Red Village (Leningrad region) - one of the most beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg

In the old days in the Russian language the word "red" is used in a somewhat different way - beautiful, beautiful, comely.Therefore, on the ground a lot of Russian villages, which are called "red", "red" or "red".One of them is the city of Red Village (Leningrad region), which is part of the same district of St. Petersburg.


This city was founded under Peter the Great, even in 1714.That's when the town began the construction of Russia's first paper mill.For construction and industrial needs of the village near Moscow Red flown here serfs.They settled near the site of the future of the mill.As time went by, the village grew, and it became known as well as the hometown of the workers.

Red village is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by forests and lakes.Tsar Peter gave it to his wife, Catherine I, and she told me to rebuild the wooden palace here, and the little church (sadly, they have not survived to the present day).In 1735 the allocated funds Anna Ivanovna was built a new stone

Trinity Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr.Today it is one of the most ancient churches in the whole Leningrad Oblast.During the reign of Catherine the Red village began to develop in another direction, in the military.There were guards stationed Petersburg garrison.Until 1811 the village was officially called "palace red village".Leningrad region until 1914 is known as the St. Petersburg province.After that it was renamed twice.But the city has remained unchanged to this day.

Red Village - the capital of the Russian military

As noted above, even under Catherine II in the area were carried out military maneuvers.During the reign of Alexander the Great Red village and its surroundings have become a full year military capital of the empire.His younger brother, Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, idolized military, rebuilt next to the barracks for themselves a modest wooden palace and spent the troops almost all the time.All the warm months of the year are carried out exercises and parades, which was attended by the emperor himself.

Soviet times

After the October revolution in the village of Red White Guard army concentrated forces.Hence, they were preparing to storm the Petrograd.In 1925, the town red village became a town, and from that moment he began to develop on a new path.However, during World War II the Nazis, sweeping away everything, broke into the Red Village.Leningrad region was occupied by the German invaders, and he was in the Leningrad blockade.After the war began Gmina Krasnosielc bring its dilapidated city in order.There were built new apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other institutions.

New time

As noted above, the founding date of the city of Red Village (Leningrad region) is 1714, so this year in mid-September (at the discretion of the City of St. Petersburg), he solemnly celebrate its tercentenary.The status of the city is considered a municipality in the enclave which includes the village of Pine and Mozhaisk.It includes also release 2 historic district - Horse Racing (Gatchina line between the railway and Gorelovsky overpass) and Mozhajskij-Duderhof (between the Red Selo and lakes Duderhof).Of particular interest to tourists are not local places, except the famous Trinity Church, located in the heart of the Red Selo (Leningrad region).How to get here, in principle, know in St. Petersburg each.It is only 11 kilometers from the north of the capital, in the hills of the Izhora Hills.Here, at the foot of the hill, is nameless lake - a favorite vacation spot of St. Petersburg.By the way, in 2011 it was recognized by ecologists the cleanest in the entire region.Through this site passes railway line Gatchina-Baltiysk - St. Petersburg.The station "Red Village" is located on the eastern outskirts of the city.You can also come here by road to Tallinn highway, the way of spending only 15-20 minutes.

Red Village, Leningrad region: sights and natural monuments

town in terms of architecture is of little interest.There are few that survived from the days when it was considered a summer military capital of the empire.The most beautiful building in the city, of course, is the Church of the Holy Trinity, which was built at Anna Ivanovna, and is a wonderful example of the architecture of the Baroque period.However, these times it had to be restored several times, resulting in the appearance of the temple has been partially changed.The city also has a church of Alexander Nevsky.From the palace buildings today remained only two-story building the kitchen of one of the royal palaces, as well as an unremarkable wooden building of the Palace of the Grand Duke Michael (youngest son of Paul I).In Soviet times, the city was erected memorial of heroes of the Great Patriotic War.Among the attractions of the city can also highlight the museum "Bridges", dedicated to the history of the development of railway transport in Russia.

Where to stay in the city of Red Village (Leningrad region) hotels

St. Petersburg - a beautiful city in Russia.Every year millions of tourists come here to explore its many attractions.They are located either in the city or its suburbs.In the Red Selo virtually no big hotels, only small family hotels.Perhaps that is why the town is not very popular in terms of tourism.Among the guest houses of the suburbs of St. Petersburg can be noted minihotel RedVill.Here you can find quite a decent service and delicious cuisine.


Leningrad region rich in tourist attractions.Here every step possible to meet the unique monuments of architecture and history.These places are also famous for beautiful natural landscapes.For example, the view from the Izhora hill on which the town red village is so beautiful that can capture the imagination of even the most sophisticated esthete and Lake Nameless, located in the hollow under the sublime, is considered the cleanest and best destination for nearby residents.