Malta: the beaches and resort vacation

different categories of tourists enjoy a completely different beaches.Some people like the sand, and the other - a pebble.Divers looking for depth, Safer - winds and high waves, and tourists with young children do not need all of this: Give them the shallows and quiet, like a lake.Similarly, it is difficult to please everyone on the criterion of service.Someone expects to beach bars, water sports entertainment.Other campers crave solitude, communing with nature and thinly populated.Here we look at the coastline and tourist infrastructure on its Mediterranean states of Malta.Beaches reviews about their characteristic features, tips for travelers - all this will be the topic of this article.

Family Holidays

swimming season off the coast of the Maltese archipelago begins in May.Even in winter the sea temperature never drops below 14 ° C.The fastest heat up a small cove with a shallow bottom.If you go on vacation in the spring, Malta, beaches which are very diverse, allowing you to select one of the fif

teen sandy coasts.Eleven of them are located on the main island, and two are on the Comino and Gozo.Given the small size of Malta, do not expect to meet here leaving for horizon strip of sandy coasts, as Arabatskaya clockwise or Kinburn Spit.The longest beach, suitable for families with children - Mellieha Bay (Mellieha Bay).On some maps it is also referred to as Adira.It is located in the north of the island.Your toddler can splash around without any risk - because shallow water extends for fifty meters from the shore.The bottom is also covered by white sand.The beach here is very well developed infrastructure - there is a rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, toilets, changing rooms.Vending kiosks and bars.There is also entertainment on the water, including the motor.

rocky beach

Some turbidity of water is, unfortunately, a constant companion of sandy coasts.In addition to these beaches is not very comfortable to relax in windy conditions.And young people who are already out of the age when the mold of sand castles, like diving from the rocks.Rocky beaches are usually a rich underwater world.What we can offer in this respect, Malta?Sliema beaches stretching from the resort to the town of St. Julian's - is a continuous series of coves, beautiful cliffs disconnected.This area is considered the most fashionable in the whole archipelago.Promenade is surrounded by restaurants, first-class hotels and shops.The most famous beaches in Sliema - this Sliema Rocky Beaches and Wied iz-Zurrieq.Sandy coverage Sant Zhorzhes Bay artificial.No less known beaches on the island of Malta Bugibba.They stretch from the town of the same name to Aura (Qawra).Beautiful rocky beaches among the rocks there Zuriko and Marsascala.

Shingle Floor

The only drawback of these beaches is their inaccessibility.In all other respects - solid pros.Do not sand squeaks on the teeth and do not stick to the body.You can not be afraid to tuck the foot on the slippery boulders.Water is clear as a tear.Where are the beaches on the island of Malta with pebbles?Almost everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea, the river flow.These waterways bring to the mouth of the small break in a tidy and pebbles, which is very pleasant to walk barefoot.In the vicinity of the resort Asri flows into the sea Wied il-Ghasri, forming a narrow strip of pebble beach.Mystras is located at the mouth of a beautiful and secluded Mistra Bay.For lovers of romance is just what you need.To get to the beach you can Mystras 41 m bus, getting off in Xemxija and passed about a kilometer on a paved track.Nice pebble beach Fomm ir-Ri.On it tourists leave only praise.

Malta beaches, prices

in secluded bays with you, of course, will not ask for an entrance fee.But there will be no need infrastructure.And if you go swimming without supervision rescuers still somehow can take a chance, here without freshwater shower, and cabins for changing clothes is difficult to manage.The hotel on the first line, as a rule, have their own beaches.For hotel guests free entrance there.But do not expect that you'll be there in a small company visitors.For money on hospitality beaches allowed all comers.There are so-called "Beach Club".This private beaches, which are also open their hospitable gates to all who will pay the price of the put.Typically, the cost of entry starts the day with one euro.

Fashion beaches

Finally, for those who like to hang out.There, you know, are the beaches where the noisy, crowded, sea surface dissect tarahtyaschie water scooters ... Most reviews advises to avoid such places, but for many it is like.Where are the beaches on the island of Malta, where you can ride on a parachute, "banana", "flying pill" and other attractions?Without a doubt, this is Golden Bay, on the west coast of the main island.Immediately behind this beach begins Ain Tuffieha.To get it, you need to go down the stairs.Also located on the west coast Dzhneyna that resort near Mgarr.It's sandy beaches.Near the pier where boats depart to the island of Gozo (Chirkeua town) is a small Paradise Bay.