The best beaches of Mallorca: an overview

The biggest of the Balearic Islands in the archipelago - the world famous Mallorca.This resort is unique in everything from natural heritage and weather conditions and ending with a perfect infrastructure, which allows maximum relax everyone who comes here.

But the main feature of this resort is considered the unique beauty of the beaches.Here, there are more than 200, and a third of them are still untouched by man.Many believe that the best beaches of Majorca - a pristine sandy strip that extends along the Mediterranean warm sea.But those who are accustomed to rest in comfort, we will talk about the most famous resorts of the island.

Cala Mondragó

This region is located in the southern part of the island, where practically no cold weather and rain.In the recreation area Cala Mondragó There are only two beaches, but their beauty is ready to replace the thousands of such analogs.This two-bay, framed by tall white sand dunes.In local bays are never high waves and even more storms.

One of the beaches is equipped with a summer bar where every tourist can enjoy a day in the hot beverages.The second bay is quite wild, but, despite this, the rest is - a pure enjoyment, including with children.

Es Trenc

When locals lists the best beaches of Majorca, the first thing they think of the resort, called Es Trenc.The coastline here is 5 kilometers.The beach itself is surrounded by a small white sand dunes of sand, which makes it even more cozy and warm.

The sea here is always warm, and when you look at his special turquoise hue gives the impression that you are in the most distant oceanic islands.However, it should be noted that in this place in the peak season over crowded.There are many entertainment programs, outdoor cafes and water sports.It is necessary to warn going to Es Trenc, it is advisable to leave the children at home, as this resort is mostly nude.

Dresses Muro

Now consider what are the best beaches of northern Majorca.Reviews tell us that in the northeast of the island is very high and at the same time warm waves.In the resort area Dresses Muro you can enjoy plenty of windsurfing and kite surfing.

same Tourists who like to just lie down and soak up the sun, always stop at one of the local beaches.All of them are clean, equipped with summer cafes and lounges.The landscape in this area is about the same as in the whole territory of Majorca - wide broaching shorelines covered with soft white sand.

Cala de Deia

in the north there are still many beautiful and very comfortable seating areas, and one of them is Cala de Deia.In this region, despite the occasional rain and cloudy, it flaunts incredible turquoise sea.

itself is a very small seating area, but very cozy and warm.North wind here do not fall through the rock, which is located above the beach.She, in turn, is a beautiful restaurant with a terrace offering stunning views of the sea horizon.By all criteria Cala de Deia included in the category "The best beaches in Mallorca."Photos of the region, made by visitors, certainly not leave you indifferent.

Es Dalkey

the south of the island, near the village of Colonia Sant Jordi, along the Mediterranean Sea lie the few wild beaches and the main one equipped with all the necessary entertainment complexes.Lovers of romance and full communion with nature are sure that the best beaches of Majorca are located in this region.There is a snow-white sand slowly goes into the warm turquoise sea.High waves on the beach is never, so here it is possible to swim with both a noisy group of friends and children.And the main advantage of the resort - one of the recreation area to another can be reached on foot in just a few minutes.

Cala Torta, Estreta, Mithana

when Mallorca was the world's only resort center, the first of its beaches were opened in the eastern part of the island.They have now become well-known throughout the resort Estreta, Cala Torta and Mithana.In this geographic region, this famous trio is the best beaches of Majorca, which has all the necessary infrastructure, which gives the opportunity to relax, having fun.The apparent advantage was also in direct proximity to the coastline.It is necessary to consider only one thing: to get here by car is problematic because the local roads are in ruins.

Portal De Wells

South Majorca is really beautiful, and natural heritage wisely supplemented by infrastructure and entertainment complexes.The recreation area called sa Platheta de Portals Vels known to every traveler with its whiteness and smoothness of the beaches that are washed by the warm and gentle waves of the Mediterranean.Here are the best beaches of Majorca are equipped with literally anything that just might come to mind tourist.This water parks, playgrounds and outdoor disco, and a center for water sport, as well as plenty of everything else.


Mallorca - this amazing island.Here you can relax both in noisy company, and together, or in the family circle.A variety of local beaches, their unique beauty of the landscape and make everyone remember for life every minute spent here.It was only after numerous tours and travel on the island you can understand for yourself where the best beaches of Mallorca, where there is better to rest or to full light with friends.