The best beach in Rostov-on-Don

lovely southern city of Rostov, which is on the border with Ukraine, is situated on the banks of the Don River.Green and friendly, it is sung in the famous song, "the pearl of the Don."Undoubtedly, many of Rostov go on holiday to foreign resorts, but most residents prefer to after busy day sunbathing and swimming without leaving the city.

beach here a lot, and most of them are well-equipped and adapted for a good time with friends and family.Excellent recreation areas are not only in the city, but are scattered throughout the area.

central city beach

«Home» Beach Rostov-on-Don is very popular, not only among the citizens - he is loved and area residents, who come here for the weekend.Those wishing to spend time here so much that bus come here every three to five minutes.While many do not use transport at all, preferring to get to your destination on foot, by clicking on the Voroshilovsky bridge across the Don.

City Beach Rostov-on-Don - the most visited vacation spot.He was stretched on two hu

ndred meters along the river bank.Here, people are relaxing in solitude with good company, lots of families with children.The hottest hours of good in the forest plantation, to the nearby beach.In local café serves delicious dishes of the Don.

«green island»

Citizens are confident that this beach Rostov-on-Don - a truly heavenly place.Amazing nature evoke tranquility and peace of mind.In contrast to the public beach, "Green Island" is not in the center of town, so to get here a little harder.Here shallow sandy bottom, so the object chosen by families with small children.By the way, the kids will be interested in the local water park, where there are many original attractions.This beach is popular not only among the locals.It has enjoyed and visitors who come from neighboring regions.

Salt Lake

Recently becoming increasingly popular beach in Rostov-on-Don on the Great Salt Lake.Login him paid.The bottom is sandy with a mixture of shells.Water is clear and clean.Bathing area is fenced buoys, because there are deep enough.You can ride a catamaran and "bananas".An on-site café, where you can have a tasty meal and a refreshing dip after drinking soft drinks.

Beach "Quarry»

Outdoor Peskov beach is "career".Rostov-on-Don is famous for its sandy coastal areas, and this place is no exception.Its main advantages - clean sandy beach and a completely flat bottom, constantly clean territory.According to the sanitary standards are the clearest water, among other city beaches.Entrance fee.There is a car park and a VIP area.A cafe and a shop.

North Reservoir

There is no sand - only grass and earth.The bottom is muddy.However, the perfect combination of well-groomed park area and the shiny surface of the water attracts many holidaymakers.

rowing canal

It is a place where lovers of fishing and recreation.There are trained boat racing, karting championships and competitions are held in extreme sports.Bathe allowed, but must be very careful on the water - a decent depth of the channel.Clean fresh river air and rescues from the scorching heat of the shade of the trees, boats, flying on the water surface - what could be better on a hot sunny day?

Rostov Sea

This beach is located near the village Chkalovsky.For walkers input here is free, but for a guarded parking lot you have to pay.The bottom is sandy, but sometimes goes into areas covered with silt and algae.On the beach a lot of trees and shrubs.

There is another original and unusual recreation area in the southern city.Of course, this "Stereo beach."Rostov-on-Don is proud of this place.It likes to relax Rostov youth and all those who are tired of the hustle and heat of the city.In the area of ​​Blue Lakes is a large spacious area that can take many beach lovers, loud music and fun.It is both a luxury well-groomed beach, restaurant, bar - all in the open.During the day you can soak up the sun and cheer in the cool water.And with the onset of night cool enough you can dance to the DJ's original mixes.Since the opening of the club is "lit" masters such as Da Hool, Echomen, Tina Charles, Panacea and others.

reach to "Stereo beach" can be by car.For this purpose it is necessary to pass through the western bridge, pass the traffic police post, and turn right to the industrial area.Followed by moving the signs "Blue Lake", "Stereo beach."

Today we have a virtual walk in the beautiful and hospitable southern city - Rostov-on-Don.Beaches photos that you see in this article, in the heat of summer are waiting for anyone who wants to have a good rest: swimming and sunbathing, spend time in the company of good friends, enjoy the fresh air and get away from everyday worries.Urban beaches of Rostov-on-Don are very different, but they are perfect for family holidays.Local authorities are working hard to ensure that the residents of Rostov and his guests feel comfortable recreation areas and cozy.Each season there are carefully prepared: clean beaches and held ponds, new exciting attractions, sports facilities are being built.