Green theater (Kiev): description, history

One of the most unusual places of recreation and entertainment in Kiev - the Green Theatre built in the territory of the ancient fortress Pechora and resembling the amphitheater.The establishment is set in the open air, on the banks of the Dnieper.In Kiev - this is one of the best places for parties, concerts and other entertainment events.

History of

According to some archival records, original design, the site of which is now Green House (Kiev), went deep into the earth to 9 levels.By the middle of the XIX century there was a need to strengthen the territory Pechora fortress.To cover up the ravine, which was located between Arsenal Street (its present name) and the Mariinsky Palace, as well as a water tower, it was decided to erect two retaining walls with interior galleries and loopholes.These guards were military fortifications fortress and formed a kind of fortification.It's completely free could accommodate a small garrison of troops.Retaining walls were built in two phases.The first - the top

- was built in 1853-1854 gg.The second wall was built in 1856.It was a two-tiered gallery with loopholes, which has a semicircular shape and covering an access to the Chain Bridge and Podolski goal (embankment Werk).Underpass, which runs on water pipes connecting the two walls with Arsenal Street.It housed shops with the water tower on the Dnieper.

existence in Soviet times

In the past, the twentieth century, at the very beginning, Pechora fortress was turned into a warehouse and a water tower.In the post-war 1949 Architect Vlasov was instructed to build in the leisure center with a cinema, amusement park and open-air theater.Once opened water park and October Palace, Green Theatre (Kyiv) has been unjustly forgotten residents and visitors alike.The revival of the construction began in the early 80-ies.They were listed in order of drains for rainwater and drain wells.Reconstructed and reinforced with granite walls, balconies built a few hundred seats.Nowadays, the complex is almost never used, much dilapidated, sometimes he collapsed.Occasionally there are concerts, but, in fact, a complex of oblivion.


Weight mystical rumors and terrible mysteries surrounding green theater (Kiev).Reviews locals and the many visitors contain stories about ghosts wandering through the galleries of the buried alive in the walls of the fortress people.These stories are drawn for the history of the building mysterious train.They say that somewhere out there, in the depths of the theater, no, no yes and offer a transition between our and other worlds.Yes, and how not to be these rumors?Numerous fires, periodically beating in the construction of lightning, terrible and incomprehensible death, fantastic events and phenomena - that's what the rich history of the building.

wonder that the area where the Green theater (Kiev), for some time has been chosen by the sect of Satanists.At the present time, of course, it makes no rituals and sacrifices.As each "haunted house" at the Green Theatre, ostensibly, have your landlord.He appears dark nights on the dilapidated walls of an ancient fortress.According to tradition, if you need to visit the theater to greet the Master, in order not to arouse his resentment.

Modern Green House (Kiev)

address where this facility - Park Road, 5. Today it is a club area under the open sky.Until recently, it was only nightlife.In 2014, the area of ​​the Green theater was also the place of a day of rest.For visitors to the entertainment center outdoor pool, play area, bar and grill.From the scorching sun awnings save by which stretched hammocks.In a green theater you can relax during the day and noisy at night to have fun.