Holidays in Vienna: how to save on airline tickets

How to rest in the city of Vienna and do not spend a lot of money?So, to bring to your attention some tips for a good rest of the main city of Austria.

were scheduled vacation in Vienna?Then rush to buy the ticket!But it is not recommended to make a purchase from Friday to Sunday, it was a weekend ticket price is too high.The ticket is not expensive, nine thousand and three hours later you are in the heart of Austria.

can use such airlines like Austrian Airlines, Transaero, S7, Aeroflot.Cheap flights to Austria to buy online

Economical option to leave the airport bus to the train station or in the very center of the city where you wish for eight euros.We recommend that on arrival at the airport to buy a bus ticket on both sides, it will save your money.If you compare the price with express transport class, the only one way trip will cost at eleven euros.Planning to visit all the attractions of the city, you should use the local transport, so you save not only time but also money.

recommend saving to buy Vienna Card - it is an opportunity to free travel in public transport, as well as discounts at museums, small restaurant in Vienna.Should such a map about nineteen and twenty-two euros, the price varies depending on the number of days.

After extensive sightseeing, of course, want to have a tasty meal and taste the local cuisine.If you want to save, in the restaurants and cafes lunch will cost expensive.It is better to use the services of street food, you will be offered delicious sausages, hot dogs, and much tastier.You will find a large number of stalls with food, hungry and will not stay in this good save.Spend about six euro and get a taste of local food.

If Vienna is sunny and warm weather, you can arrange a picnic on the lawn of any city park, with the previously bought products, for example, in a supermarket Billa.This is also an option to save money on food.If you find the path of the student cafeteria, and there you can taste the delicious food and do not spend a lot of money.A business lunch can be good too to save your money.

accommodation ... Where does one stop and it does not pay?In the capital, the prices for hotels and high savings, as you know, is simply impossible.But out of this situation is.If you rent an apartment or even better hostels, then your budget will not be affected.Total fifty euros you can stay in a 2-star hotel, but this hotel is a bit remote from the city center.

arrived in Vienna, I want to, of course, local entertainment and new experiences.Recreation and getting to know the city can save.One option - it's a long walk in the beautiful local streets that will give a lot of positive emotions.Walking, do not forget to capture everything on camera.Do not forget to visit the local museum, there is the opportunity to visit the Museum of Applied Arts for free (on Thursdays from six in the morning until ten at night), and the first Sunday of every month, you can see the beauty of such museums as the Museum of Vienna Clock Museum - free of charge.This is a good opportunity to save money and see for yourself interesting things.In addition, you can visit museums and theaters.Come in forty minutes before the start of the performance at the box office and buy a ticket, the price is acceptable from three to seven euros.Of course, you will sit, as is customary in the theater would have to get a good seat in the stalls and enjoy the performances of actors standing.During his stay in Vienna, you can smile tremendously lucky, visiting a concert in the city park, where there will be music by Strauss, accompanied by the orchestra while the entrance for free.