Fly to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (infrastructure, location, hotels)

capital of Denmark - Copenhagen - Airport has an impressive.It is considered the largest in all of Scandinavia.And in Europe Kastrup (Kastrup) - so officially called terminal Copenhagen - takes pride of seventeenth position.The popularity of these air gateway grow from year to year.Hence, one hundred and eleven destinations around the world send their planes and sixty-three airlines.For 2012 Kastrup missed by more than twenty-three million passengers.And now every day the airport serves about sixty thousand people.How not to get lost in the flood of passengers?How to get to the city center?Where to spend the night nearby?Let's look at these questions.

history Kastrup

This is one of the oldest airports in Europe.It was erected in 1925.Fifteen years later, a small building that bore the name "Wooden Castle", turned into a museum, and in its place was built a terminal designed by Wilhelm Lauritzen.Then Kastrup got a new name - "Copenhagen Airport".However, this building was also renovated in the late 6

0s of the last century.Now the Danish capital airport has three terminals, built four - especially for the low-cost service.All of these buildings are located on the island of Amager, in the municipality of Tårnby.But the center of the capital of Denmark, is located near the airport.It is eight kilometers to the south-east of the city.

Infrastructure Kastrup

Now "Copenhagen" (airport), turned into a small town.It has three main terminal, is now scheduled to open another one.The first, the oldest, is adapted for the adoption of domestic flights.The terminal number 1, or as it is called, "the seven little houses" (the number of adjacent pavilions), the campaign serves Cimber Air, "Danish Airline" and SAS.From it sent planes to Billund, Bornholm, Karup, Aalborg, Aarhus and Sønderborg.Down the hall you can go to the terminal № 2. He, like number 3, has been used for international flights.

Clarify exactly where your flight is sent, you will "Copenhagen Airport scheme", which is located in the arrivals and departures halls of all terminals.She listed airline carriers, as well as regular flights to destinations.Schedule charter flights, as well as a possible delay of aircraft will usher in an electronic scoreboard.

Transportation docking

third terminal was built in 1998, and its infrastructure is the most thought out.From here trains to other cities in Denmark and even Sweden via the Oresund bridge.Under the terminal number 3 is located and metro station.M2 line for a few minutes will take you to Copenhagen.Airport will soon acquire another terminal - CPH Go.He will be completely "locked up" maintenance cost airlines - the so-called low-cost.If you do not know what kind of terminal you need, do not worry - all the buildings between the airport supervise free shuttles, and often, at intervals of fifteen minutes, and the clock.

Copenhagen Airport: how to get to the city

distance of eight kilometers away, and you can take a taxi.Machines with the counter waiting for their passengers at the arrival areas at all airport terminals.There are buses and.You need a number 5A.The scoreboard machines should indicate the direction of «City Centre».Tickets can be bought from the driver.Buses run at intervals of 10-15 minutes and the journey time will be half an hour.

Another option to get to the city - the train.He whisk you to the Copenhagen Central Station for a quarter of an hour.Be aware that trains to the city depart from platform number 2 at a third terminal.Option train good at if you plan to travel immediately by Denmark and Sweden.Station Copenhagen is located near the center of the city.To get closer to the hotel, use the subway.It works around the clock, trains run every 5 minutes during the day and 15 - at night.By the time you did not lose - the same quarter of an hour as the train.Entrance to the subway is located at the end of the terminal № 3.

early departures and late arrivals

If you are very tired of the long journey and want to quickly relax, there is nothing easier.Directly to the terminal number 3 is adjacent to their wing of the hotel "Hilton Copenhagen Airport".The hotel offers its guests not only comfortable guest rooms with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Oresund Strait.It is free you will be registered for your flight.Fatigue as a hand lift to the spa with swimming pool Ni'mat.And in the morning you can energize at the gym.

you can order a meal in your room, but it's better to enjoy the pleasant, relaxing atmosphere of one of the two restaurants - Horizon All Day and Hamlet Nordic Dining.Reliable soundproofing will ensure you sleep well.The rooms, in addition to air-conditioning and satellite television, there are tea and coffee.