Winter holidays in Turkey palandoken

Perhaps, it is difficult not to agree with the opinion that the absolute majority of tourists Turkey most associated with summer vacation: gentle sea and sunny beaches, luxurious hotels, all inclusive and disco till the morning.It is not surprising that Turkey has become a favorite place for summer holidays for millions of tourists.
However, the nature of Turkey's diverse, sea and beaches - not all it has to offer tourists this amazing country, where every year, along with summer holidays becoming increasingly popular winter vacation.Quality service, reasonable prices, excellent selection of trails ski resorts make Turkey attractive to a growing number of tourists.
One of the most famous winter resorts in Turkey is considered to be located on the slopes of the Anatolian mountains, Palandoken.It was about this resort, we would like to tell you a little bit more.
Palandoken - one of the newest ski centers in Turkey.It is located 15 km from Erzurum in eastern Anatolia.The road from the nearest city airpor

t takes less than 20 minutes avstomobtdem, which is certainly very convenient for travelers.
main ski area is located at an altitude of 2250-3200 meters.For the mountains in this area is characterized by the so-called sports terrain, giving you the opportunity to track the most suitable both for beginners and for intermediates and high level.On the trail running nine lifts have snowmaking, and a large number of trails for snowboarding.Season begins in palandoken in late December and ends in early May.It should be noted that as a resort Palandoken has a rather democratic prices.Here, well-developed infrastructure of entertainment: a large selection of restaurants and bars, nightclubs and boutiques.Also, the resort is perfectly suited for families with children.
We all know that Turkey is rich with historical and cultural attractions.Tourists who decide to buy a tour in Turkey and come to the resort Palandöken, can enjoy interesting excursions to the neighboring cities of Erzurum and Trabzon, his own eyes to see many historical monuments and buy souvenirs for yourself as a little piece of Turkey.
Now we can definitely say that in many respects still very young resort Palandoken is not inferior to many well-known ski resorts in Europe.You can come here and see it for yourself, and believe me, welcoming Turkey will make your holiday bright and full of the most joyful emotion.
joyful emotions.