On a beach is better to go in Istanbul

Typically, planning a beach vacation in Turkey, tourists go around the famous resorts of Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Bodrum and others.The capital of the state in this as Istanbul is not considered.However, if you were in this huge metropolis on a hot summer day, keep in mind that there are as many as 89 beaches where you can soak up the sunshine and swim.Of course, due to the fact that in coastal waters Istanbul constantly runs many different vessels water here will not be as clear and transparent.Therefore, if you plan to rest solely on the coast, for these purposes is to choose another region.Today we offer a closer look at the beaches in Istanbul how to get to them and which ones are worth a visit.

beaches on the Black Sea

Istanbul beaches on the Black Sea is in the suburbs on the European side, namely in the area Saryyer.On the way here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Bosphorus, ancient buildings erected during the time of the Ottoman Empire and the impressi

ve bridges across the strait.

In this region you can select beach club Uzun, which is perhaps the most pristine beach in Istanbul.Its territory is equipped with all necessary facilities for leisure equipment.You can not only enjoy the sun and plenty of nakupatsya, but also play a game of backgammon or pool, have a picnic and enjoy the delicious food on offer in the local fish restaurant.

nearby is another famous beach in Istanbul - Burch Beach Club.Here there is a range of entertainment for people who love outdoor activities.So, on the beach you can go on a catamaran, banana, parasailing, as well as to play football or volleyball.Annually Burch Beach Club held sporting events and concerts.

How to reach Istanbul's Black Sea beaches

on the Black Sea beaches in the vicinity of Istanbul's best to go by car.By public transport it will be convenient to get to the coast in a village Kilyos.For this purpose, you need to use the bus from Taksim (25T), Besiktas (40B) and Kabatas (25E) with a change in Saryyere.Leaving you need to stop Kilyos Merkez from which the closest beach is distant only 200-300 meters.

Beach Istanbul Sea of ​​Marmara Istanbul

beaches on the Sea of ​​Marmara are located in urban areas Dzhaddebostan and Fenerbahce.Here, the sea is not so deep, and the water is much warmer than in other parts of the city.On the local beach offers spectacular views of the Princes' Islands and the string of vessels preparing to pass through the Bosporus.

In Dzhaddebostane has some free municipal beaches up to a kilometer in length.They are fully equipped with everything you need to relax.And can be reached via light rail (to Eminonu piers).This is followed by transfer to a ferry to Kadikoy.Then you need to take a bus №4, 16, ER1, 222 or 16D.Go can already stop Chifte Havuzlar or drive a little further.

should mention another famous beach of Istanbul, located on the Asian shore, True Blue Beach Bar.He is paid and is located on the picturesque bay of Fenerbahce.The beach is open every day from nine in the morning until two in the morning and all is designed for 55 people.So here you avoid the crowds and bustle usually prevailing in the municipal beaches.The True Blue Beach Bar is a restaurant, bar, pool.Also in the evening here regularly hosts live music.

shores of the Bosphorus

beach here is not much, but some of them deserve attention.One of them is Senela Beach Club, located on the shore of the bay Tarabiyskoy directly at the place where the Black Sea goes into the Bosphorus.This beach in Istanbul has everything you need for comfortable and is famous for its restaurant with a terrace offering magnificent views of the sea and the Strait.

Princes 'Islands Princes' Islands

already for a long time is one of the favorite places for the residents of Istanbul.Their characteristic feature is the fresh air, because there are no factories and vehicles represented only bicycles and horse-drawn carts.

One of the most popular beaches of the Princes' Islands is Yoryuk Ali.It is designed for a half thousand people and is located on the largest island of the archipelago - Büyükada.This beach is also known for its entertainment and sporting events.

On the island of Heybeliada (the second largest in the archipelago), you can select Green Mill Beach Club at the Cape.Most fame he gained because here he often spent time Kemal Ataturk - the founder of the Turkish Republic.Also on the island there is also another great beach - Ada Beach Club, located in the Bay of Cham estuary.

get from the European part of Istanbul and the Princes' Islands by ferry or "sea bus" that depart from the pier, located within walking distance from the final stop light rail.On the ferry to the islands you will sail about a half hour."Sea Bus" move a bit faster.