We are looking for the perfect beach.

Typically, in the southern countries of Europe and to the islands, which are their provinces, most tourists go to find a perfect beach.Sicily - an island that is considered one of the best resorts in the region.People come here to relax as the ordinary people of the world for a ticket to the modest health pensions, and the oligarchs, who for a period of leave take their luxury villas.Well, let's talk more about what is interesting this wonderful Italian island and how it to find that perfect beach.

Sicily - far edge, the edge of a beautiful

southern Italian island of the world is famous for its fresh air, pristine nature, the powerful greens and numerous stones, which in many places turn into real rock.Despite the fact that many ancient legends tell us about the real horrors monsters that supposedly lived here today fully the whole island, from the northernmost point and ending with his southwestern Cape, dotted with numerous beaches, recreation areas, hotels and entertainment centers.Of course, mos

t of them concentrated in the south, quiet and cozy coves, but in the north, you can also relax, sunbathe and get healthier.

Messina - history and nowadays

This historically important town of the island is still deters many tourists with its legends, which are important evidence of local monuments.In fact, this region is an excellent resort area, where the wide spread broaching recreation area.This is a fairly large city of the island, so the local beaches you can always find whatever your heart desires.There is a mass of water parks, water slides and other equipment, allowing you to relax to the fullest.Also here you can taste local fruit and wine specialties and delicious dishes in one of the many restaurants.


Taormina Sicily beaches which is really unusual - it is the northeast of the island.This region in antiquity served as a botanical garden for the Romans and Greeks, so today all his recreation area is literally buried in the tropical greenery.Near the city there are many beaches, intended for the sexual minorities.Also often come here to sunbathe naked lovers from all over Europe.If you stay with the kids, it is best to go to the village of Giardini Naxos, which is a few kilometers from the city.There is the gentle slope to the sea, very clean and soft sand and a lot of greenery, which makes the air more healthful and fresh.


Every traveler would agree that any European peninsula south or an island - a place where the most likely to find the best beach.Sicily in this regard is no different, and its southern resorts are most covered hot sun and the sea warms up to a very high temperature characteristics.Near the town of Agrigento there are many sandy coastlines that stretch for tens of kilometers.There is as urban recreation area, equipped with restaurants and entertainment complexes, and the wild, which are located near the villages.The most famous resorts in the region - Lido Azzurro, Scala dei Turchi, Eraclea, Marina de Palma and many others.

Catania - southern paradise

not only natural heritage, but also the innovation infrastructure rich island of Sicily.The best beaches in the region, according to travelers, is located in the center of Catania, from La Playa to a small village Poziyo.Here the coastline is completely built up hotels for every taste and purse, spa, indoor playground and disco nightlife.Staying at this resort, you will not be bored.Cheerful, friendly company will always be able to go to a club or lounge, a cafe, a family with children will find fun at the beach, which will take all its members a lot of fun.Couples will be able to immediately enjoy the sunsets and the beautiful evenings on the terraces of the numerous restaurants.

Resorts Ragusa

every tourist who has ever been in Sicily, well known region called Ragusa.Here, with its natural beauty, lush greens and sloping seabed boasts every beach.Sicily in the region appears before us in a completely different, unfamiliar to many faces.During the rest at local resorts creates the feeling that you are in the Maldives, as all the coastlines surrounded by huge sand dunes.People come here for a vacation with children and noisy companies.There's like a very expensive restaurants and cafes for the tourists who are on holiday budget.


read these brief descriptions, you could see how beautiful Sicily.Beaches (partial responses have been outlined above), entertainment and hotels can be found here for every taste, so visit the island definitely worth everyone.