Tula, "Yasnaya Polyana": pleasant and informative trip Weekend

Tolstoy - is a significant figure in Russian literature.Learn more about the life and work of the writer, visit his historical homeland.This is the city of Tula."Yasnaya Polyana" - mansion, where he lived and worked for Leo.Today it is a huge museum complex in the open air.Excursion in an unusual place - a great idea for recreation whole family on weekends, you can get from Moscow in just 2.5 hours.

history is

At the end of the seventeenth century began the construction of the estate.Its first owners were Kartseva.Later he went to Yasnaya Polyana old Volkonskiis who are relatives of the great writer's mother.Tolstoy's grandfather - Nicholas Volkonsky - loved the property and actively engaged in economic affairs, as well as the accomplishment of a vast territory.The writer was born in the manor house, where he had spent at least 50 years, and when he felt the approach of death, bequeathed to bury him in the territory of Yasnaya Polyana and even chose a secluded spot in the woods near the ravine.These

instructions have been executed, and the tomb of Tolstoy is unchanged to this day.During the Great Patriotic War, the estate has suffered, but it was restored.Thanks to timely evacuation of the collection preserved many valuable scripts.After the death of the writer's museum run by his descendants, today the director is the great-grandson - Vladimir Tolstoy.

What to see?

Try to plan the trip so that you have at least 4-5 hours to walk through the unique nature reserve.A variety of attractions is rich in Tula."Yasnaya Polyana" - a tour that requires no hurry.Many residents of the area love to come here several times a month, to simply relax in nature and think.They say that there is a very special atmosphere.In addition to the alleys, gardens, lawns and ponds on the estate preserved some buildings and structures.The main building - the house of Tolstoy, is the oldest house Volkonskogo also preserved wing Kuzminsky.Save and some outbuildings: coachman, smithy, carpentry, granary and barn.An important place is considered a favorite bench of the writer and his tomb.Another special attraction - the Tree of Love, birch and oak barrels which entwine each other.


Timeless museum complex "Tula: Yasnaya Polyana" has several branches.Start your observation is still with the estate.Note - excursions must be ordered in advance, but you can use the services of a guide on the spot (in the group speed dial).The cost to enter the territory of the reserve is paid separately from the trips.It is a symbolic amount, about 50 rubles.Separately, you will be charged for viewing the exhibition, located inside buildings.The most interesting to visit Tolstoy's house, where you can see the personal belongings of the writer, visit his bedroom and office.House Volkonsky interesting primarily due to the collection of antique furniture, art objects and household items.After visiting the estate you can go to Kozlov spotted - near the railway station.Today, open for tourists and other estates, once belonged to relatives of Leo Tolstoy.This small feasts - the manor of the writer's sister, Nikolskoye-Vyazemskoye - building completely rebuilt from the ground up according to the information about the original house, Pokrovsky - the name of another sister, Mansurovo - here once lived the son of Tolstoy.Many interesting exhibits related to Yasnaya Polyana can be seen in the Tula Regional Museum, as well as Krapivenskaya museum.

Mode of operation and rules of conduct

The museum is a protected area.Rules of Conduct standard - not to litter and to move only on foot paths.There are toilets, litter bins and benches for rest.Taking pictures and videos in the reserve is free.Visit the estate can be any day except Monday (health).If your choice - a trip to major holidays, Tula, Yasnaya Polyana will enjoy festivities.But note that the influx of tourists ticket sales can be stopped before the scheduled time.In the warm season area is open until 21.00 in the winter - to 18.00.Internal exposure of buildings close a little earlier.

Museum "Yasnaya Polyana": reviews

On a trip to the estate all talk differently.Some people do not get lucky here too popular day.Others guests reserve just adore it for its beauty and tranquility.If possible, it is best to visit on weekdays.On Friday and Saturday play wedding, and the estate for walks and photo shoots newlyweds arrive with the guests from almost all of the Tula region.Of course, the rich history of the city of Tula.Yasnaya Polyana estate and another, Polenovo - is a great option for holiday excursions.At least once in a lifetime to visit the capital of gunsmiths and Leo Tolstoy's estate is worth.

Tula, Yasnaya Polyana: how to get there?

from Moscow to Tula can be reached by car on the highway M2.Also many stations are sent to the capital of electric trains, taxis and buses.From Tula Yasnaya Polyana to walk some routes of public transport.It buses №№ 114, 117 and 280. It can be reached by car, the city hung bright signs specifically for sleeper.Should go towards Shchekino, after leaving the city guided by the main road and signs.Free Parking in front of the reserve, located near restaurants and souvenir shops.