What you need to know buying tour

distribute the upcoming holiday, a very pleasant and anxious activity without exaggeration for everyone.Each wants his rest was emotional, memorable and, of course, ideal, but just to learn and understand the intricacies of each upcoming tour is very difficult.So in this article we will talk about the main points that you need to know when choosing a tour.

Designation package tour.What are the differences between batch and individual tour?

Each round is divided into two main categories: round, if needed, can be folded and transformed into one of the all the needs of tourists and the tour, which is formed by the tour operator, called a batch.Simply put, the tour is a tour package, which includes medical insurance, accommodation, transfers, w \ d and cheap, that is a full set for relaxation.The cost of the tour operator has designed and is available for use, find out the cost of the hotel separately or ticket is required.Today you can easily buy a package tour online on the Internet.A private tour like

the designer, you can create it out of the blocks in its sole discretion (transfers, hotel and flight).A classic example of such a trip, this tour when the rest arrived family of three, but the father departs earlier, and his place at the grandmother arrives, however, the mother with the baby all the time will be at the resort.But individual tours out much more expensive, and wait until they will have a special offer - complete nonsense.

What should be in the set of documents required for the tour?

The standard package of documents for the tour includes a passport with a visa, if you want to travel to the country visa, tickets, medical insurance and a voucher.At the moment, the tour operator sends the documents via e-mail, the data base shall be made of the insurance company, the receiving party, which will meet tourists during the arrival at the airport, also in the base of the hotel and airline.Thus, in the hands of travelers give a printed copy, equivalent to the documents with seals.But we should not be afraid of such documents at the hotel, instead you will not settle even when similar bundled, registration is only on the plane of your passport.

How best to pay for the tour?

Paying cash is the simplest and fastest way.Then you give the cashier's check, because the federal law "On the use of cash registers in the provision of cash payments and the calculation of using payment cards" of 22 May 2003 obliges the individual entrepreneurs and organizations to give the customer the provision of settlements with the use of payment cardsand cash-printed check-out equipment checks.In the first place - it is necessary for the buyer: check with the treaty is a testament to the fact that you have bought and paid for the goods, in this case acts as a Product Tour.If there are unusual situations, the provision of checks and contracts for the tour agency will be refunded in cash.When you buy a tour through the online store, you can pay for a ticket online using a credit card.

What is included in the health insurance and what to do when you get sick on vacation?

If you suddenly happened contingencies that are associated with health and life, tour operators usually on the trip include the usual standard tourist package of health insurance.If during the trip the tourist ill, will provide free medical care, but only with prior call the telephone number listed in the policy.When you go to the hospital without referral of the insurance company, the services will have to pay yourself.But not everyone will be treated for the disease insurance: with great caution they relate to injuries acquired under alcoholic intoxication, dental treatment (pain), cases related to pregnancy and acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.

What do I need to do when the tour is already booked and paid for, and the person who paid for it, can not travel?

On each occasion the question is always considered separately.Different tour operators are different systems of penalties in case of failure of the round, and the amount can range from 0 to 100%.It depends on the reasons for the refusal and, of course, from time to time prior to travel, with a smaller period Penalty more.To such a situation did not happen, it is best to take out insurance on his own recognizance.

What does the insurance on his own recognizance?

insurance in case of interruption (cancellation) or travel insurance on his own recognizance is used when the client does not know what will happen to spend a vacation.The most common type of insurance - vacation with children or travel visa in the country.But we must not forget that insurance is not every case, the usual desire not to go will not serve as a basis for compensation.With certain exceptions, the insurance company recognizes the insurance event of damage to property, the call to the judicial authorities on the agenda, failure to obtain visas, deaths, infectious disease which requires quarantine, the acquisition of severe trauma, hospitalization and more.All of the above applies fully to the close relative of tourists, which can be grandchildren, grandparents, sister and brother, the lawful husband or wife, children, mother or father.It is necessary to pay attention also to the fact that the insurance company pays compensation under the insurance, so monitor the proper paperwork should be in a stage of tour reservation.To get compensation expense, you need to write in writing to the insurer of the occurrence of the insured event and to show proof.

What is a franchise?

franchise is prescribed in the contract insurance, some of the loss of tourists, which by the insurer is non-refundable.In tourism franchise commonly found in health policy, equivalent to 30 euros / dollars.This means that when the tourists received medical treatment at 100 euros / dollars, 30 of them are tourists need to pay, and 70 - the insurance company.This also applies to the insurance on his own recognizance, but the amount is not fixed, as a percentage of the tour pricing.When there is an opportunity to choose, you should take out insurance with no deductible.