Consulate of France in Moscow.

Today, a lot of our fellow citizens as a place to spend a holiday choosing France.It's not surprising, because this European country attracts us not only for its rich history and culture (as reflected in the numerous monuments that are world-famous attractions), great food, shopping, and the ability to perfectly spend time basking on the beach and admiring the azure wavesseas.However, to visit France, Russians (as, indeed, and other CIS citizens) require a Schengen visa.By the way, getting it, you can easily go on a trip and the other States of Europe.The issues involved in issuing visas Consulate of France in Russia, or rather created it at the visa office.We offer today to get acquainted with this institution closer and find out what you need to do to obtain a visa.

Consulate of France in Moscow, features and services

Relations between Russia and the French Republic have developed a long time.Today, as a function of the embassy of the country is to maintain and develop relations between states a

t all levels.Consulate of France are also engaged in informing our fellow citizens about the various events taking place in the European power, as well as offering a variety of information regarding training opportunities, jobs and tourism.Currently, the French Ambassador to the Russian Federation is Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert.He was appointed to the post in 2013, replacing its predecessor, this post - Jean de Gliniasty.

Consulate of France in Russia: contact information, historical information

Up to 1917 the French Embassy was located in St. Petersburg's Palace embankment.From 1860 to 1902 it was known as Gagarin, then French, and now known as the Kutuzov Embankment.Today we are examining the agency settled in the capital of Russia.Consulate of France in Moscow (the phone - 784-71-47) located at Kazan lane, 10. However, if you plan to get a visa to this country, then you need to go to the visa center in France.It is also located in Moscow on the street Marxist, Building 3, Building 2. The visa section is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

How to get to the consulate

In order to get to the Consulate of France in the Russian capital, it is necessary to pass the Kaluga-Riga line subway station "Oktyabrskaya".After rising to the surface, you need to go in the direction of the Kaluga area, then look Kaluga lane, where the diplomatic mission is located.In principle, from the subway station to the Consulate can be reached on foot in just five minutes.

Visa How to get to the center of France

If you plan to apply for a French visa, you need to get to the metro station "Marxist".After rising to the surface, you need to turn to the Marxist street and walk about 400 meters.The visa center will be on the left side of the street.

Consulate of France in Moscow visa

get a French visa can be either collecting and submitting all necessary papers independently or using the services of one of the many travel agencies that provide assistance in this process.Be that as it may, the list of documents that must be provided to Consulate of France, as follows:

- A passport with a validity period, expiring no earlier than three months from the date of the planned return of the traveler to Russia.If you have two current passport, you must provide two documents.

- Old passport with available visa (if any).

- Two color matte photos on a light background.Their size should be 3.5 to 4.5 centimeters.

- Help from your place of work.It should be printed on company letterhead and be signed and sealed.The certificate must specify your position, salary and contact details of the organization.

- Confirmation of solvency.To do this, you must provide a statement from your bank account or credit card account in the amount of the following calculation: not less than sixty euros for each day of the trip.

- health insurance policy with a validity covering the entire period of your stay in the territory of the countries of the Schengen zone.

- photocopies of all pages of internal Russian passports.

- booking air or train tickets.

- Paid your hotel stay in France.

- If you plan to travel with a child younger than 18 years need the birth certificate (original and copy) and notarized consent of the child to travel abroad from the second parent (if he stays in Russia).