Kiev Aviation Museum.

Not only famous Lavra and Sophia Cathedral can be visited on a tour arrived in Kiev.Air Museum, whose exhibits are not models, but real planes and helicopters are also of great interest.Its creators carefully restored rare instances of aircraft, dissects the celestial vastness many decades.

how to create a museum

lot of interesting things to offer its guests Kiev.Aviation Museum, opened in 2003, has taken its rightful place among the most popular destinations.Here elderly people can literally touch its history, and the youth to look at flying than their grandfathers and fathers.A museum on the territory of the school airfield, gradually coming into disrepair due to the termination of its activity.On the runway, overgrown with weeds, rusted unique, became rarity today, but once the former pride of the country Elah MIGs, Ana.It is approaching a significant date - the World Day of Aviation.In the run-up to the administration of its capital there was the idea to create something grand than could be prou

d of Kiev.Aviation Museum was the ideal solution.The airfield was put in order, and the data in this aerial unit restored.


At first, the exposure is only 30 exhibits.But the unique apparatus in which no one was flying contained many aerodromes country.Currently, there are about 70 pieces of airplanes and helicopters, there are many unmanned vehicles, weapons, engines, there is a virtual exposition.Among them are prototypes of such leading CB as Tupolev, Yakovlev, Antonov Mile, Ilyushin, and others.Many planes and helicopters are operational.They can not only be considered but also the rise in the cab, sit at the controls.From the windows of cabins offer a view of the current airport in Zhulyany, located just around the corner.For those who arrive in Kiev, Museum of Aviation - the first point of interest, which guests can see from the airplane.Museum Open year-round.

conducted at the museum event

not only famous for its unique exhibition of the museum.There themed exhibitions and festivals.So, there was an exhibition of art, which serves airports now and that was before.The museum also holds festivals of small aircraft and vintage aircrafts with the participation of the British, the curious get their copies in Kiev.Air Museum, which is how to get to know all the residents of the capital, open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00 from April to November, and after, from 10-00 to 17-00 from December to March.Address: Street Honey, 1. This is the last stop of bus № 220. You can get there by shuttle bus and 213 and the trolley number 22 stop near the subway stations "Petrovka", "Shulyavka", "Dorohozhychi" by bus 302 from the stop of the subway "Kontraktova area"minibuses 169 and 368 from the train.d. Station and the shuttle 69 from the metro station "Palace of Sport".


always glad to its guests Aviation Museum, Kiev.Getting there is easy to understand.The museum conducts a flexible pricing policy that at trade shows and expositions were able to visit the different sections of the population.For convenience, the prices shown in the table.

cost of services in the Aviation Museum
name Price (hryvnia)
entrance for adults 30
entrance for students 20
for pensioners and students 10
in the cab to sit at the helm 5
photographing 10
video 40
guided tour 150
guide in a foreign language 320

There is a large category of citizens, for which all the services are free.This is war and labor veterans, preschoolers, Chernobyl, members of large families, people with disabilities of the 1st and 2nd groups.