Dusseldorf (Airport): description, services.

Today we offer a closer look at Dusseldorf airport.It is worth noting that the people who began his acquaintance with Germany with this air harbor, incredibly lucky.After Dusseldorf - Airport is very comfortable, big and beautiful.He is considered one of the best in Europe.The complex is a powerful docking station that allows multiple airlines to make it through not only flights within Europe, but also in many other parts of the world.So, we present to you one of the most important air harbors Germany - Dusseldorf.

Airport Duesseldorf description

Dusseldorf International Airport is currently the third largest air gateway to Germany.Twenty years ago on this indicator, he was even second place, however, due to a number of legal and political constraints, its further development was stopped.As a result, today Dusseldorf (Airport) has in its arsenal a rather short by modern standards, the runway on which it is impossible to land some very large aircraft with a full load (for example, "747" and "Airbus


Despite such limitations, this air harbor is used quite actively.Dusseldorf - airport, which annually sends and receives about eighteen million passengers.It is used by 77 international airlines, planes which make flights to 180 destinations in more than 50 countries.The main share falls on flight German airline "Lufthansa", "Tuyflay" and "Ayrberlin."

device air harbor

Dusseldorf (Airport) occupies a very impressive area and has at its disposal three terminals, working around the clock.The first can be used by all carriers.The second terminal was built specifically for the needs of the company "Air France".However, today it is used and the planes of other airlines.The third terminal provides services exclusively charter flights.

Services at the airport Dusseldorf

Despite its impressive size, the interior of the air harbor planned very well, so it is impossible to get lost here.The more that can be seen literally everywhere signs and information boards.It also provides numerous comfortable elevators and ramps that allow passengers with disabilities to feel comfortable and hassle-free travel at the airport.

Even if due to the long dock you have to spend a few hours in the aviation Dusseldorf waiting for the next flight, you will have time to get bored is unlikely.Numerous restaurants and coffee shops allow you to relax in comfort, watching the takeoff and landing aircraft.If you want to read online news, or even to work at a computer, it will also provide you the opportunity to Düsseldorf Airport.Do not have to miss here and lovers of shopping, there are: - a variety of numerous duty-free shops.I would also like to mention the fact that many passengers celebrate the beauty of the building of this complex, which is a stylish design in silver metal, combined with glass elements.

Getting to the airport of Düsseldorf

It should be noted that the air harbor has a very good location.After all, it is located in the city, just a few kilometers from the center.Get to the airport in three main ways: by taxi or train to the city by so-called air train.The first version will not be considered, since it is not original and also is expensive.Let us consider other methods.

Bahn city train called the S-Bahn regularly follows the direct route "Dusseldorf Airport - Station."On the way you will spend only a quarter of an hour.

Air Train

This type of transport is known as the "Sky Trane."It is a monorail suspended trailer.Sky Trane transports passengers between terminals as the air port and delivers the city.The road from the airport to the center of Dusseldorf will take you just five minutes, and will cost two and a half euros.On the air can be reached by train and the railway station, which, incidentally, is also a very major transportation hub.For daily Dusseldorf Station, located just 8 kilometers from the city, it takes up to 300 trains running in different directions.Therefore, if you wish, you can continue your journey in Germany or other European countries have rail.