Konevets - an island that is worth a visit

Konevets - an island located off the west coast of Lake Ladoga.It is annually visited by hundreds of pilgrims and tourists from all over Russia.


Konevets Island has an area of ​​slightly more than 8 square meters.km.Its maximum length in width is about 2 km in length - 5 km.The western extremity of the elongated narrow strip of sand about 1 km in length, while the south-eastern coast are several islets of granite boulders.On average Konevets rises above the surface of Lake Ladoga to a height of 3 meters.

Konevets - an island with a temperate climate, where summer temperatures can reach thirty-plus degrees Celsius, and in winter - go down to minus forty degrees.As for the flora and fauna of the island, some of the animals there are found frogs, lizards, small rodents, foxes, hares and squirrels.Rarely, but still there are muskrats.Sometimes, off the coast of the island or on the cliffs, you can see the seals - the only mammals living in the waters of Lake Ladoga.In addition, there is a lar

ge colony of gulls and many migratory birds.Eighty percent of Konevets covered with pine and spruce forests.Also on the island are growing deciduous trees: alder, birch, ash, aspen, basswood, oak, maple, poplar, chestnut and acacia.During the past six centuries, the people brought and planted on gooseberries and currants, raspberries, plums, cherries, apple trees and lilacs.

Konevets Island: attractions

the object in question is incredibly attractive for lovers of ecotourism and for those who wish to get acquainted with its unique attractions.In particular, tourists come to Konevets to see the so-called horse-stone, which is a huge boulder with a diameter of 10 m, shaped like a horse's skull.In pre-Christian times, he was a pagan altar on which sacrifices Finnish tribes.According to legend, Saint Arseny Konevsky, settled on the island in the 14th century, drove out of the horse-stone of the wicked spirits who turned into ravens.In memory of this miracle in 1895 on a boulder built a small chapel, which exists to this day.

Konevets - the island is considered one of the centers of Orthodoxy in western Russia, for more than six centuries, it is of great interest to travelers.For example, at the time, visited the family of Alexander II, Alexander Dumas, Nikolai Leskov and Fedor Tiutchev.Tourists who follow their example, will be able to explore the magnificent Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin and several other buildings of the 19th century.

Konevets Island: how to get

To get to Konevets should go to the Finland Station in St. Petersburg and take the train heading for the station Priozersk or "Smithy".You must get off at the station "Thunderheart" and transfer to a bus going from "Pine - Vladimirovka."

Going to the island Konevets (PHOTOS are presented in the article) on your own car, you should leave St. Petersburg for Priozersk highway and 106 km turn right.Then, traveling 0.5 km, at the fork in the village of Fruit to make a left turn, then continue straight through the village Zaostrovye to the intersection and turn right.After 4 km before the tourists will fork, which should roll at the sign "Bay of Vladimir," and after 1 km (next to the bus stop) - to the left, toward the pier.

If the trip takes place in the summer, it is necessary to wait for a boat operating between the village and the island of Vladimirovka Konevets.If we are talking about a winter trip, when Ladoga is covered with ice, it can be reached on foot along one of the trails.Do not be afraid to get lost, as the distance that would have to pass is only 5 km away, and the island is clearly visible from the shore.

best time to visit

Unfortunately, the island Konevets, reviews about the journey which is always enthusiastic, is pretty hard to reach places.Those who've been there often, do not recommend to go on a similar trip between late October to early December and from late March to early April.The fact is that otherwise might be a tourist on the beach at a time when the navigation is difficult and dangerous to walk on the ice.It is not necessary to go to the Konevets in June, as of this month there is increased activity of mosquitoes.

Where to stay

Konevets - an island where in the summer with tourists and pilgrims no problems with the organization of the night.As an option - just put up a tent in the woods.In addition, tourists can spend the Orthodox monastery in.If we are talking about visiting the island in the winter, the only way - to take a bed in a small guest house on the beach.The structure belongs to Konevski monastery and is designed specifically for pilgrims.

holy place

As already mentioned, a few centuries Konevets a regular place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians.This trip has its own characteristics and rules.In particular, wishing to walk to the shrines Konevsky should contact the monastery pilgrimage services, acting at the St. Petersburg farmstead at Zagorodny pr., House 7. In addition, the pilgrimage - is not just a tour.To him it must be very carefully and seriously prepare properly configured.Be sure to talk with the priest, whom you trust, to receive a blessing and to listen to the wise and experienced person.