Yew-tree grove in Khost.

One of the main attractions of Sochi in the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve is a yew-tree grove in Khost.The name speaks for itself, here are the main exhibits of boxwood and yew berry.However, besides these amazing plants in the woods you can see dozens of species of the rarest and most unusual representatives of the plant world.


Yew-tree grove in Khost has two routes - two rings.Short ring called boxwood has a length of two kilometers.The route of the big ring has a length of five kilometers.On the way long-distance tourists meet the most ancient inhabitants of the woods, centuries-old karst fissures, the ruins of an ancient fortress of the 12th century.From rocky cliffs before the eyes of scenic river canyon hosts.On the routes equipped with special platforms in order to be able to sit down and relax, gain strength and to follow on - forward to the unknown.Its ancient species of plants can be proud of yew-tree grove in Khost, photo numerous relict species confirm their greatness and beauty.Loca

l plant species survived the ice age, during which killed cave bears, mammoths, Colchis otters and giant moose.In these places you can plunge into the wild, ancient nature, to see endemic, found nowhere else.

Yew-tree grove in Khost

get to this place is not difficult.With Spa prospect to roll to the host, will show itself on the road.Grove safely be called an open air museum.Here are collected relict plant species, that is, those that have survived unchanged since prehistoric times.Only here you come across in the way of endemic plants, all over the globe they will not see anywhere else.Walking through the yew-boxwood grove was surprised to begin to feel the atmosphere in which our ancestors lived.Some of the trees here are between two thousand years!Hence, they grew back in the era when our mortal world lived by Jesus Christ.Everyone here feels just indescribable emotion.

main attractions groves

main attractions of this natural museum can be called Colchis boxwood and yew.Boxwood is also called "iron tree".This tree is unique in its kind, its wood is so dense that floats on water.Yew called mahogany, its wood is very strong and will never rot.And boxwood, yew and live a very long time, grow slowly, the annual rings on the saw cut so thin that they simply can not see.

Yew-tree grove in Khost has a very interesting, beautiful piece, it is called "labyrinth".If you believe the researchers, this place millions of years ago formed a tectonic fault.Subsequently, the limestone layer is gradually shifted, and as a result formed a very beautiful and unique rock landslide.

Fairy nature

On some sites offers spectacular views of the river hosts.For lovers of natural scenery valuable find is a yew-tree grove in Khost.Reviews of tourists can be described as enthusiastic, full of emotion and excitement.It spread around the unique flavors.Even the smallest flowers smell so that the first smell, and then find its source.Most of the trees in the woods covered with green moss, it gives the local area a fabulous, mysterious look.Throughout hear the birds singing, they often do not fly away, even if you get very close.

Going on a journey ...

If your excursion plans - yew-tree grove in Khost, how to get from Adler tells you any tour operator.Choosing a small boxwood ring, be sure that the trip will not tedious.Here there are concrete all around the track, you can even hit the road on his heels.An exception is the "Labyrinth", here it is necessary to wade along the forest path.

Walk through the large ring longer and more complex.It lasts almost three hours, there will not be smooth tracks.The route passes through forest paths (runs, ascents).Forget the flip-flops, heels, perfect shoes - it's sports shoes.In order not to get hungry on the way, can supplies a few sandwiches - the route there are no cafes, shops and boutiques.The best way to take a backpack and not a handbag.Do not forget the water!Big ring - route is rather complicated, it sent to those who are confident in their abilities.But with some emotions and impressions tourists return from a hike - words do not pass!

Yew-tree grove in Khost.Address

To reach this amazing place is not difficult from any area of ​​Sochi.If you are coming from the central Sochi, at the bus station, take any bus, which follows in the direction of Adler.Just before the bridge (over the river hosts) stop is "Blue Hill", get out here.Going right down the street Samsheetovoy, easy to walk to the very entrance, where you will see the words "Yew-tree grove" (Khost).

Getting Adler?Also very simple.Take any public transportation, which is moving in the direction of Sochi, only to find out whether he would go to the host.Get off at the Blue Hill and move about half a kilometer up the street to the very Samsheetovoy grove.

If you drive your own car from Sochi, the right from the central road turn right on the host, followed by Samsheetovoy street - right to the entrance.The road from Adler also complicated.Skips twist on Kudepsta, is already the second turn on the host.Passing the bridge, turn right in front of you - Boxwood Street.