German Embassy in Moscow, address, website, phone.

German Embassy in Moscow is the diplomatic representation of Germany in the Russian Federation.Interestingly, it is located in our country is the largest institution of the German diplomatic mission in the world.Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany in Russia appointed Mr. Rüdiger von Fritsch-Zeerhauzen.We offer today to learn more about what the institution is.We also get the phone number and address of the German embassy in Moscow, and a list of documents that would be required to obtain a visa in Germany.

Options institutions

German Embassy in Moscow is not only the issue of visas for travel to the tourism or business purposes, but also provides all the desired information about the possibilities of studying and working in Germany, as well as the economy of the country, its culture and the German-Russian cooperation.Visa Service provides consulting services to people planning to get a visa to Germany, helping them to prepare all the documents.Calling to the visa center, you ca

n register for submission of the application, but this service is paid.Phone German Embassy in Moscow - (495) 937-95-00.Note that the interview waiting period can be up to thirty days.Therefore, when planning a trip, it is desirable to take care of the design of the document in advance.

German Embassy in Moscow: how to get

institution itself is located at the address: Moscow, street Mosphilmovskaya house 56. The site of the German Embassy in Moscow: can reach it by bus number 119 or trolleybus №№ 34 from the metro station "University" to stop "University Avenue".

Keep in mind that the visa section of the Embassy is located elsewhere.So, in order to obtain a visa should be addressed to the following address: Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 95A.You can get here by trolley buses №33, 84 and 62 or the shuttle bus from the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" to the stop "Ulitsa Kravchenko."

German Embassy in Moscow: Visa

visa to Germany allows citizens to travel, not only in this country but also to visit other member states of the Schengen zone (which is almost all of Europe).Besides German visa done fairly quickly (about two weeks), and embassy officials never delay the issuance of documents.Apply for a visa to Germany in two ways: on their own to collect all the necessary documents, or hire the services of travel agencies (usually the last option used by people who buy ready-made tour in Germany).We propose to consider each of these methods.

a visa to Germany through a travel agency

If you choose this method, you will need to provide to the travel agency the following documents:

- Passport, the validity of which lasts for at least three months after the planned date of return to Russia.Also, it should be at least two blank pages.

- Two photos (size 3,5x4,5 cm).

- absolutely Copies of all pages of in-passport.

- Help from your employer on official letterhead with a stamp and signature.It should be specified the position of the applicant, the size of his salary and the scope of the company.

- A completed application form with the handwritten signature of the applicant.

- Statement about the authenticity of the information provided with the signature.

- Copies of documents proving ownership of property.

- Extract from a bank account and a copy of your credit card.You can also provide travelers checks.

- Consent to the processing of personal data.

apply for the visa yourself

If you decide to apply for a visa to Germany on their own, go to the German embassy in Moscow, in addition to the above you will need the following documents:

- A photocopy of the first page of the passportwhere specified personal data of the applicant.

- fully paid hotel reservation for the entire period of travel.The embassy must present an original or a fax copy of the confirmation from the hotel.

- If your visit is private, you will need to provide an invitation from a resident of Germany (original and copy).It must be in the local office of Immigration on a special form.It will contain the necessary information about the inviting, as well as his statement that he accepts all the possible costs of the applicant's stay in the country.In the role of the inviting party can act as a German citizen and every person legally resident in Germany.

- health insurance policy (not just a copy, but the original).It shall be valid in all Schengen countries for the duration of the intended trip.With this you should be insured for an amount not less than thirty thousand euros.

- Photocopies of tickets.

- If your trip is a tourist nature of the need to provide a detailed description of the route by day.

consular fee

consular fee for a visa to Germany for Russian citizens is 35 euros.Additionally, for the services Visa Center collects another 720 rubles.All fees are paid directly by applying the above-mentioned center.Payment is made in rubles at the current rate.If for any reason you are refused a visa, fee is not refundable.From paying any fees were exempt children under the age of six.