The route Anapa - Simferopol: overcoming

If one set out to overcome the route Anapa - Simferopol, the first thing to do - is to plan your trip.

prepare in advance

So, if the journey will be carried out through its own transport, it is necessary to pre-view the map indicate to all the cities that will have to be avoided, as well as to calculate the required amount of gasoline.To do this, you need to consider one important aspect before you hit the road in the direction of Anapa - Simferopol - distance.These two cities shared the 331 kilometer.Therefore, the time that people hold in a way that will be more than five hours.Based on the fact that cars in average takes eight liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, in general, need 26 liters.Of course, to be sure the car to refuel 30 liters - it is better to do so than to attempt to find a gas station.

Joint ticket to the Crimea

Due to the recent political events were the so-called single tickets to the Crimea.The principle of a multi-modal system.Man gets a ticket at the box office w /

train station, for example, in Sevastopol.Its price includes the train ticket to Anapa and Krasnodar (optional), Kerch ferry from there to the ferry, and then travel to anywhere in the peninsula.Indeed, a very convenient way, particularly for people who do not like to plan trips.It is worth noting some of the nuances about travel on the route Anapa - Simferopol.The ferry to the capital of Crimea does not go, all elementary - no sea.This mode of transport is that the drive only to Kerch.It is theoretically possible would be the crossing and to Sevastopol, but such routes is not provided.The fare on the ferry from Anapa to Kerch is 1000 rubles.Cheaper to take a single ticket.

transit flights

One of the most popular and sought ways to overcome the way between the two cities are still buses.Daily carried long-distance flights in the direction of Anapa - Simferopol.How to get to the path did not take long, comfortably and at a reasonable price?That bus in this plan is the best option.To some it may seem that the flights on this route is not often made.However, it is not every day from Anapa - Simferopol run several buses.Schedule, of course, change, but, as a rule, two buses depart to Simferopol in the morning, four - in the second, and one - at 21:45.Vehicles follow from Gelendzhik, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk and Krymsk - all through Anapa.


from June 24 this year, absolutely anyone can buy a multi-modal single ticket.According to it, a person reaches the railway station Anapa, and then performs a change to the bus, which, in turn, goes to the sea port (located in Anapa, too), and there the passengers board the catamaran "Sochi 1" or "2 Sochi."These catamarans follow the direction of Anapa - Theodosius - Yalta and back.The decision to implement a multi-modal system was adopted in time - before the peak holiday season.Now people do not need to wonder exactly where better to carry out transplants.Enough to buy a ticket, "bus-ferry-bus" or "bus-catamaran".The selling stamps contains all the necessary information to plan a trip so will be very easy.

Previously, it was possible to buy a train ticket on the direct route Anapa - Simferopol.However, the path led through the territory of Ukraine.Now, as you know, to get to the peninsula through the neighboring country is not possible due to the current political situation.However, shuttle trains in the Crimea in the direction of Simferopol - Kerch.At the moment, a lot is being done to paving the way to the peninsula from the mainland.For example, already in full swing to develop the project of the bridge, which is planned to be joining the Crimea with the mainland Russia through the Kerch.No flights

worth noting that Anapa - Simferopol - it's not such a long route.A few hours drive by private car, a little longer - a transit flight, about the same as if you go on a single ticket.However, some decide to cover the distance by air.Indeed, there 2B Aviation flight 559 in the direction of Anapa - Simferopol.Travel time - less than an hour!More will take registration at the airport.This is an option for people who do not like to wait.Also, this method is salvation in those cases where a spontaneous trip and does not tolerate deposits.Of course, the price is appropriate, however, the rate stands a good priority.So far, according to current data, this flight is valid until September 26 this year.The flights are carried out twice a week: on Friday or Wednesday.