Manor Sukhanovo address, photo, history

Sukhanovo Manor was built in the late seventeenth century.She was later presented to Peter the Great N. Streshnevo - Tsarev ardent supporters.Then, the estate passed into the possession of Dmitriyev-Mamonov, who later married the niece of the king - Praskovya Ivanovna.


Sukhanovo Manor is a classic example of a natural garden that had popularity in the eighteenth century.It is remarkable that cherishes the memory of the great Russian figures, literally change the course of history.One of the characteristics of the estate - the presence of the temple-mausoleum, which became the final resting place of its former owners.The main part of the park is separated from the mausoleum of the massive bridge of stone.This building symbolizes the transition from one world to another.Hanging over the water the trees evoke memories of days gone by and make us think about the meaning of life on this earth.

new owners - Volkonskie

In 1804, the estate was the Sukhanovo owned Princes Volkonsky.They are the

masters of this land for over a century - until 1917. Many of the buildings have been renovated and substantially altered due to the efforts of Helen Volkonskaya and her nephew.Last held the position of Chief of Staff Alexander I, and in the reign of Nicholas I became the Minister of the court.PM Volkonsky studied involving the most prominent architects of Russia in the process of designing the estate.

The heyday

final formation of architectural shape Sukhanovo occurred in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.It was at that time the heyday of the estate.PM Volkonsky, who served as Minister of the Court and the head of the process of building public facilities could involve the construction of the estate of high quality masters of their craft as Charlemagne, Russia and others. Unfortunately, some projects have not been implemented, some buildings are not erectedWe maintain or lose the original architectural appearance.

little about architectural elements

1820 gg.oznamenovany advent of office buildings with pseudo-features - turrets and battlements, and 1830 - guest houses in classical style.

Park facade of the main building is decorated with six-columned portico.Since it offers beautiful views of the village, located on a high opposite bank.At the end of a tree-lined avenues is set gazebo with the romantic name "Temple of Venus", and then you can go to the arched bridge that spanned across the ravine and leads to one of the most interesting places of the estate - the mausoleum.On the way to it is a bronze sculpture of a girl holding a broken pitcher.This is a copy of the famous work by PP Sokolov.The original is in the territory of the Park.This sculpture admired Pushkin.The poet expressed his delight in the poetic form.

More about Mausoleum

This structure appeared in 1813.It was built over the tomb in which they buried husband EA Volkonskaya - Prince DP Volkonsky.He died from injuries sustained in the War of 1812.This round-shaped building.The western part of the mausoleum is decorated with strict Doric portico.Two of the altar in the Empire style cast iron mounted on a ladder.Initially, the structure united semicircular colonnade with an open bell tower and a small outbuilding.More recently managed to find this construction project documents, which allowed to establish the name of the architect.The author is an architect of Stasov, the famous works such as the Arc de Triomphe in the northern capital and Pavlovsk barracks in the Champ de Mars.

Subsequently, again and again changes its appearance manor Sukhanovo.The history of this place include the fact of a radical change in the mausoleum Volkonskiis - fine examples of the capital of Empire.As a result of alterations in 1934 masterpiece was just ruined.

The main house was built in the late eighteenth century.Work on rebuilding it spent in 1945 (the process was carried out under the direction of architect Kokorin).Before this alteration changes were made many times.So, at the end of the nineteenth century were added columns and porticoes, and galleries on the sides of buildings, which ended wings.In the forties of the same century it was decided to close the gallery, on the right at the same time built a residential floor.Once the church was attached to this building, but it was destroyed in the 1930s.

Current status

Manor Sukhanovo - it's still a valuable monument of Russian landscape art and architecture.Today the estate organized a holiday home belonging to the Union of Architects.Unfortunately, the unique structure gradually collapses.

Manor Sukhanovo: how to get there by car?

This memorial site is located a mile from the city Vidnoe (Moscow region).Near the river Gvozdyanka.If you are at your disposal there is a car, get to your destination as follows: After the Ring, turn right off the track "Don" (M4) towards visible.In Rastorguevo also necessary to turn to the right (pass under the railway bridge).Then go straight, after a few kilometers of your eyes appear manor Sukhanovo.

How to get there by public transport?

at Paveletskaya station you can take the train.Leaving the station called "Rastorguevo."Before the estate will take you 379 minutes, or 59 minutes bus.

If you take the train at Kursk station, you need to go to the station "Butovo".Then change to the 379 th bus and go to the final stop.The doors will open for you to welcoming manor Sukhanovo.Location of the monument of history and architecture: Moscow Region., Leninsky district, Vidnoe.Admission is charged.

modern project

LCD "Sukhanovo Manor" is located in a prominent name.This project is known as a masterpiece of modern residential architecture.The complex is located in one of the most famous historic places near Moscow.LCD "Sukhanovo Manor" with its five-story buildings are naturally into the landscape.

Total area of ​​four hectares.It is planned to build six buildings.Apartments have an original layout, their minimum area - 34 sqm (one bedroom), and the maximum - 88 sqm (three bedroom).For each custom-designed housing.When building using environmentally friendly and energy-efficient materials.The cost of apartments starts with a two and a half million rubles.

One of the main areas which hold in embodiments of the LCD in life, according to developers, is the active development of infrastructure to achieve a high level of comfort of living in "Barton Sukhanovo."In addition, it is planned to produce a major reconstruction of the former possessions of the Princes Volkonsky, to build a boat station in the adjacent forested area and build several playgrounds.


Sukhanovo - homestead (see photos. Above) with a long and difficult destiny.During its existence, it changed a lot of owners.Numerous reconstruction is not always a positive effect on the appearance of the place.However, keep coming here tourists interested in the history of Russia in its various manifestations.