Modern Train Station.

City is the center of Kharkiv South railway line, one of the largest transport hubs in the Ukrainian special forces.Apart from a few stations on the territory of the city and the railway station platform.South Station - the largest and the main railway station.Kharkiv so call it in my own way, and it is the official name of art.Kharkov-Passenger.

Thanks Kharkov railway lines directly connected to the suburbs, the largest city in Ukraine and the CIS countries.Status of strategic purpose requires following through the train station be inspected and required to replenish stocks.

Infrastructure station

Complex South Railway Station covers:

  • station building;
  • ticket offices;
  • roomy luggage compartment;
  • hotel;
  • passenger platforms;
  • several car fleet;
  • repairs or construction and installation unit;
  • depot;
  • extensive network of communications.

passengers arrived at the North and South from the platform tunnels are in the basement of the railway station building.Already there is a way out of i

t on the forecourt, the lobby and the subway.


railway station building of the railway station - now a sculptural creation, fine work of several generations of artists.The central hall is decorated on both sides of the towers (North and South), the height of each - 42 m. The south tower is topped with a huge clock.Their diameter is 4.25 m.

Renovation and interior finishing work made the central hall of the South Station, an architectural masterpiece.Railway station lobby can only be compared with the monument of architecture.The decoration of the dome began to images of real historical events.And in the center of grandeur - a luxury five-ton chandelier.It envelops the room illumination soft comfortable light, in which the glow gold finish gives the room an even more greatness.Sculptors, painters, designers - all of those who took part in the improvement of the lobby of the hall, tried to glory.

from any corner of the room you can view the information submitted in the display with 360 °, it has become an interesting center of the room.

Railway Station Square

modern reconstruction of the forecourt helped her to really compose music with the unique structure of the majestic railway station premises.

mosaic pavements, smooth lawns and elegant fountains, along with additional lighting make the area the most beautiful area of ​​modern Kharkov.Now it attracts and fascinates visitors, helping to while away an hour expectations and citizens gather daily to rest.

Schedule rail transport

Information about truck - this is probably the first thing that looks for every person who came to the railway station.Kharkov train schedules submitted electronically.It is very convenient as it reduces the workload of the information content of a graphic station workers, and the bright lights of the screen allows you to find information even for people with poor eyesight.

large electronic board with detailed information is available in the main building.For information on arriving in the next hour transport is easy to find on the electronic board, placed on the facade of a building near the North and South towers.

and the electronic scoreboard in the tunnel room will easily find a platform to which the train arrives.

For the convenience of receiving information for the citizens, who came to the railway station of Kharkov, in the main hall there are two electronic help the informant with touch monitors.An additional source of information allows passengers to obtain the necessary information in a timely manner, thus avoiding queues at the cash register.

schedule includes information on long-distance trains, commuter trains, and on trains arriving at the railway station.Kharkov - is not only a transit station for many locomotives it is a start and end.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the central railway station premises, the box office pre-sale (they are located outside the railway station), a service center (2nd floor of the train station).Modern facilities is to buy tickets online.

road to the airport after a long

move you, finally, met the railway station (Kharkov) ... How to get to the airport?Now this question interests you the most?

Kharkiv international airport is located 12 km from the city center.After ordering the machine in the service of "Radio Taxi", in 30 minutes, with no problems and delays, to get to their destination.Phone easy to find a taxi on city billboards.

Also taxi to the airport is urban transport, it is much cheaper, although the longer the time (it should be left for about an hour).

Using the services of metro, you need to drive to the station "Gagarin Avenue."To implement a change to the bus number 119, number 115 or number 305 (and possibly others, as long as they bore the inscription "Airport" - usually the final stop).Shuttle bus stop 500 m to the terminal.

is possible to get to the airport on the bus № 5. Arriving at the railway station of Kharkov, to get to the subway station "Gagarin Avenue", which runs the 5th trolley.The only caveat - this transport runs with sufficiently long intervals.

Railway Station, Kharkov: telephone number and e

to find all the information you need about your route, you can call for information: (057) 724-37-84.

not know how to get to the South Railway station (Kharkov)?Location just remember: Railway Station Square, 1. In any area of ​​the city, you can fly with the subway and get off at the metro station "South Station".