Lotus Valley: how to get there by car, train or plane

In the Krasnodar Territory is amazing beautiful wildlife area called the Valley of lotuses.Every year hundreds of tourists flock here to admire the beautiful pink flower.I'm sure many are wondering how in the Kuban valley was created lotuses?

little history

this paradise, located in the estuary not far from Akhtanizovskaya Golubitskaya, Peresyp and Starotitarovskaya, formed gradually.

Back in the late 30s of the last century scientist SK Trinity first tried to instill Indian exotic plant in the Krasnodar region, using for this purpose the seeds of the Astrakhan region.However, only after two decades of painstaking work on breeding in the 60s of the twentieth century, the experiment ended successfully.And all thanks to the efforts of scientists AG Shekhova.That he was able to cultivate the flower in the delta of the Kuban River.After twenty years in Ahtezianskom estuary, near the city of Anapa, there was a valley of lotuses.

When to travel

should be noted that if you want to enjoy the sight o

f blooming lotuses, then come to Ahteziansky estuary is necessary in the period from mid-July to early August, although it all depends on the temperature of the air: it also happens that the bloom lastsbefore the beginning of autumn.

What is the valley lotus

It should be emphasized that the valley lotus occupies equal to 2 km2 in the place where the river connects with Erik Cossack Akhtanizovskaya estuary.Last extends for a distance of over 150 km2.

course, a truly beautiful place - the valley of lotuses.How to get to her?Surely this question does not rest a huge number of travelers.

fair to say that the land can not do this: the only way - is to rent a boat or a motorboat and sail along the river Erik Cossack, whose depth is 20 m, and the length is about 32 km away.Of course, many will be interested to know that this ecosystem has been created artificially, so the inhabitants of flora and fauna here are very familiar to us, snakes, turtles, herons, gulls, eagles and even pelicans.These places are deservedly received the title of "Kuban jungle."

beginners tourists would be very useful information about what the valley of lotuses in the Krasnodar region - is not the only place in our country, where growing this exotic flower.There are also plantations of lotus in the Astrakhan region and the Far East.


course, to get to the destination, "Valley of the lotus" in Akhtanizovskaya estuary easier with sightseeing tours.Their value is acceptable for a person with an average income.The price of travel to the valley of lotuses an average of 2,000 rubles.It includes the travel, the walk to the destination and passage into the territory of "islands of health".For an additional fee you can fish and wine tasting.

scenics Taman

Currently, a whole arsenal of tour companies offer trips to the valley of lotuses.For example, you can select a point of departure a little hamlet, located on the coast of Cossack Erika.Here, close to the famous hill called "Oak market."

Experts believe that it is immature mud volcano.Here, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire was fought the slave trade, which is why the territory became known as the market, and the adjective "Oak" was fixed for this place because oaks grow here.In addition to these massive trees around it grows a huge abundance of herbs, of which there are more than a hundred species.Rich and surprising in this natural area flora and fauna.Many plants, such as mulberry, viburnum, acacia and others listed in the Red Book.

in local dining, tourists can enjoy savory dishes and fresh fish.The fact that Erik Cossack river swim in a huge number of pike, catfish, perch, roach, perch and so on.Every tourist is encouraged to try your luck at fishing in these areas.Caught you cook the fish immediately.

After a hearty lunch, travelers go to the docks and rent boats to get them to the valley of lotuses.

distance from the "Oak of the market" to the destination can be covered within 20-40 minutes.It depends on the speed of the floating vessel.The average tour "Anapa Valley lotuses" lasts about 5 hours.Optimally choose morning excursion.As already stated, every travel agency has its own route.Some tours include after a trip to the "Valley of the Lotus," a wine tasting, while others - visit watermelon or melon fields.Some tour operators combine admiration of lotus flowers with a dip in the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov, so the duration of the tour is approximately 9 hours.

In the valley itself lotuses tourists are usually no more than half an hour.This time is quite enough to capture on camera or camcorder at the scenic beauty of the place, as well as a dip surrounded by lotuses and water lilies.

How to get there on their own

course, every Russian should at least once in their lives to see the Earth's Eden called "Valley of the lotus.""How to get by car to this miracle of nature?" - Asked motorists and all those who prefer to rest "savages."

Yes, of course, possible to dispense with travel packages and go into the valley of lotuses on his "iron horse."To do this you need to get to the resort town of Anapa.Then route the path will run along the route Temryuk-arrow.When they reached the bridge, which is laid across the river Cossack Eric, you must turn to the Congress to go further, guided by the signs "Lotus" up to the pier, where there are sailing boats.

fans to travel by train can take the train ticket to the village Dzhemete.

If you want as quickly as possible to reach your destination because you many hours of tiring journey by road, you can use the air traffic, taking a trip to Anapa.Then get no trouble.

Undoubtedly, the valley of lotuses in the Krasnodar region - a paradise for tourists.Do not leave it unattended!