Trukhanov Island Recreation Area in Kiev

This wonderful place is located on the left bank, opposite the historical and architectural center of the Ukrainian capital.It not only washes the Dnieper and its tributary - Dёsenka.The total area of ​​450 hectares.On the opposite shore of the island Truhanov connected by a bridge.

From the history of the island

The name of this land received through Tugorhanu - Polovtsian Khan, which chronicles and epics better known as Tugarin serpent.In those days Truhanov island was the residence of his daughter, who was married to a prince of Kiev Svyatopolk II.Even before there was a settlement on the island Olzhischi belonging to the famous Princess Olga.In the XVI century, the island was taken over by desert-Nikolsky monastery, but at the end of the XVII century it returned to the city.

He began to re-colonize in the XIX century.At this time there appeared the first buildings and workers' settlements.Officially allowed to live here only in 1907, when there already were more than a hundred people.At thi

s time, the island Truhanov had on its territory a yacht club, a park "Hermitage", the shipyard.A little later, here we built a small church of St. Elizabeth.During the war, the island had been destroyed all the buildings.Gradually it became a place of citizens.

Trukhanov Island today

here today are the largest Ukrainian capital beaches, restaurants, water stations and recreation.To the north it is the Peoples' Friendship Park and Preserve Bobrovnya.

beauty of the island

A long time ago this island draws to its expanses of Kyiv residents and tourists from other cities.Believe me, there is something to see: the nature of this paradise preserved almost intact.

Matveevsky Bay

There are sports centers, where trained paddlers.The bay was named in honor of the Rector of Kyiv University Matveeva, who was once the owner.

drain channel

It was created artificially, especially for the boatmen.This is a very picturesque place in July on the surface of the water you can see the flowering of these lilies.

Trukhanov Island in Kiev: how to get

nearest metro station "Postal Square".From this stop along the promenade to get to the pedestrian bridge, and it will go to the island.If you go by car, the island is best to call in a Moscow bridge.

Holiday Island

you enjoy spending time residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital.There is an official at the Footbridge beach and small "semi-wild" beaches Matveevskoe Bay.

Trukhanov Island in Kiev - an oasis of nature, so thousands of people of Kiev come here on weekends.Unfortunately, Trukhanovsky beaches are not the safest place judging by the results of the research, the water is not very suitable for swimming.

There are several cafes and bars.The island is a school for young rowers and riding section.

Most vacationers come for the beach activities on the island Truhanov.Recreation of the same name is a complex, providing a variety of services to its guests.There are two outdoor pools, the water is filtered and disinfected them.This base rent on a regular basis for their employees, companies such as supermarket chain "Fora" TV channel "Inter" and "New Channel" large companies "Heavenly Krynica", "Magnatek" and others.

Complex "Trukhanov" you can relax in the fresh air and do your favorite sport.It is possible that someone just wants to lie in the sun by the pool or on the beach.

Here you can organize a banquet, celebrate an anniversary or relax with colleagues in an informal setting.

pools complex «Trukhanov»

Many prefer to relax by the artificial reservoirs.For fans in organized leisure complex has:

  • large swimming pool (length 25 meters, depth of about 2 m);
  • pool for children (depth of 1 m);
  • pool with water slide (depth 1.5 m).

I would particularly like to note the beach in the complex "Trukhanov".The island has several beaches, but, perhaps, the only maintained in perfect condition, always clean the sand and running water.Workers recreation closely monitor the bottom in the water to prevent any subsea wells and debris.

If you want a hot summer day to go to nature, come to the island Truhanov.We are sure that you will not regret the trip.