The Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow, address, website, Visa

Lithuania, along with the other Baltic countries, today is not so convenient for visiting Russians, as it was a few years ago, because to travel here we need a visa.The issuance of visas is engaged in the Lithuanian embassy in Moscow, as well as visa centers in another thirteen cities of the Russian Federation.The nice thing is that having, in the hands of a Lithuanian visa, you can travel and other member states of the Schengen zone.On what functions are performed by the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow, as well as its location and the intricacies of the visa and we'll talk further.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Moscow is the main diplomatic mission of the Baltic states in the Russian Federation.Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania in the Russian Federation is Mr. Renatas Norkus, who was replaced in January 2012 to the post of its predecessor - Antanas Vinkus.

Lithuania's independence has been recognized by the authoriti

es while surviving the last days of the Soviet Union in September 1991.A month later Russia established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Lithuania.In October 1997 in Moscow by representatives of the two states signed a treaty on the Russian-Lithuanian border, as well as a contract providing for the distinction economic zone and the continental shelf located in the Baltic Sea.

address and opening hours of the Embassy of Lithuania in the Russian capital

If you have decided on their own to apply for a visa in this Baltic country, you will have to appear in person at the consular department.Address of the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow: Sts alley, house 10. The documents can rent every weekday (except holidays) from 9:30 am to 12 noon.The issuance of visas and embassy staff spend every day with two to three hours of the day.For more information on the Consulate and its work can be obtained by visiting the website of the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow -

How to get to the Lithuanian consulate?

To get to the house number 10 on Borisoglebsky Lane, where, in fact, is the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow, it is necessary for Filevskaya (blue) metro line to get to the station "Arbat".Way out here alone.After rising to the surface, it is necessary to move towards the cinema "Art".On the left you will see the underpass, go down it and turn right and then at the end of the transition - to the left.Come to the second turn to the right and turn to him.Thus, you will find yourself at Cook Street.As it is necessary to move to the third turn on the left (about 500 meters).This will Sts alley.After going through it 100 meters, on the left side you will see the Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow.In total, the path on the way from the subway station you will spend no more than 15-20 minutes.

Lithuanian embassy: Visa

Consular Section at the Embassy of Lithuania in Moscow responsible for issuing visas following categories of persons:

- citizens of Russia (except for permanent residents in areas where there are its visa offices of the Republic of Lithuania);

- foreign citizens permanently residing in the Russian Federation;

- persons without citizenship, as well as the citizens of those states that do not have diplomatic missions in Lithuania.

Get a visa can be either self-collected all the necessary documents and attributing them to the Lithuanian Embassy, ​​or using the services of travel agencies.Note that in the first case before you go to the Consular Section, you must pre-register by phone or online.Otherwise, the paper could not be accepted.

What documents are needed for a Lithuanian visa?

offer to deal with a list of key documents, which will require you to Lithuanian Embassy for visa issuance.Thus, the list includes:

- A passport valid for constituting at least another three months after the planned return to the territory of the Russian Federation.Also, the passport must have at least two blank pages.

- A duly completed online application form, which can be found on the website of the Lithuanian Embassy.Fill it can be both in Lithuanian and in Russian.Then you need to print all five pages of the questionnaire and sign.

- Two matte photos of 35 by 45 millimeters on a white background.Photos should be done no more than three months ago.

- Copies of all completed pages of internal Russian passports.For children who do not have the internal passport, need to provide a birth certificate.

- Help from your place of work, printed on the letterhead of the company and certified by the seal and signature of the official.It is necessary to indicate your position, salary, date of employment and the period granted leave.

- Confirm your solvency (bank statement, travelers checks and copies);

- Medical insurance (original and copy).Its validity must cover the entire period of your stay in the territory of the Schengen States.With this you should be insured for at least thirty thousand euros.

- Booking confirmation and full payment or prepaid hotel.

Dates for issuing visas and consular fees

Normal visa is issued to Lithuania for five working days.The consular fee in this case is 35 euros.For urgent visa, which will be ready within three working days, have to pay 75 euros.In addition, when submitting documents to the visa office must also pay 1,400 rubles as a service fee for an ordinary visa, and 2800 rubles for an emergency.