Weather and Temperature in Tunis in May

Maghreb countries - the Arab part of Africa - such a variety!It would be an unforgivable blunder "hung up" on Egypt.And if most of us have made themselves an impression about what the weather is in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh on May holidays, the other ends, we still know very little.Since the beginning of the spring travel agencies are beginning to lure vacationers to Tunisia.This country is in the northwest of the African continent for a long time famous for thalassotherapy, a variety of natural landscapes, numerous historic attractions.It flourished in these lands and fell Carthage.Then there are the mountains and the sands of the Sahara and the lush oases.What is the temperature in Tunis in May?Comfortable if there swim and for excursions?Read about it in this article.

The climate

Unlike African counterparts (the same Egypt, for example), Tunisia is going through all four canonical season.That is winter, though warm, are also available.This is due to put forward Tunis to the ocean.Throughout th

e year, he is influenced by the Atlantic.The warm mass of water from the equatorial belt bring cool summer temperaturyaschih on the African continent.And during the winter warms the air.But at the same sultry breath of the Sahara makes itself felt, especially in the summer.Therefore, a small territory, Tunisia offers a generous selection of climatic zones, replacing each other as the distance from the ocean.Spring in this country - the off-season, although hotter than here in the mid-latitudes.Temperatures in Tunisia in May increases as you move inland.And on the shores of a cool breeze blowing.

Tender May

citizens of Ukraine were surprised to find only a small difference in a climate where the temperature is in the south of their country.Comfortable + 24-26 degrees observed in almost the entire month, growing from the beginning of May to early June.The sky is over Tunisia there is a war between winter and summer, as expressed in a thunderous roar.Rains are frequent but very short.Just a half hour hot tropical sun dries completely heavenly moisture.Rainy weather in Tunis in May, absolutely no effect on the thermometer.Going on vacation in the country, rest assured: you will return there with a bronze tan.After twenty-four degrees - it is in the shade.And on the beach African sun oh how it was hot!So do not forget to bring sunscreen.But the May evenings and nights are cool even in Tunisia: 16 0C.In order not to catch a cold, bring a sweater or light jacket.

What is the temperature of the sea in Tunisia in May

thalassotherapy spa capital in the last month of spring is not conducive to a long race.This is due to the fact that the flurry of the Atlantic still can not calm down.And the frequent rains cooled the sea.The water temperature is more than invigorating - + 16-17 degrees.Moreover, the excitement makes itself felt.Sometimes raid by serious storm.But the nature of Tunisia in the spring so wonderful that nothing to complain about in the cool sea.Only in May, you can admire the blooming gardens, eat plenty of citrus fruits, fresh almonds, mulberry and medlar (this scrumptious fruit here referred to as "bead").And on the tour, you will agree, it is best to travel in a comfortable 24 than 35.A swim?Almost all resort hotels in Tunisia have one or more swimming pools, some of them with seawater.If you are lucky with the weather (the closer to the end of May, the greater the likelihood of this), it says: beaches in this country wonderful, gentle entry, shallow sandy bottom, no dangerous fish and jellyfish.

Suitable for May Tunisia

swimmers in the open sea and dive will certainly be disappointed.Even the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tunisia because of warming trends in the last month of spring only up to + 18 degrees.But temperatures in Tunisia in May is ideal for those travelers who can not tolerate heat.At some time, you can still go to the African desert?It is very comfortable to visit any sightseeing and get acquainted with local exotics.South of the country can attract tourists with kids - the temperature here is somewhat higher.Pleasant in every sense of the climate differs island of Djerba.In May in Tunis is host to many festivals.Particularly striking and memorable to the Rose Festival.In the city of Ariana all the streets and houses are decorated by these marvelous flowers.After attending master classes in courting the bushes you can visit the Museum of roses in the park "Bir Bellasken."

Where better to relax in Tunis in May

As already mentioned, in a small area of ​​the country fit several natural climatic zones.So you can plan your vacation not only in time.The hottest is the island of Djerba.If the average temperature in Tunisia in May of 24 degrees, in this region it is equal to 26, and even at night, this index does not fall below the level of 16 0C.But in Sousse, Monastir, Tabarka, and be prepared for unexpected weather changes.Summer heat can be instantly dispelled the cold wind or a gust of desert sandstorm.Also, Tunisia and regions vary a lot by rainfall.If the subtropical coast north of the country and in the mountains falls to 1,500 millimeters per year in the south - up to 100 mm.