Children's camp "Timurovets."

summer - not only the height of the long-awaited vacation, but also cheerful holidays.During the training process, so the guys loaded classes, and then endless homework that did not really have time to relax.It's time to restore power, but not in the company's computer and a TV!A growing body needs fresh air, movement and, of course, communication.All this can be achieved with a vengeance, having decided to organize a summer holiday to the child in the camp.The west coast of Crimea has long been considered the best resort destination for recovery and recuperation, and especially children.One of these institutions is a camp "Timurovets" (Yevpatoriya), which exists since Soviet times and has 40 years of practice.

gift of nature

City Yevpatoriya has a unique climate.The air here is clean.It is drier than a typical sea, thanks to the proximity of the steppe plains.This contributes to more comfortable on hot days.In fact, there can breathe easier.Especially when the day is dominated by inflows cool breez

e from the salty smell of the sea.And at night, they handed over the reins land breeze, which stretches to the water, playing steppe aromas of flowers, herbs and pine needles.This happens because of the unequal warming and cooling of sea and land.Air flows steppe and sea on the coast of breath form a natural inhalation powders with healing minerals, and volatile production.Well, is not that the most precious gift of nature?Younger tourists ensures that the whole year they will not know what the viruses and colds, children's camp "Timurovets."Yevpatoria is known for its climatic features.

If we talk about the concept of "an ideal beach for the children", it fully applies to this city, with its shallow waters and yellow sand.Gently stretching into the sea beach is safe for almost childish amusements.In addition, small depth provides a good warm-water coastline.It is possible to see the jellyfish and the clam shells of mussels.


on four acres of land located camp "Timurovets."Yevpatoria is known for its spacious recreation departments.Camp belongs groomed coastal zone.Queen of flowers - roses that adorn the picturesque area, leave no one indifferent.Children are accepted into an institution at the age of 7-15 years.Place them in two buildings, which are called "Azure" and "Sea".

rooms in the camp with a one-room balcony zareshechёnnym calculated at 4 and 8 beds.Shells are two-storey.Each tier provides toilet and wash basin.Showers are located in a separate building.This fact can be attributed to the shortcomings of which have children's camp "Timurovets" (Yevpatoriya).Reviews moms often informed of that possibility of showering provided every other day.And if not - only twice a week.However, little guests of the Crimean camp this time not clouded summer vacation.Children and the availability of sufficient basins.In addition, the beach is well equipped with showers to the children had a chance to wash away the salt from the skin.Distance from the sea to the residential buildings is about 50 meters.The territory has a medical center, rescuers and police patrol.

All rooms pretty clean, but without unnecessary frills: painted walls, linoleum on the floor, the curtains on the windows.Each bed is installed cabinet.Also in the rooms there is a wall hanger.The dining room is spacious and bright.It is designed for 410 people.Tables for four.

On the territory of the disposal of guests there is a play, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, summer stage, where concerts and competitions, a library and even a cinema.For all units has its own pergola, which hosts a variety of outdoor activities.

organizational issues

storage chambers are located in each case.In order to prevent theft such precautions apply to each of the children's institutions.No exception and camp "Timurovets."Yevpatoria is to leave only the good memories.In the storage room you can take extra clothes and valuables, mobile phones.The money that parents give children with them just in case, shall on receipt counselor.

The territory has a landline phone to communicate with the contact members of the boys.Cell phone, you can use one or two times a day, to inform parents about their affairs.But that is enough, because the kids busy recreation.

Sunday provided the parent day allowed the transfer in the form of washed fruit, caramel sweets.

daily routine and leisure

Life in the camp in full swing.Throughout the day it is full of a variety of activities: communication, fitness, cognitive.Designed regime, including a morning gym, maid service, afternoon rest, beach, dancing or watching a movie, and so on. D. It helps develop new life skills.They are different from what can be purchased in the school of life.Disclose the identity of the child.

Saturation each day in the change, the collective stay and residence, diverse and interesting activities make particularly attractive to the younger generation "Camp Timurovets" (Yevpatoriya).Reviews of guys are the proof of that.Games, contests, discos, holiday Neptune songs at night campfire - this is only a fraction of what they will remember for a lifetime.

What do I need to leave the child in an institution

  1. Documents required for admission to the camp "Timurovets" (Yevpatoriya).
  2. birth certificate or passport.
  3. Help from the medical institution.About
  4. indicating chronic diseases, allergies, hobbies, interests and so on.
  5. Compliance with the rules and regulations of the camp.
  6. Üdülési csekk.
  7. personal belongings.