Konevetsky Monastery on Lake Ladoga: History and tours

Konevetsky Monastery on Lake Ladoga - is one of the main centers of Orthodoxy in the North West of the country.So today, like many centuries ago, thousands of pilgrims from all over Russia agree to overcome any difficulties in order to be able to venerate the holy sites of this ancient monastery.

Konevetsky Monastery: how to get

If you intend to go to the island Konevets on their own cars, it is better to go from Peter at Priozersk highway, turn towards the village of Fruit, and then follow the main road from "Ural - Solar - Zaostrovye."In the village Zaostrovye should turn right onto a dirt road and continue for about 5 km along the dirt road to the ribbed Vladimirovka, where the dock.Tourists and pilgrims have repeatedly visited Konevets recommend traveling from St. Petersburg so as to be at the dock no later than 10.00 - 12.00.If the trip is expected to carry on the train, then you need to select the train, the next in the direction of Blacksmithing, get off at the station "Thunderheart," where t

he bus leaves at 10:00 to the pier in the bay of Vladimir.

history Konevetskogo monastery since its inception and until 1917

monastery was founded in the late 14th century St. Arseny, who came home - to Veliky Novgorod - after several years spent in the Serbian Hilandar monastery on Mount Athos.After receiving the blessing of the Bishop of Novgorod, in 1393 the Reverend went to Lake Ladoga, to find a secluded spot for the foundation of the monastery.Lord led the monk to a desert island, who called the coast of Ladoga residents Konevets.Three years Reverend Arseny lived there in perfect solitude.During this time, the fame of the ascetic hermit konevetskogo spread throughout Russia, and it began to receive students.With the blessing of Archbishop of Novgorod in 1396 it was established on the island monastery, which became the first abbot monk Arseny.Serving the Lord, he continued until his death in 1447.He was buried under the porch of the main temple of the monastery.After 130 years after the death of St. Arseny Konevetsky monastery was ravaged by the Swedes, but the brothers were able to quickly restored monastery.Even after 30 years, the Kingdom of Sweden troops expelled the monks from the island, and almost a century the monastery was empty and in ruins.Konevets monks returned to Russia only after the victory in the Northern War.The heyday of the monastery came in the 19th century, when there was built several temples and outbuildings, and the number exceeded one hundred monks.

Konevetskogo history of the monastery since 1917

Konevetsky In 1917 the monastery was under the jurisdiction of Finland, which allowed him to avoid the plight of many Russian monasteries.However, the Finnish authorities have organized a military base on the island, which violated the privacy of the monks.But the most difficult trial collapsed at his brother after the defeat of Finland in the Winter War, when Balaam Konevets were transferred to the Soviet Union.To avoid death, monks from the two monasteries were evacuated to Finland and Konevetsky monastery was ravaged by Soviet troops.As for the island, it was turned into a testing ground in the classified military base.Only in 1991, the monastery began to recover.Moreover, work on the restoration of the monastery buildings and temples continue to this day.

Konevetsky Monastery tours

addition Konevetskuyu monastery pilgrims and tourists often visit.Typically, these tours start from travelers landing in St. Petersburg in a comfortable bus.

were then taken to the bay Vladimirovskaya where group of tourists on a boat sent to Konevets.The tour around the island begins right from the monastery berth, which is located near the chapel of St. Nicholas - patron saint of travelers, traveling on the water.Next, visitors to Konevetsky monastery, carried out on the territory of the main house through a gate, over which the bell tower.There travelers will inspect the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, after about 2 km to the Holy Mountain, will visit Kazan monastery.Finally the guests of the island show one of its most famous landmarks - The horse-stone - a huge granite boulder served as the Finnish tribes altar for pagan rituals.In the late 19th century it was built a chapel in which tourists can climb the wooden ladder.

FYI monastery

Since monastery on Konevets is applicable, the visitors should be dressed appropriately.In particular, women and girls do not have to be dressed in mini-skirts, pants, shorts, shoulders and chest should be covered, the head is necessary to tie a scarf or shawl.As for men, they should not go to the monastery in shorts.