Glory Mound in Grodno: history, photos.

Grodno Mound of Glory memorial complex is erected in memory of the defenders of the Fatherland, who died during the Great Patriotic War.It is a small mound at the foot of which is an exhibition of military equipment.You can climb to the top of a specially equipped lanes.


Mound of Glory appeared in the second half of the 60-ies of the last century.Bookmark the memorial was made 09.17.1968.The grand opening of the historic monument was 09/17/1969.The memorial complex was erected to commemorate the soldiers who died fighting for Belarus in the Great Patriotic War, the October Revolution and the Civil War for the reunification of the Western part of the country with the BSSR.For this purpose, the mass graves of heroes of the Soviet Union, Red Army, and each district of the Grodno region was brought to the earth.For the construction of the historical memorial complex it took less than a year.

modern shape

Glory Mound in Grodno laid out in the shape of a truncated cone.His height - 18 meter

s, and the diameter of the base - 56 meters.The memorial complex edged monolithic ring of concrete, which is on the outside is plastered lining.In the eastern part of the historic monument is the area of ​​rallies;her left you can see the eternal flame and the right - a plate with a commemorative inscription.By the top of the mound are two ladders.Next to the memorial complex is located Alley of Heroes and the exhibition of military equipment.

Now about the memorial can be seen:

  • IS-2 : heavy Soviet tank.
  • ISU-152 : ponderous Soviet self-propelled artillery.
  • IS-3 : Soviet tank production;He has an unusual shape in the frontal area of ​​the body, so called "Pike."
  • T-62 : average Soviet tank that was carried out in 1961-1975.
  • BRDM : armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle.
  • BTR-60 : Soviet-made armored personnel carrier.
  • 31-K : anti-aircraft gun that was used to defend against low-flying enemy aircraft.
  • BMP-1 : fighting Soviet infantry machine destined for transport to the front edge of the personnel.

park equipment in Barrow Fame added a new exhibit

April 10 of this year on the territory of the memorial complex in Grodno brought Su-24MR.A new exhibit joins a collection of military equipment."Scout" was brought from Baranovichi with the 116th Air Base township Ross (Volkovysk district, Grodno region).05/09/2014 technique was given in view of the exposition.Experts told the City Council that the tactical reconnaissance aircraft Su-24MR class should become a worthy ornament of the memorial complex, which is the Mound of Glory in Grodno.History aircraft, its features, information about the place of service is presented in a special information stand, which is located near the exhibit.Su-24MR is a reminder of the Belarusian pilots who died in the war to defend their homeland.A new exhibit - a debt of honor to all military pilots.Historical information about the Russian "spy": the Su-24MR is a Russian tactical reconnaissance aircraft.It is used to conduct a comprehensive exploration both day and night.The first tests were started in autumn 1980.Armament plane took in 1984, and a year later began its deliveries to the Air Force.

Youth Union plans to equip the Mound of Glory

soon Grodno Oblast Executive Committee must approve the start of construction of the youth around the memorial complex in Grodno.Mound of Glory will be reconstructed.According to experts, to implement the project will require about 30 billion Belarusian rubles.rubles.Near the memorial will be updated track, greenery, granite slabs with commemorative inscriptions.It is planned to create an alley in memory of soldiers-internationalists Grodno, who died fulfilling their military duty in Afghanistan.Glory Mound construction project should be youth Youth Union.Its renewal will be completed by the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the country.Local authorities want to modernize the complex so that its territory could organize commemorative events, military-patriotic action plan.In the spring of this year, at the Mound produced redecorated and landscaped surroundings.

How to get to the memorial monument in Grodno?

Glory Mound is located on the Avenue of Cosmonauts (Grodno region).From Grodno to historical monument can be reached by bus number 20, which follows from the street to the plant Dombrowski.Stop is called: "Mound of Glory."

history of the memorial and its appearance are interesting not only to residents of Grodno.On the monument come to admire people from different parts of Belarus and abroad.From Minsk to Barrow can be reached by train or 057B 077SCH who go once a day.Average time path is 6 hours.By the way, the train should 077SCH from Moscow.