Attractions Almaty - photos, prices and reviews

Although Almaty (in Soviet times - Alma-Ata) for nearly two decades ago has lost the status of the official capital of Kazakhstan, it is still the largest and interesting cities of this country.In this regard, today for Almaty firmly stuck the title of the southern capital of Kazakhstan.We offer take a short walk on the memorable places of this magnificent city, nestled at the foot of the mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau.

Almaty historical information

This city is located in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has a long history.Thus, according to research by scientists, the first people here were more than two thousand years ago.Later, the territory of modern Almaty region was founded several towns, one of which bore the name of Almaty.It was from him and later gave the name to the southern capital of Kazakhstan.Not far from the city of the Great Silk Road connecting Europe with China.In those days, local town flourished.In the XIII century Almaty was in decline, like many other towns in

various countries in connection with the invasion of Genghis Khan.New life in the future capital of Kazakhstan breathed soldiers of the Russian Empire, founded a military fort in the middle of the XIV century.The city became a very rapid development, mainly due to many immigrants from Russia.This locality was given the name Faithful.10 years after the arrival of Soviet power in Kazakhstan town with a few changes back the old name.Then Alma-Ata became the capital of the Kazakh SSR.The city remained the capital after Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991.At the same time it was decided to rename it in Almaty.Its status as the official capital city lost in 1997.

Today Almaty - the largest economic, financial and cultural center of Kazakhstan.It is home to more than two million people.Particularly noteworthy and attractions of Almaty and Almaty region.We offer below to find out more about interesting places to visit the southern capital of Kazakhstan.

Almaty, Kazakhstan: attractions

Many foreigners who come to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Almaty in particular, note the enormous natural wealth of this country.After all, there are high and picturesque mountains and gorgeous canyon, rivers and lakes.In addition, special attention should be given historical and architectural sights of Almaty and Almaty region.These include a skating rink Medeo Kok-Tobe hill with a magnificent view of the entire southern capital, parks, fountains, museums, monuments and other buildings of the city.So, if you would be in the hands of the card Almaty landmarks, you will find that the attractions are not only concentrated in the central part of the city, but are scattered in various parts of it.So, we suggest to get acquainted with the main places, visiting which will be interesting for tourists.


Usually locals attractions in Almaty its guests start showing it to Kok-Tobe.This title is a hill whose height is 1,130 meters and it is located in the park.It should be noted that the Kok-Tobe is not only a landmark of the city, but also a place of the republican importance, because there is trehsotmetrovoy tower, which can be seen on all the panoramic pictures of Almaty.To get to the Kok-Tube can be either a special shuttle bus or cable car.Generally tourists prefer the second option, because on the way out of the cabin cable car offers magnificent views of some areas of the city.For travel by cable car need to pay 2 000 tenge per round trip, and the bus - 500 tenge.In addition, you can take on foot and climb up the hill, but few dare to it.Kok-Tube, you can stroll through the small park, to see the magnificent panorama of Almaty residents watch the mini-zoo, buy souvenirs, have lunch in a national restaurant and take pictures at the monument to the Beatles.Thus, if you are studying and considering the sights of Almaty, some of them in the first place to visit, we recommend to give preference to Kok-Tobe.

Palace of the Republic

Attractions Almaty necessarily include the Palace of the Republic.It is located at the intersection of Dostyk Avenue and Abai.This architectural structure is the pride of the city for several decades.It hosts a variety of concerts, both local and foreign artists, a variety of celebrations and so on. D. At the time, the architects of the Palace of the Republic (then called the Palace of Culture) were awarded the USSR State Prize.

Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

Many attractions of Almaty is inextricably linked with the historical events of the Great Patriotic War.These include the Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, located in the Medeu district.The park is spread over a vast area of ​​18 hectares.It was founded in the XIX century and had a different name.Modern as its name the park was named after the 28 fighters who committed the feat in the defense of Moscow during the Great Patriotic War.The park is very green and well-groomed.In addition, it is known, and a number of its buildings, such as the Memorial of Glory, Ascension Cathedral, the Museum of Folk Instruments.

Ascension Cathedral

Attractions Almaty, photos of which can be seen in various guidebooks and on postcards, always include the Cathedral and the Russian Orthodox Church.It is situated in the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen.This wooden structure, erected at the beginning of the last century, is truly unique.Thus, the cathedral was among the few buildings in Almaty that withstood the devastating ten-earthquake here in 1911.After the arrival of Soviet power in Kazakhstan Cathedral ceased used for worship, and its building was placed museum.Russian Orthodox Church, the church was restored only in 1995.Today there are regular services, and many tourists come here to admire the beauty of this magnificent building.

Glory Memorial

This facility is also located in the Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen.It was built in 1975 in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the Great Victory.Then there was lit and the eternal flame.

most popular attractions for tourists Almaty: Medeo skating rink

This sports complex is located in the same vicinity of Almaty and Medeo skating rink is the highest in the world.It is located at an altitude of fifteen hundred meters above sea level.Skating rink Medeo is famous for its pure ice, which was established 126 world records.It was built in 1972.With the independence of Kazakhstan in the territory of the rink Medeo began to conduct, which later became very famous international music festival "Asia Daysi" or "Voice of Asia".In 2009, the sports complex was carried out large-scale reconstruction, and he again opened its doors not only for athletes but also for the residents and guests of Almaty.By the way, the winter comes here every day thousands wanting to skate.The cost of entry to Medeo is 1800 tenge.If you have with no skates, you can rent them for a fee.

Independence Monument

If all of the above attractions Almaty appeared in the days of the Soviet Union, the Independence Monument, stands majestically on the central square of the city - it is a tribute to a new milestone in the history of the country.It is a large-scale facility, which reflects the entire history of the formation of the Kazakh statehood.At its center is a tall pillar, on top of which is the figure of the "Golden Warrior".


In the summer, on the territory of Almaty can see a huge number of working fountains of various shapes and sizes.In total, the city has 120 such facilities.The first of these appeared in Almaty in 1948.Every year on May 25 in the city of Fountain Day passes when at nine o'clock in the entire metropolis begin working fountains.Enjoy the water spray and the beauty of these structures can be from 25 May to 15 September.