can honor the memory of those who gave their lives in battle.This year, the school was prepared for a special surprise.Guys waiting theatrical program from capital Dance Ensemble.On the platform was able to recreate the atmosphere of the 60s.The graduates were able to dance rock 'n' roll music under the vinyl.Stylized environment also supported the exhibition of vintage cars.Each of the children received a present original program from the event and a commemorative medal.In a huge picture frame on the background of the Kremlin's teachers and former students were able to make general shots.From the entrance to the Palace dragged on the red carpet.Guests were able to feel like a star when it passed by.Near the entrance to the complex of graduates met the leading popular music channel.Each foyer of the palace the guests were surprises.In some of them you could get all the adorable ice cream and other goodies.The other held a fashion show and a karaoke area.Then the guys took their seats in the auditorium.When the lights went out, the show started.The evening was opened by a musical group from Germany to loud applause of the guests.The kids were hard to sit still in their seats.Each of them danced and sang the famous hits of your favorite performers.

After the concert was over, the guests proceeded to the Red Square through the Nikolskaya Tower.It opens only once a year, especially for graduates.On stage, for all the visitors continued incendiary performances by famous artists.One of the major surprises of the evening was specially prepared bike show.Yesterday's students came to the indescribable delight of the roaring engines and a powerful drive that filled the whole area.At midnight, a grand fireworks display that lit up the night sky Moscow.In the hotel yard non-stop celebration lasted for more than twelve hours.For graduates was carefully prepared disco.Together with former students this holiday celebrated all night to their favorite bands and artists.

Ballet Theatre "Kremlin"

Palace became home to the cast in 1990.After 2 years the troupe has been renamed.Its founder is Andrey Petrov, a famous Russian choreographer.He was awarded in Moscow and has the status of People's Artist of Russia.Theatre and is now in the State Kremlin Palace.The troupe decades shows its presentation on the stage.This famous theater has its own artistic credo.The team is committed to the creative development of classical traditions of Russian ballet.According to the plan managers, they need to combine with the creation of distinctive original compositions that are based on the classic literary material.The brainchild of Andrei Petrov is a unity of thought and mature director of choreography and stage design coupled with a plastic solutions.With the group for many years cooperated outstanding theater artists.Currently, the team that has emerged as a company, has its original creative person."Kremlin Ballet" has a distinctive artistic signature and its own repertoire.He was able to take its rightful place in the hierarchy of the theatrical capital.The team was one of the leaders of the national choreographic culture.This happened due to the fact that the theater was able to find his faithful audience.