An amazing place - a dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to a warm country and even in the south of our country.And this fact is not always connected with the financial situation of the population.The reason for this phenomenon - lack of time.For those who are faced with such problems, a great way - visit the Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg.

What a marvelous place?

Absolutely we can say that those who have already visited these places they visit and recommend to others, while they themselves are planning to repeat the campaign after a while.And no wonder, because the Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg meets all the latest requirements of the most picky audience.It is equipped with all the necessities for keeping pets and is the only complex in Russia, ensuring a full life of all involved in the show sea creatures.

Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg: How to get to places, address, ticket price

you decide to visit this magical place, please themselves and their children to receive positive emotions?You can use public tra


Since the opening of the aqua complex - a major event in the life of the city, then rest assured that any driver from a huge taxis will tell you the way.A dolphinarium is located in Ekaterinburg Shcherbakov, d. 2.

ticket costs 400 rubles for adults and children four years of age and over.For children who are under three years old, pay nothing.

How much start performance?

Saturday and Sunday beginning at 12:00.There is representation at 15:00.The last statement can be seen as early as 18:00.On weekdays (ie Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Dolphins show with stunts 18:00.For more information on hours of this mode of the complex you can get at the box office, which is open from 10:00 to 20:00.

Show program

All that has been said above relates primarily to organizational moments.Next, you will learn more about the most just show the program and its actors - aquatic acrobats.Create you a good mood and recharged with positive energy you are amazing intelligent marine animals.Before you perform the Black Sea dolphins, seals and white whales.Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg - a real paradise southernmost island in the harsh life in the Ural band.

aquacomplex The main goal - is, above all, to familiarize people in the region with a variety of marine mammals, which are laid out in full, to bring joy to people.Huge work done organizers dolphinarium in its construction and maintenance in working condition.I would like to mention the dedication of coaches, develops tricks for aquatic acrobats.Coach rehearse with the dolphins and other animals participating in the show for a long time, working on every acrobatic stunts, perfecting skills.Thanks to first-class team, visit the Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg leave only positive feedback.


Many people do not know about the existence of such a therapeutic method, as animaloterapiya.For this purpose, various animals, including marine mammals.Visit the Dolphinarium also be considered a medical procedure.Suppose that there is no direct physical contact (albeit for an additional fee you can swim with sea creatures), but there is visual.During the program, dolphins, whales and seals show their ingenuity and skill, the tricks that sometimes just do not fit in my head.

Therefore, both adults and children sit on the notion literally with their mouths open.Huge fun kids and parents bring splashes of water, which provoke the animals, because every time it is so unexpected and impressive.And this is a definite psychological therapy to help kids get to know the world around them.

Besides simple diving diving rotations are also tricks with hoops and balls.On the mental characteristics of animals and their ability to work with props is not worth talking about.Of course, after every action actors fed fish.By the way, the optimal diet - it is salmon, if the training they will be a little moonlight, they offer pink.In the winter season acrobats treated squid.

small conclusion

Remember, the Dolphinarium in Yekaterinburg - a place where you can get real thrills.

therefore do not need long to think about whether or not to go to the presentation of just at the first convenient opportunity and need to take to go to this amazing complex.The sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions and vivid impressions will get you and your loved ones.Good-natured smile of a dolphin will remain forever in your memory.You will be shocked by a wonderful spectacle and want to come back time and again.