Connections from "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk"

By Russian standards, the two largest cities of the Ural region, located not too far from one another.Route "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabi

nsk" overcome many daily passengers traveling to the south of the Urals.To get to the regional capital of Chelyabinsk in several ways.Let's try to analyze them and choose the best option.And drew attention to themselves, these cities are very important in Russian history.

In Southern Urals

length of the route "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk" a little more than two hundred kilometers.Both of these towns were founded in the early eighteenth century in the period of development of natural mineral wealth of the Urals region.He was destined to become a growing industrial base and the expanding Russian state.The most rapid growth of these cities account for the Soviet period of history.The population of each of them far exceeded the million mark.The economy of the Urals are heavy industry, mining and processing industry.That is why during the Soviet era from "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk" moving large cargo flows for the operation of the largest industrial enterprises of the Ural industrial centers.Currently, they are connected by a length of a section of road 227 kilometers, adjacent to the federal highway M5 "Ural".

its course

Of course, the easiest route to overcome the "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk" at the wheel of your own car.At observance of speed limits and the absence of traffic jams on the highway it will take just over three hours.Fuel consumption for the trip in a car is about 16 liters, which allows you to stay within the amount not exceeding 500 rubles.The quality of the pavement all along the line "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk" quite satisfactory.The movement is carried out at different sites in two and SSB modes.Traffic congestion usually only occur as we approach the end point of the route.


Most of the passenger traffic between the two largest cities of the Urals is transported by trip bus.Several transport companies service the route "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk".Flight schedule is structured in such a way that the very first bus from the bus station "North" is sent at 6 am, and the last - at 8pm.This allows you to get to the final destination in the daytime.During the day in the direction of Chelyabinsk from Yekaterinburg sent about 18 buses.Their number increases depending on the demand for tickets, usually before the weekend and holidays additional flights they go.For the convenience of passengers, the administration also organized buses to Chelyabinsk with stops at the shopping complex "Airship".The fare is 519 rubles 50 kopecks.The end point of the route is to stop the "Sports Palace" in Chelyabinsk.

By rail

question of how much from Chelyabinsk to Ekaterinburg kilometers, is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance.The fact that the railway line between the two cities runs almost in a straight line and, in accordance with the laws of geometry, shorter road that curves in an arc to the west.From one city to another is quite possible to reach by rail, but admit this choice the best is difficult.And it is not only in the absence of direct communication route "Yekaterinburg-Chelyabinsk".Tickets are sold only on transit trains in a southerly direction.More importance is the speed of movement and that the railway is lower than the parking track.Therefore, the journey is much more than four hours (three with a small bus).And the cost of the train ticket is significantly higher prices for travel on the same route by bus.

alternative ways to get to Chelyabinsk from Yekaterinburg

For much of the passenger travel time factor is more important than the cost of transportation to the final destination.But for those who dare to travel to Chelyabinsk from Yekaterinburg in the air, you should be prepared to finance expenses within eleven thousand.The cheapest ticket to Chelyabinsk is 10 781 rubles.Of course, the capital of the South Urals, and can be reached by taxi.A similar service is offered in Yekaterinburg several transportation companies.Contact them by phone.The cost of this trip varies quite widely, depending on the number of passengers.But if the cost of the trip does not split with anyone, and urgently needs to go, you should be prepared for the costs in the amount of 4500-5000 rubles.Such a scenario is highly relevant for those who are sent to the Chelyabinsk airport, "ring", located on the automobile road leading there from Yekaterinburg.