Moscow - Anapa (by car): route, distance, map and reviews

Anapa is one of the oldest Russian cities, which appeared two thousand years ago.It has the status of the All-Union health resort.The name arose from the dialect of the Abkhazian "anape", which means "at the mouth."

Anapa is famous for warm sea, crystal air and sunshine.Many travelers go there for new experiences and relaxation.Getting to Anapa from Moscow can be on your own car.If you are going to the resort, we will help you plan your route.Details in this article.

advantages of traveling by car

There are many reasons why it is more convenient to travel from Moscow to Anapa on your own car rather than public transport.Firstly, the time savings.Secondly, freedom of movement.

route Moscow - Anapa on the car overcome quickly.The path runs through items such as Saratov, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar (endpoint).According to the index, you can get to Dzhubga and turn to the fork in the direction of Gelendzhik.Next comes Novorossiysk and Anapa.It is noted that this route is the longest, bu

t has its advantages.You can take a ride along the coast to enjoy the natural scenery and sights.Gelendzhik their great variety.

Map Moscow - Anapa.By car - the sea

Remember the map, because you can get lost.The shortest route is laid through Krasnodar.After leaving Moscow, take the highway A 145. Use pointers and drive to the Enem, Afipsky, Ilyinsky.When you see the sign, turn on the Black Sea, then drive through Chelm, Akhtyrsky and Abinsk.The last point will Krymsk, Nizhnebakansky and Varhnebakansky.Merge onto the M25 road and you will arrive at Anapa.

How to prepare for the trip?

route Moscow - Anapa on the car can be routed through Voronezh.A long way.So before you sit behind the steering wheel, make sure of serviceability of the car.Rely on the professionals who fully prepare it for the upcoming trip.You have a long road.Calculate the exact distance from your home to the place of arrival in Anapa.This will help you browser.Also identified with the financial side of the issue.This is especially important if you are traveling on holiday with children.In addition to the navigation system, you will help cool the card.Pre-check it settlements, past which you will pass.If you want to book a place in a motel in advance to make it a place to stay for the night.The driver is very important healthy and sound sleep.

Way through Voronezh main destinations

Moscow - Anapa - a route that you will be laid.The distance between these points is 1472 kilometers.The road stretches like this: Tula - Voronezh - Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar.Time travel, of course, depends on the ability and desire to visit all of the city.Leave the house early in the morning, about four o'clock, because at that time the road will be free from freight transport.To Tula from Moscow and eighty-five kilometers.There can be reached on the highway M2.Then you get into an old and very beautiful city of Rostov-on-Don.To it extends the M4 highway and nine kilometers.

When you drive up to the Voronezh, follow the signs for "Rostov-on-Don."After you pass the traffic police post, after 800 meters turn right.Then, take the bypass road.Along the way you can drop into a roadside cafe or stay overnight at the hotel.Driving takes too much time, so it is important to sleep.

What to see on the way to Anapa?

If you're planning a long trip, we advise you to look into Abkhazia.It can be reached along the scenic road, located near the Black Sea coast.Rest assured, you will not regret.

To get from Voronezh to Rostov, you will need approximately seven hours.During this time, you'll master 563 kilometers.We recommend that you spend at least a small fraction of your precious time and visit it.You walk through the botanical gardens, radiant promenade, see the green island and a beautiful butterfly garden.This is only a small part of what is worth seeing in Rostov.Prior to Krasnodar - 272 km, and three and a half hours.If you want to call, be sure to visit the museum, aquarium and safari park.For children it will be an exciting spectacle!You yourself make sure that the road Moscow - Anapa on the car will be for you a real adventure.

last point - Krasnodar

road there takes about two hours (163 km).There you can learn how to get to Gelendzhik, if there is such a desire.Remember that in high season the roads are overcrowded.The route Moscow - Anapa on the car (a distance of 1472 kilometers) can be stretched.Plan in advance how much time you want to spend in a particular city, and follow the schedule.On the way, will not be bored.It will be possible to look into the cafes, gas stations, motels and cafes that will be encountered along the route.

route through dace

If desired, you can fight your way to the Black Sea via the M4.Visit Voronezh and then dace.The road stretches through the Tula region.

from Voronezh you can immediately get to Rostov.From Krasnodar, you can call in Bataysk, the station Bryukhovetskaya, Kanev and others.This route Moscow - Anapa on the car includes a visit to Slavyansk-on-Kuban and Temryuk (leaving from Rostov-on-Don).Next goes Timashevsk, from which you can easily get to Anapa.The path goes through secondary roads, and congestion is much less.You save time and longer be able to walk to new places.This is a major advantage.

The shortest route to Anapa

Few people know, but in Leningrad Station and Kanevskaya lies the shortest way from Moscow - Anapa.By car (reviews confirm this) many go through these points.When you arrive there, turn on the road R268 and drive to the Timashevsk.Then comes the turn again, which leads to the Slavic-on-Kuban.Next you need to strictly follow the on Human Settlements: Anastasievskaya station - Korzhievsky descent - Varenikovskaya Art.- Dzhiginka.Come a long way, you will bask in the sun and sunbathe on the Anapa silky beaches.

cost of travel

On average, the road Moscow - Anapa on the car will cost 5,000 rubles.These include gasoline, food costs and fines.Distance, as we have already mentioned, is 1472 kilometers.

You can also overcome the 1562 km, if you go through Sochi.In this case, the way Moscow - Anapa on the car will be: Rostov-on-Don (400 km) - Krasnodar (170 km) - Sochi (360 km) - Gelendzhik (90 km) - Novorossiysk (50 km).On average, this route you will spend 22 hours, not counting the night.Seasoned travelers say that her time will increase up to 26-hours or more.

How to save time?

order to stock up a little bit of time, can be the first one hundred kilometers from Moscow to ride on the freeway.Motorists say that there is almost no traffic police check posts and, therefore, can be safely dispersed to 140 kilometers per hour.On the way to stock up on food Voronezh tightly and keep filling checks.

Refuel only major gas stations network.When you leave the gas station, note that there are installed billboards that show how many kilometers left before the next gas station.If you believe the reviews, it is important to calculate your route in advance and the amount of fuel.

Way to Novorossiysk

Focus on signs as you drive up to the Rostov-on-Don.You will come in handy Map (Moscow - Anapa - a long way) in order to correctly calculate the route and time.Note the decoupling of transport and three rings.When you reach the ring road, think about accommodation.By the way, the hotel room will cost you a minimum of 500 rubles.Those who've been here before, have reported that the room you can find a decent paying a half-two thousand.

from Rostov-on-Don is necessary to drive 150 kilometers, where you will meet Kushevsky KPPM.Be careful at this crossing post.Krasnodar region - the largest southern Russian transportation.There's always traffic jams, so be prepared to spend an average of two hours.If you plan to pave the way through the city Slawinski, carefully review the map.There are a few pointers to Anapa.Once you cross the Anastasievsko, Ride in the direction of the collective farm.There will be a sign "Red October".After 300 meters, take the dirt road, and strive towards the station Varenikovskaya.It is followed by Gostagaevskaya.Having done all this route, you will see the sign "Anapa".This means that your journey by car Moscow - Anapa has come to an end.Just imagine - 26 hours on the road, and a half thousand kilometers traveled, and here it is - the long-awaited sea.

Important!In the resort city of velocity of the indicator is limited to 40 km per hour, so it does not accelerate.At the entrance you'll see the warning signs with the number "40".At the slightest deviation from this evidence you have the right to fine the traffic police.If you still have exceeded the speed, but not more than 20 kilometers, refer to the lack of warning signs.Firmly defend their point of view.Still, be aware that in Anapa operates one-way traffic.Most of the roads is adapted exclusively for buses or minibuses.

Why go to Anapa?

route Moscow - Anapa on the car has a lot of advantages that are worth to talk.On his car to travel to visit the neighboring town, to see the greatness of Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh and visit the sights of the road estimate of Tula and Krasnodar.Go early in the morning, when the sun had not yet risen, and go to admire the magnificent scenery of the Black Sea coast.It is best to go with the kids!For them it will be a real adventure.If you like Rostov, you can stay there for a few days and visit the water park, aquarium, parks and a variety of local attractions.

Note that Anapa recognized by the All-Union children's health resort.Today is considered the best health resort on the Black Sea coast of national scale.Since Gone are the days of the Soviet Union, there were built modern hotels and attractions for children.Be sure to visit Anapa Dolphinarium, which is located in the Greater Utrish.

In Anapa has always remained the same sea, golden sandy beaches and pleasant climate.They mined the curative mineral water, which can be free to type in a pump room, dirt and salt.In Anapa large number of resort areas and procedures.Thanks to this attracts tourists from all over Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

to pack the whole family

Travel Moscow - Anapa on the car - an unforgettable experience for the whole family.There are many solutions.Everyone must choose what will appeal.Someone aims to reach 24 hours, while others prefer to stay in each point and take in the sights.Either way is fraught with many surprises, because you are going on vacation.It is impossible to say what the best route.They are all different and are good in their own way.

If you want to spend an unforgettable month, basking in the sun, feel free to choose routes through Sochi.Visit an amusement park where your children can spend time having fun.Also, there are eco-village - water play complex with different rafts, sluices and ponds.If you go to any concert or festival - consider yourself very lucky.In Sochi, constantly coming stars on tour, so that the spectacles in the resort enough.

Looking beautiful sights travel to Anapa through Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, where you will see a lot of monuments to Russian poets and writers, museums and churches.The beautiful city of Krasnodar, which is the last point before Anapa, stands on the banks of the Kuban.You may want to look and there.

In Krasnodar, you can call in order to walk through the green alleys and park areas, squares.Enjoy scenic areas and flower beds.The most famous was the decoration of the city opera house and puppet theater.Be sure to visit the cinema "Aurora" and a puppet theater for young audiences.

For new emotions and impressions should go on the route Moscow - Anapa.Many attractions and new places to inspire you to new acts and deeds.Take the car and go with the whole family.You can grab the tents and sleeping bags, not to spend the night.Enjoy your vacation!