Ivanovo lake (Khakassia): how to get a good rest

Ivanovo lakes are considered one of the most picturesque corners of the nature of Khakassia.They are located on the border of the Kemerovo region, at the foot of Beaver, at the mouth of the river shed.

Lake complex

Ivanovo lake - a cascade of four cups of water.The spectacle which appears before our eyes, is simply breathtaking.It looks nice cup of blue lake, surrounded by mountains, and on top - the second pond.It implies a small river.It flows into the first lake, forming a spectacular waterfall of forty meters.Thus droplets fly, gleaming in the sunlight as lenses, and bewitching.

On the slopes of the mountains surrounding Lake Ivanovo, even in the hottest August is the real snow at the gathering which bloomed snowdrops.Ten days later, they are replaced by taiga flowers such as frying.And next to them ripe blueberries.

exact location

Ivanovo lake, a photo that reminds both the taiga forest and alpine meadows are near the small village Priiskovaya, home to about six hundred men.It Ordzhonikid

ze district of Khakassia, located both in the subalpine and mountain taiga climates Alatau.

Four stunning beauty of mountain lakes, the largest of which has a depth of one hundred and forty meters, filled with ice water.They are located at an altitude of more than a kilometer above sea level.They are attracted to the vicinity of the pristine nature.The bright colors of alpine meadows, glaciers do not melt even in summer, mountain streams and waterfalls, originating in the upper bowls - all this splendor is within reach for even the most inexperienced to the field conditions of the tourist.And this paradise known as the Ivanovo lake Khakassia.

How to get there?

on a plane to this natural complex can be reached by landing at the airport of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan, followed by long-distance bus or train to get to the village Priiskovaya.They walk twice a day - morning and evening.

From the village of Ivanovo Priiskovaya to lakes can be reached by going up the road that leads only to the first of them.And to visit the rest necessarily need a map or a guide.One should know that the road is not, so you have to go on foot.

Natural object

Ivanovo lake, located in the mountainous area of ​​the complex, is a regional natural object.There is a park, the main purpose of which is to create a high-security biocenoses and in particular - the alpine meadows in which rare plants grow.In addition, in the vicinity of the lakes have thickets of birch winding, where there are large populations of reindeer.On the slopes of the surrounding mountains there are plant species that are listed in the Russian Red Book.In these places, a lot of berries.This makes the natural park even more attractive for tourism.

unique and snowballs, which are rich in Ivanovo lake.Activities can be organized here throughout the year.Winter sports in the mountains popular with tourists.


The biggest in size are considered to be the upper and lower lakes.They are located in the zone of eternal ice.That is why for a long time famous for its snow-capped travelers picturesque beaches that have become a favorite destination for many skiers.

from time to time over the water dangling icicles, breaking off into the water, form a real iceberg.The shores of the lake at the upper building is strikingly reminiscent of how the dam.Top them almost horizontal, smooth glacier.He places "oozing", gleaming in the sun flowing water.On the right in the upper lake literally "runs" scree with snow lying on it.Hence originates Sarala - the river, which ran between rocks about two hundred meters, flows into the lower bowl.

According to experts, the depth of the bottom of the lake - hundred forty and seven meters, and it becomes obvious if you stand on a steep bank, and carefully look into the dark abyss of the green, which is lost even leaving the water a small rock.

Ivanovo lakes are karst origin.They are fed by waterfalls and streams originating from numerous snowfields.Places around them are very beautiful.The slopes of the surrounding mountains are completely covered with thickets of dwarf birch.

By Ivanovo lakes close selected taiga, but in places meets and birch.On the banks on the one hand visible rocky cliffs, and on the other - kurumniki or boulders.Therefore, some lakes descent quite dangerous.


The reservoirs themselves have a lot of fish.And mostly grayling.The first lake Ivanovo, where the fishing is very popular among fans of "quiet" hunting - a popular place for those who combine tourism with an active pastime.Overnight in tents, campfire talks, pure mountain air, the beautiful emerald waters - in short, a complete outdoor recreation.For those who prefer the comfort, it is better to stay at a boarding house, which, unfortunately, there is only one.But a lot of the proposed rent private housing that is rented very cheaply.


If summer walks along the slopes of the mountains and fishing attract tourists in the winter - it's skiing and snowboarding.The convenient geographical location is excellent for glacier skiing.Since the snowfields at the Ivanovo lakes do not melt even in hot summers, extreme athletes come here, not only Russian but also foreign ones.

Khakassia offers visitors ecotourism in these pristine waters.The country is preparing a new investment megaproject called "Ivanovo lakes" in which created this natural complex.According to the organizers, weather and climatic conditions contribute perfectly comfortable outdoor activities in summer and winter.Because the lakes are fed by Ivanovo glacier and snowfields melt water, which does not melt even in the hottest summer days, the water is always clear and clean.

The natural complex in Khakassia tourists enjoy hiking, fishing, skiing and snowboarding.The most optimal time for recreation on the lakes starts in June and lasts until the end of August.During this season of their visits to five thousand travelers.In total for the year to the region of Khakassia arrives more than fifteen thousand people.