Kuskovo (park): how to get photos, opening hours and reviews

In the southeastern part of the city there is one of the favorite holiday destinations - Kuskovo (park).Address Forest Park and Museum: Ul.Youth, 2. It is located within the city, but visitors to forget about it, falling into a beautiful piece of nature.Located on the green belt Meshchera lowlands and has an area of ​​over 300 hectares.On its territory are several beautiful ponds.The largest and most famous - it is a big palace pond.It is opposite the palace and manor house and has an area of ​​14 hectares.

How to get there?

One of the most popular and favorite places of the capital's residents and its visitors considered Kuskovo (park).How to get to him, knows practically every Muscovite.To reach Kuskovsky Forest Park can be on your own car, taxi or public transport.The machine is convenient to use a map or navigator.For a walk on their own there are several options of travel:

  • From the underground "Vykhino" bus number 620 or a taxi number 9M get to the stop "Museum" Kuskovo "," "Street Moldagul
    ova" or "Veshnyakovskaya street."
  • From the subway station "Ryazan prospectus" change to bus number 133 or 208, to drive to the station called "Museum" Kuskovo "," "Street Moldagulova" or "Veshnyakovskaya street."
  • From the underground "Novogireevo" bus number 615, 247 or trolley bus number 64 to go to the station "Youth Street".
  • the Kazan railway station direction "Perovo", "Veshnyaki" or "Ivy."
  • in Gorky direction railway station "Kuskovo", "Novogireevo" or "Chukhlinka."


Kuskovsky Park conditionally divided into two zones: a museum and a forest park.Both of the people call the same, but at the same time specify Kuskovo - a park or museum.The park area consists of forested wilderness of the Count and the regular park, in whose territory the beautiful Estate Museum.This estate once belonged to the famous generation Sheremetiev.Forest Park is open for walking at any time, regular park can be visited from 10.00 to 20.00, and the homestead museum has paid working hours from 10.00 to 18.00.Ticket offices are open from 10.00 to 17.00.


Today Kuskovskaya Parks is considered one of the most visited places in the capital.People come here to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and active recreation.Reviews walk in the park, usually positive.On its territory are many playgrounds for children, shops, there are excellent places for biking, rollerblading or skating.Parks clean and well appointed, there are special picnic gazebo.The species plants are not very diverse, but Kuskovo (park) Visitors called clean, comfortable and quiet.Only occasionally interrupted by sounds of nature barely audible noise of the railway or the music wafting in the evening from the museum.

Flora and fauna

the north-east side of the Big Pond Palace remained one of the oldest Moscow park - Count the regular called Kuskovo.The park covers an area of ​​over 30 hectares.In the XVIII century it was considered one of the largest in Russia.From the south-western side of the Grand Palace pond is gorgeous forest, which has a clearing, walking paths and benches.Flora Kuskovsky Forest Park includes mainly birch, linden and oak forests old, as well as spruce and larch.Here you can also see the sedges, ferns, buttercups, violets.The fauna is represented by a forest park squirrels and birds (about 45 species).Visitors bring treats for the ducks on the pond and the squirrels who are taking the food right out of hand.


One of the largest recreation areas in Moscow with a lot of paved and unpaved paths considered Kuskovo park.Bicycle organized there during the warmer months, allows you to actively relax in the fresh air.The terrain is flat, no hills, but a lot of tracks and trails to suit all tastes.The area for skiing big (forest and 10 km of smooth asphalt) so cyclists have dispersed and where to find interesting route.Previously, cycling enthusiasts had to come here on the transport.But now the administration of the capital of the territory of the forest park is organized bike rental point, which is near the administration building of parkland.The most common are called to hire bikes Stels Navigator.Bike rental cost is 150 rubles. / H (for the first two hours), and from the third had 100 rub. / H.For a family of active families with children, you can rent bicycles, which is set in the trunk of a child seat.Their use is 200 rub. / H.

Entertainment: skating rink, roller skates and playgrounds

Kuskovo (Park) is perfect for family walks.On its territory there are children's playgrounds.On smooth asphalt paths you can go on the rollers.Unfortunately, there is no rental of roller skates, but many come with their own.Even on weekdays, you can see a lot of skaters.Children will be interesting to ride on ponies and horses that await visitors in the warm season.

winter, the park area too crowded.In winter near the pond on-site ice skating, so many people come to ride the air near the beautiful snowy landscape.There is a special point where you can rent skates and tubing.For the comfort of clients is built next to the warm dressing room and walk-in closet.The cost of visiting the rink for adults and children over 7 years during the week is $ 100, at the weekend - 150 rubles.

Picnics and barbecues

After a long winter, residents of the capital traditionally like to relax in nature and eat barbecue in the open air.By law, a fire in the woods and parks is prohibited.The Code of Administrative Offences of the capital for the use of barbecues and fires in the wrong places for it in the region of Moscow parks penalties in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.This should be done only in designated picnic areas.One of these specially equipped recreation capital, which has a covered wooden arbors, benches with tables, barbecues, litter is Kuskovo (park).Barbecues can cook here free of charge.In Kuskovskaya forest park equipped with seventeen special courts: ten free and paid seven specialized "grill house".Free gazebo picnic area are located on the western shore of the Grand Palace of the pond, in the area of ​​Dawning alleys and in the northwestern area of ​​the forest park.They have tables, benches, barbecues.The only drawback - a lack of shelters.More comfortable family picnic can be arranged in the paid "grill house".Book it on the site of the park.But free picnic gazebo takes the best early in the morning, because they are many who want to, especially on holidays and weekends.