Azure lake in Leningrad region : how to get from St. Petersburg , the conditions for beach and recreation

azure lake - only one of the most picturesque corners of the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region.There is a small pond on the 33-kilometer highway Murmansk, located a few dozen meters to the north of the highway.The sandy beach and the bottom, comfortable resort - it's a little bit of an attractive environment for guests relaxing on the lake.

Azure lake (Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district)

on the origins of the lake will not reflect scientists and historians do not find mention of it in the old lists of reservoirs in the area.Azure - This in-depth, purified sand pit filled with a river and spring water.On-site production of rock for construction needs arose recreation area.So successfully solved two problems - land reclamation and creating additional recreational areas in the vicinity of St. Petersburg.

Environmentalists argue that an artificially created natural systems are unstable, but the state of Azure Lake refutes this misconception settled.Water keeps the purity and transpar

ency invested and protected area is maintained in a sanitary condition.Vacationers enjoy visiting the complex "Azure Lake" in the warm season.Since May, here comes a lot of guests from St. Petersburg and the region.On campus you can swim in the lake, sunbathing on the beach, picnics, visit real Russian baths, a walk through the picturesque forests and groves, which is famous for its azure lake.

Arriving by bus from St. Petersburg

summer in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region - a wonderful time of warm days and white nights.Short rains refresh the streets and squares, but outside the city to admire the contrasts of nature and weather is much more pleasant.Anyone who has visited this time on the water bodies in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, will not forget delightful holiday on the green banks.In the vicinity of the Azure can be reached by personal and public transport.

Suitable for bus trips or buses that go to the Kirov, Sinyavino, Shlisselburg, Priladozhsky.All they cross the Neva River on the bridge and follow the Murmansk highway.Where to look for shuttle transport?At the metro station Vasileostrovskaya Lomonosovskaya Neva-Petersburg metro line and the street Dybenko in the Nevsky District.

trip to the lake by car

total journey takes 20 minutes to the recreation center "Azure Lake."How to get from the metropolis by car?It should be accessible from all parts of the city or town of the Leningrad Region to the sign "33 km" in the Murmansk highway and turn this place into the territory of the complex.Signposted, there is a sign, a diagram of infrastructure facilities on the coast.

flow of people from the city in the months when the temperature is comfortable for a beach holiday, increases significantly.On the way from St. Petersburg to Murmansk on the busy highway and next to the entrance to the complex may be traffic jams.The reward for a trip of a stuffy and dusty metropolis are views of the lake, the fragrance of wild berries and herbs.

conditions for recreation at Lake

complex "Azure Lake" has the necessary infrastructure in the coastal zone, which is constantly evolving and improving.Installed gazebo for barbecue (some are more comfortable, more easier).There is a playground for paintball, but most importantly - water activities and the possibility to rent various sports equipment.The cafe in the recreation area offers drinks and snacks.

built on the territory of Russian sauna with wood Finnish sauna, which contribute to recovery.It has long been committed to man the water, not only to cleanse the body, but also temper it, to help to cope with disabilities.For children leisure facilities on the lake more than favorable: private swimming pool, multi-colored inflatable town.

Service Fee

entrance to the recreation area by car surcharge (150-200 rubles).There is secure parking on site (also paid).Without transport you can go to the coast and swim freely.Relax in the gazebo, baths and saunas must be paid (for example, 3 hours in the steam room - 3000 rubles).

On reviews holidaymakers prices for sports equipment rental, rent gazebos and barbecues quite democratic, and recreation conditions "Azure Lake" like people with different needs and interests.The pond is located in the area of ​​forest land Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region.The lake is easy to find while driving on the highway in the direction of Murmansk St. Petersburg or Shliselburga.You can not be afraid of the deterioration of environmental conditions and air pollution from nearby highway.Powerful green belt around the lake Azure copes with neutralization of harmful emissions from transport.