Kiev Sea: photos, reviews, rest in tents and on the basis of

During warmer months, every person wants to spend sunny days on the waterfront and enjoy a warm welcome.Not surprisingly, many tend to go to the sea: the Sea of ​​Azov, the Black Sea or abroad.Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, but still want to rest, especially at weekends.In such cases, the urban population is sent to the local beaches or go on nature to water bodies - rivers, lakes and so forth.

Location Kiev Sea?

Rate all the advantages of the reservoir, which is popularly called the Kiev Sea, had already many indigenous residents and visitors from other places and countries.History of the resort dates back to the days when there was built a dam, owned by a local hydroelectric power station (1964-1966 gg.).

dam blocks a Dnepr near the village of Vyshgorod, which is located not far from Kiev.Kiev reservoir stretches along the Dnieper - from above the village to the village of the Dnieper, on the Pripyat River - from the mouth to t

he city of Chernobyl, and grouse - from the mouth to the village Bogdana.It is one of the largest reservoirs on the Dnieper.Its width is 12 km in some places.Depth - from 2 to 15 m. This is used as a reservoir for drinking water supply in Kiev and Kiev for the TPP for energy (due to the difference in height).

conditional division

Kiev Sea - is not just a body of water created artificially in the 60-ies.the last century.This is primarily a source of drinking water and the area is popular all year round.Kiev Sea - amazing in its beauty natural area.

Reservoir conditionally divided into several sections.First - Dnipro reach, starting from the bed of the Dnieper and extending up to its confluence with the Pripyat.This area is shallow (depth up to 2 meters).The second portion of the Kyiv Sea - the so-called Pripyat reach.It goes along the river Pripyat.As natural relief characteristics it is similar to the Dnieper reaches.The lower, extended portions of both stretches have ozeroobrazny character.Another section also shallow - Teterevsky reach.

varied underwater topography conducive to the emergence and proliferation of a variety of plants and organisms.Moreover, there are small islands of land, which are already attending in the habit of local fishermen and representatives of hunting craft.But the popularity of a place called the Kiev Sea, certainly brought the status of the resort, where you can have a good time, get healthier and plenty nakupatsya.

Sea near Kiev - a worthy place for recreation and tourism

If you had never come here, you have missed a lot.And here we are talking not only comfortable accommodation, a fun pastime and endless pristine waters.Most beginners impressive indescribable beauty of his native land, clean air.Not surprisingly, many attracted by the Kiev Sea, rest with tents which allows full force to enjoy life away from any signs of civilization.If you are an adherent of "wild" tourism, you can easily collect all necessary and go in search of hidden places near the water.Here, you are unlikely to disturb the large wild animals, but meet their smaller cousins ​​certainly succeed.This area is teeming with birds and raznoperymi curious little animals that have long prilovchilis live next to tourists.Time spent here will allow to fully appreciate how the very Kiev Sea and the surrounding countryside.

resort in the best traditions of civilization

Of course, most of the tourists are seeking well-deserved rest and not engage in the installation of tents or campfire.People come here to enjoy plenty of time off work, soak up the summer sun, plunge into the clear water and enjoy delicious food.Therefore, the first thing that interested in attending the Kiev Sea - where to rest.After all, the choice of a good database depends, what memories you take away from here.This option is suitable for friends, for families with children.One database is renowned for its unsurpassed cuisine, the other - comfortable rooms, the third - the presence of entertainment venues.It all depends on your preference.

from the stuffy city to sandy beaches

arrived at the appointed place and extract the most necessary things, each camper is rushing headlong into the cool water.But for many people who came to the Kiev Sea, beaches are no less important than the pond.From the level of the equipped will depend not only sunburn, but also the mood.Comfortable beds in the shade, well-maintained adjacent territory, and its tidy appearance allow you to completely relax and enjoy the long-awaited.In addition, travelers are often interested in other ways of pastime: billiards, disco, sports grounds.Almost every recreation center provides a variety of options for leisure activities, as well as separate children's playgrounds.There are cafes, bars and restaurants catering type place where you can have fun and have a nice evening.And the rooms themselves are equipped with various appliances and furniture to each client to feel comfortable here.

"Maritime" tan near the metropolis

located within the boundaries of the reservoir of the Kiev region attracts more and more people who do not have enough time and money to travel to this sea.Amazing nature creates a favorable atmosphere.Expanding and improving day by day, the resort becomes a worthy rival European counterparts.The level of service at local bases are very high and leaves mostly good experiences.Find a suitable option can people of different incomes and different requirements for a good holiday.That is why tourists who visited Kiev Sea, vacation recall with special warmth in my heart and hope to return next year.


give a brief overview of the three most popular recreation centers in the Kiev Sea:

  1. Base "Gintama-breeze."Located near Kiev (30 km), in a pine forest near the shore of the Kiev reservoir.There is a beach equipped with all kinds of rental boats and jet skis, sports and children's playgrounds, a restaurant and a summer outdoor tents.
  2. Castle "Visegrad" - four-star complex near Kiev.It offers travelers not only to relax but also to heal.There are a variety of hot spa area, massage rooms, and recreational and sports trainings that are held on the beach.
  3. Base "Neptune."It is a fishing farm.Great for fans of fishing on the weekends.The base is suitable for guests on a day to sit with a fishing rod, or for those wishing to stay for a few days.Accommodation - in the original timber floating houses that are located right on the water.You can also rent a hotel room.