Red Village Attractions

history of the famous village near St. Petersburg dates back three centuries ago.At the behest of Peter the Great in 1714, there began the construction of a paper mill (or, as it was then called, mill).She repeatedly transformed.However, this institution works today as Krasnogorodskaya experimental paper mill.Working for the production of the great Peter wrote from Moscow, the Red Village.Without further ado, just call and a new settlement.

What town?

Even during the reign of Catherine in the center of town, while having no significant geographical status, built wooden church, a few years later disappeared in the hot flame of fire.Her ashes in the thirties of the eighteenth century built the Church of the Holy Trinity.Temple and today adorns the Red Village, being a place of worship for believers.

Catherine II in 1765 ordered to carry out military maneuvers here and teachings.Later, they became regular.Here was stationed a garrison officers built wooden houses, the soldiers first lived in milita

ry tents.Over time, the village acquired the status of a summer residence of the army.It hosts shows and maneuvers of the most famous military leaders not only from Russia but also from other countries.

Red Village - a place where, after tests in the twenties of the nineteenth century have adopted elektrominu.In 1882, the designer Mozhajskij is here raised in the air the world's first airplane.The effect is not spoiled even by the fact that during the tests at the unit fell off the wing.At the turn of the century in the first years of the military capital of Russia's automobile and motorcycle races were held.Athletes at the time raised their speed machines up the mountain.There regal 13-14 th of the last century showed "Russian Knights" and "Ilya Muromets" aircraft designer by Sikorski.It is often carried out jumps officer, who loved to visit representatives of the imperial court.The local racetrack was described by Leo Tolstoy in the immortal novel "Anna Karenina".

Park "Red Village" and today is visited by thousands of tourists.But the overall architectural appearance of the settlement began to change.In the mid-nineteenth century opened a regular rail service to St. Petersburg.

village became a city after the Great October Revolution in 1918, and belongs to the Leningrad Region was established seven years later.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Red Village was occupied by German troops.Released city in January 1944.

Tourist route

Today it is one of the most popular historical sites of the Leningrad region.Tourists from all over the world come here every year.Architecture glorified Red Village.Attractions are within walking distance, their description is, in every historical reference.

is obligatory tourist route - the Church of the Holy Trinity.The temple, which was consecrated as early as 1735, was closed in the late thirties of the twentieth century.In 1941, after the city was occupied by the Nazis, the German command to open a church for worship.In modern history again act Svyatotroitsky Temple began in 1995.Now it is carried out daily life and Liturgy at weekends and on public holidays.

Alexander Nevsky Church was built in the Krasnoselsky hospital in the sixties of the nineteenth century.Then he was completely rebuilt, and after World War it was the only one not destroyed in the town church.The temple remains in force today.

famous monument

From monuments to the sights include monuments of the Sorrowful Mother, prisoners of Nazism, designer Mozhayskoe, Eternal Flame.In 2011, the unnamed lake, located in the city, was considered the cleanest among the rest in St. Petersburg.And another attractive place for tourists - "Bridges" - the museum, which is a branch of the Central Railway.

Red Village is located on the north of the capital just thirty kilometers to forty.Therefore, to get from St. Petersburg to the city can be quite quickly - for a half hour.And you can stay here on holiday.Tourists waiting for the Red Village Hotel.


village closest to Peter, and twenty minutes from the airport "Pulkovo", is a complex «RedVill residence."Its territory is an outdoor swimming pool, ample free parking for vehicles.The comfortable rooms bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator.Guests can use the services of WI-Fi.This is a free service.The complex includes a restaurant, banquet halls, as well as sauna, steam room, hammam.

Most local hotels are mini-hotels."Transhotel" on the main avenue of this category.There are only twenty-two, and single rooms.The rooms are inexpensive, allow guests with pets.And most importantly, near St. Petersburg.

«Karvan" - a good option for tourists

Hotel "Karvan" has found a place between the cities of Gatchina and Krasnoye Selo.The hotel is located on the territory of Dudergofskogo reserve and close to the famous ski resort "Tuutari park."The beautiful nature, a lot of pools, runs a chain of lakes Mozhaiskiye with running water.People come here on a pilgrimage to the "Orel keys."Capacity of the hotel is small - about forty people.The rooms have a kitchen area with appliances, where guests prepare their own meals, as well as a shower, toilet, TV.A quick snack in the cafeteria can be, and a good sweat in the Russian bathhouse.For guests are available at the outdoor swimming pool with spring water, playground, picnic area equipped with tables and barbecue.From the center of St. Petersburg hotel is fifty minutes.


By the way, 2014 marks the Red Village 300th anniversary.During the existence of the city was visited by many famous people.Emperors and kings, Lermontov, Marshals Suvorov and Kutuzov, breezing Balzac.Come and you are in town with a glorious history!