The recreation center "Snegiri" Moscow region: accommodation, leisure

Focus your attention - tourist base "Snegiri" Moscow Region, is located in an ecologically clean and picturesque area near Moscow, in the Istra district.In this wonderful corner of nature recreates the atmosphere of an old Russian estates.The resort can compete with the best recreational facilities in Europe.

he enjoys enormous popularity as the local population and tourists from other cities.This place is remarkable in that it was previously the residence of the famous count Kutaisov (19th century).Manor complex admire its architecture.For the improvement of the estate and the area was used marble vases, mounted on lime path to the main body.

unique samples of parkland 19th century can be called the cave - the construction of federal significance.In 1938 on the site of the manor was built recreation "Snegiri" (Moscow Region), Office of the President of the Russian Federation.Proud of the complex and the presence of deciduous and coniferous forests.There is also a meandering river Istra with beau

tiful beaches.

Nearby are: ski slope, surfing club, flying club and other entertainment venues.Come to rest in a suburban health resort - you are provided with a comfortable, relaxing and wellness vacation.Just do not confuse with the resort settlement.Many are looking for Snegiri city (Moscow Region), although in fact it is not a city, and village located in the Istra district, too.


Among the abundance of green areas, flowering shrubs and manicured avenues before you brought seven modern buildings, which are concentrated number of different comfort.Decorated building in the classical style.In all rooms there is an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.It offers landlines, modern furniture and a private bathroom.

demanding clients propose to consider two-storey cottages with luxury designer renovation and superior rooms.Here, every detail thought out.Near brick buildings built parking for two cars, a cozy roof terrace and barbecue.The minimum floor area - 125 m2.

In the disposal of guests is 2-3 bedrooms, spacious living room with a seating area, a kitchen area with a full range of home appliances and cutlery.Some houses have a fireplace room.In such "mansions" you feel like a real gentleman.

power supply system

In the pension "Snegiri" Moscow Region can be ordered half and full board and you can prepare yourself.Guests are 5 chic restaurants with varied cuisine, elegant interior and high quality service.Several restaurants can accommodate at one time up to 250 people.Vacationers spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, in a circle of friends and acquaintances.

in establishments regularly hosts concerts by famous artists and bands.Dispel and have a stunningly delicious cocktail inviting bar and cafe.For kids opened a sweet buffet with fresh and healthy confectionery sweets.


in a rest home "Snegiri" Moscow Region operates a spa and health center.Powered pediatrician's office.Thanks to modern equipment and qualified personnel, you can bring your health in order.The center offers various treatments.You will be able to take turpentine, salt and bubble baths.There is a solarium and an infrared sauna.Open Dental, physiotherapy, therapeutic, gynecological, and massage rooms.You can pass US and POS all organs, as well as to consult an ophthalmologist, urologist, dermatologist.

service organization

House holiday "Snegiri" (Moscow region) is equipped with a dance floor, a gym and an Internet cafe.Women carried water aerobics and aerobics, belly dancing.In the summer season operates beach, an outdoor swimming pool.The building has an indoor pool.The area is equipped with sports facilities, where you can play football, basketball, badminton and volleyball.There are indoor tennis courts (table tennis), bowling, billiards, bike rental, skis and skates.

For the business traveler a comfortable environment for seminars, talks and various meetings.For these purposes, provides meeting rooms (8 pcs.), Equipped with microphones, video and audio equipment, a large TV, there is access to the Internet.In addition to business events experienced team of staff are happy to arrange informal parties in the restaurant or in the open air with barbecue and entertainment programs.For the cohesion and the establishment of friendly relations within the team is invited to team building (psychological and play activities).Children's entertainment

The sanatorium "Snegiri" Moscow Region was developed and implemented in life children's entertainment program including animation shows, games and sports grounds and a swimming pool.It built and equipped with the circuit where you can skate.Operating theater (showing cartoons and movies), and various clubs (clubs dance, embroidery, knitting, sculpting, painting).The territory has a buffer zone, home to goats, beautiful peacocks, geese and many other animals.