Red Cave in the Crimea.

Crimea - a wonderful and unique corner of nature.Admiration for his cause endless steppes, mysterious coast.Maritime space entails cool breezes and warm caress of the waves.Rocks Southern coast are unique and picturesque, conjure images of people and animals by a master of nature.The grottoes and caves of the Crimean mountains fascinate unearthly beauty.


One of the wonderful creatures of nature - Red Cave in the Crimea, safely nestled in the slopes of the tract of Kizil-Koba.Water carved into the limestone cave is fascinating fabulous curves.The greatest creation of nature among peers in Europe - Red caves - stretches more than 21 kilometers.Their total amount of more than 200 thousand cubic meters.

galleries include complex natural cave, called Pigeon, and the cave-source, called a griffin.Drawn gallery, vertical wells, hitting deep, mysterious flooded area not only admire, but also frightening legends and speculation vivid imagination.They occupy an area of ​​52,600 square meters.

intra-country raise questions about the huge efforts of Mother Nature, which creates a special landscape.For example, Hall Blue drops reaches a height of 145 meters.The length of the individual sections of up to 80 meters.

In the silence of the cave heard bursts of water, the purity of which there is no doubt at the bottom of the river caves Su-Uchhan.Ornament of halls are stalactites and stalagmites, located on the vault and floor.The graceful arches in the fringe makes fabulous rooms, drapery, corallites added refinement and admired the art of the Creator.Red Cave in the Crimea - is not unique, but it is the most beautiful.

How to get there?

To see all the beauty of the caves, should be aware that the entrance is located in the tract near the village of Simferopol region Perevalnoe.

Perevalnoye can get to the public transportation from Simferopol and Alushta.The village is located on the highway Simferopol-Alushta, on which a trolley runs (the longest trolleybus line in the world).In the capital of Crimea trolleybus route it begins at the railway station.From there it goes taxis.They can be reached more quickly.

Leaving need to stop "Stadion".A reference point can serve as a large gas station, near which is a pointer "Red Cave".In Crimea, how to get to the caves, knows almost everyone.

Dreamlike get to the valley is possible and by car.Equipped with convenient access to a range of Red Cave in the Crimea.How to get there by car?On the road Simferopol-Alushta moving 25 km from Alushta and 20 km from Simferopol.Turning to the complex is convenient, close to a designated parking area organized for an extra charge.Nearby equipped areas for picnics and recreation, children's playground and a small cafe.Entertaining horseback riding and car-train will bring joy to children.Here begins a forty-minute walking route.

go walking

Climb to the Red cave can be on the road, starting from the main road.It is well trodden, and will not cause great difficulty.

Walk to the cave entrance - a real pleasure if you choose an inconspicuous trail that starts at the track.It is aimed slightly to the right of it.

On this trail you will not meet innumerable vendors of souvenirs and other (possibly very interesting) products of the local market.Of course, these people make a living this way, but the impression of the landscape and natural beauties of the Crimean nature, they spoil.Traders may require payment for the entrance to the valley.This should be avoided.

trail takes you into the forest, where you can enjoy the fresh air, cool even on the hottest day in July.The direction of the hill a little bit complicated route.Comfortable sports shoes is a must.

cave tour

entrance to the complex "Red Cave" in the Crimea paid.

It's worth noting that the air temperature in the caves does not rise above 10 ° C at any time of the year.If with no warm clothing, it can be rented at the entrance.Reasonably organized this service, it is worth a few tens of rubles.You do not need to neglect safety means, as a sharp contrast (especially in summer) can cause the common cold.The duration of the tour 40 minutes.Freeze during this time is realistic.

Comfortable shoes will not be excessive, and inside the cave.Equipped land, along which the route is still not paved with carpet.Here, small limestone, sometimes come across large rocks.All this threatens injuries.

wants to make a serious underground journey may require spelunking and climbing skills.Allow independent transition through the galleries will not be allowed, but you can order the appropriate individual excursion.


excursions in the guest book many entries where tourists admire the beauty of the Kizil-Koba.You can find notes about the travel arrangements and the approach to the entrance of the cave.Red Cave in the Crimea, on the ratings is mostly positive, recognized as the best.Some visitors complain about the abundance of souvenir vendors and lots of unnecessary trade shops.

excited to be photographed next to the most beautiful corners.However, visitors complain that we have to lose a lot of time waiting, because everyone wants to be photographed near the most interesting stalagmites.