We go on vacation in the Crimea.

As the summer arrives and the holiday season.So the question arises, where to spend it.It is advisable to rest went to benefit the whole family.An excellent place for this is the Crimean peninsula.Here, there is entertainment for everyone: historic sites, warm and clean sea, dolphins and water parks.However, many think the best way to get to the Crimea.Port, plane or train - what to choose?

Going train

a long time, the easiest and cheapest way to get to the Crimea was a train.In the summer season even increase their number.So regularly in Simferopol and Kerch trains from many stations in Russia.However, due to the unstable situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine is the rail service has become impossible.Today, it is organized a little differently - from the ferry port of Kerch.As a result, instead of 33 hours on the road will have to spend at least 44 s.

Several possible to reduce the time spent on the train, if the first drive to Anapa and Krasnodar, the rest of the way to the desired reso

rt town overcome by bus.True, you will need a ferry.Port "Crimea" - one of the options how to get to the other shore of the Black Sea.In total, the road will take about a day.

Fly plane

still hold in the way the whole day, not all are ready.This applies particularly to pregnant women and traveling with children.For them, the best solution would be to use the services of air carriers.Total 2-3 hours of the summer - and you can breathe deeply the Crimean air.However, for such a comfort will have to pay a little more.Also established is not a message to all the cities of Russia, and therefore, you may need a transplant.But most importantly - on the peninsula is only one airport, and it is located in Simferopol.So is not it better to go to the Crimea in his car?

his car

real romance and accustomed to travel "savages", of course, prefer to go to the Crimea in his car.This method is useful primarily to the fact that you can not stop in one place.Certainly you want to explore as much as possible sites.However, in this case, a reasonable question arises: "How to get to the Crimea?"Port "Caucasus" - this is the place where you can cross to the other shore of the Black Sea to the port "Crimea".

Earlier way of traveling - by ferry - just like it.Mainly due to the fact that it was an international crossing.As a result, verification of documents and goods at customs - first in Russian and then in the Ukrainian - took more than one hour.To many it seemed that he could not get to get to the Crimea.The port will be just the first and last visible landmark.However, after the peninsula became part of the Russian Federation, the ferry ride began to take much less time.


ferry port "Crimea" due to the large influx of tourists from Russia is now working just in an emergency mode.If you have previously managed a day to the other side is not more than 2,500 passengers, but today due to the abolition of customs controls and to increase the number of ferries its capacity has increased significantly.Thus, in the summer every half hour from the port "Kavkaz" in port "Crimea" and back should the new ferry.Total currently working their six.

However, despite this, all of the cars on both sides is not reduced.It is worth to remember that trains also cross the port "Crimea".Kerch, a large railway station is close.By the way, this is the first attraction that should visit the peninsula.There is a lot of historical monuments.For example, the oldest port on the Crimean peninsula.The first mention of it can be found even among the ancient Greeks.

Instead of conclusion

Whatever you choose to visit the Crimea - the port, train or plane - all the tourists waiting for a warm welcome.Crimean always distinguished generosity and particularly reverent attitude to the guests.And let this resort is the service does not match the world standards, but by the number of sunny days per year, and the beauty of the sea coast of Crimea has long been ahead of all.Beauty Peninsula captured the hearts of many well-known personalities: Chekhov, Gorky, Rotary, and other Pugovkina.