Belarus sanatorium "Krynica": reviews

«Krynica" - a comfortable Belarusian health resort, which is designed not only for recreation, but also for the restoration of health.Guests fascinating natural beauty, clean air and friendly welcoming atmosphere of the sanatorium.Anyone who cares about their health, certainly must visit this unique place.


«Krinitsa" is one of the oldest health resorts, located on the territory of Belarus.The resort is located in the resort area, having republican value (Zhdanovichi).

This area began to develop further in 1906, he directs the process of a well-known public figure, and physician IU Zdanowicz.Public recreation workers started in this area since 1922, when the opening of the holiday home "Zhdanovichi".

climate area

Comfortable weather conditions await those who visit the resort "Krinitsa".Reviews vacationing in the resort area indicate soft and tend to cloud the winter, as well as with a predominance of warm summer sunshine.

average annual temperature is 5.3 degrees.In these places there

from 1800 to 1850 hours of sunshine a year.Weather conditions are quite comfortable due to low humidity (55-60 percent).All this creates conditions for year-round use of climatotherapy.

Natural sources of health

In the early 20th became known that in the depths of the resort Zhdanovichi are layers of mineral water.In 1956-1960 gg.studies were carried out springs.At the same time, and have identified two types are in the resort area of ​​sulfate-chloride-sodium mineral waters.The first of these - low (3.5 grams per liter), and the second - the middle (12.2 g per liter) mineralization.This discovery was the precondition for the further development of the resort.

Building resort

first building health resort "Krinitsa" has been designed for 250 people.Its opening took place in January 1966, a year later, the visitors took a second body.He intended to stay two hundred and sixty people.

In the first years of his work rather high estimate received treatment offered holidaymakers in the sanatorium "Krynica".Testimonials indicate the effectiveness of the treatment of patients with pathologies of the digestive system.

natural remedies to get rid of diseases

Mineral waters are the main healing factor resorts.They are used for both internal and for external use.Using the sanatorium finds and sapropelic mud extracted in the lake Sudobl.

resort "Krinitsa" has a hydro base.It consists of five wells having a depth of three hundred to five hundred seventy meters.Water extracted from them, according to their physical properties are transparent and colorless.They have no smell.The temperature of the mineral water varies from eight to ten degrees.

What now is the health resort "Krynica" (Belarus)?Reviews of many vacationers say that is a comfortable modern resort equipped with excellent equipment, having diagnostic and treatment rooms, comfortable dormitories, a fitness area and a private beach.

procedures for health improvement

health resort "Krinitsa" offers travelers the big list of medical services.This applies unique methods of treatment.Using only the most modern equipment to diagnose vascular disease and heart, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and the process aimed at eliminating these diseases.

But not only getting rid of various pathologies offers resort "Krynica" (Belarus).Reviews of tourists in this institution commend the procedures that will improve vitality, carry out the correction of body weight and to remove emotional stress emerged.

Guests are offered a comprehensive program aimed at improving not only the body but also to reduce weight.One of the components of this technique is proper nutrition.It will not only say goodbye to excess weight, but also to feel the extraordinary lightness throughout the body.All this can be achieved through a program offered by the sanatorium "Krynica".Reviews of tourists ascertain the fact that during the compliance technique, they do not feel hunger.In addition, the program includes daily conduct exercises with elements of yoga.These exercises will improve your joints and spine.Recovery of the body contribute to the music therapy sessions and aeroionorelaksatsii.

spa treatments are also held in the offices of the sanatorium "Krynica".Reviews of people who visited a health resort, put the highest score herbal, mineral and pearl, sapropelic and turpentine baths.For vacationers a Finnish sauna, swimming pool, which is filled with mineral water, as well as an infrared sauna.
Those who care about their health, imperative to choose their place of rest Belarus (sanatorium "Krynica").Feedback from those who have visited a health resort, confirm that this option is one of the best.

Sea Leisure

Memorable will leave held in Krasnodar Territory.Hotel services and facilities available guest house "on Zarechnaya" (Krynica).Reviews have visited it say about the magnificence of a small and quiet village.It tends to come one who is really tired of the bustle of the city.Village Krynica is a romantic place, where there is a large number of vacationers.This guest house offers its guests a comfortable environment and a complete set of services.Nearby is the market, grocery stores, and attractions for children.

their services in the resort of Gelendzhik offers a guest house "Hope Plus" (Krynica).Reviews of tourists to visit him testify romance quiet village and comfortable accommodation.