KSK "Levadia" in Moscow

KSK "Levadia" - is a modern complex with excellent infrastructure for equestrian sports and horse riding training.The club is able to provide a full range of services related to horse breeding and horse riding: the preparation and content of the horses and their rental, leasing and sales.

At the beginning of August 2014 CSC "Levadia" celebrated its third birthday.The club has been built on the site of the old stables, breeding farm named after M. Gorky, who was leading its origin from the stables of Count Orlov.


Just want to tell those who want to see for the work of CSC "Levadia" Club address: Moscow Region, Leninsky District, Village of Orlova.

city transport you can reach the metro station "Domodedovo" on the shuttle bus or bus number 367 to the stop "on.Orlov ".Then you bude walk five hundred meters.

«Hunter's yard»

The structure KCK "Levadia" is the equestrian complex."Hunting yard" has a number of buildings for the animals and comfortable learning to ride a horse.There are thre

e stables, the main of which is intended for the maintenance of twenty-one horses.The other two stables can accommodate eleven and nine animals.

School Alexandra Korelova

in KCK "Levadia" works supreme riding school under the direction of the champion of Russia in the category of "dressage" - Alexandra Korelova.Practiced individual sessions with each rider.The athletes of this school participate and become prize-winners in competitions at various levels.

Pony club

in KCK "Levadia" a lot of attention is given to work with children.The pony club "Humpbacked Horse" young riders learn riding skills on the pony.Classes are held in Moscow.Experienced trainers will conduct a complete individual training course will help the child to adapt to communicate with animals.For children it is a great school.KSK "Livadia" (responses of parents and young riders show about it) develops in children active in communicating with animals, psychological stability, as well as physically.


in KCK "Levadia" practiced this technique.Its essence - the treatment of children with the help of horses.During the lessons the child controls ippoterapevt a trained instructor for therapeutic riding.This method is officially recognized by the German Association of physiotherapy.In the former USSR it is officially recognized only by Russia.

in varying degrees of effective hippotherapy for children with cerebral palsy, various disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

«Vivat, Russia!»

all children wishing to engage in horseback riding and loving animals KSK "Levadia" invites you to join the children and youth school.It was created with the support of the National Foundation of St. Tryphon.It was called "Vivat, Russia!".Training in Youth lay the foundation for students to perform in the future regulations on discharges to rank candidates and masters of sports.

Paralympic equestrian

To the credit of the organizers of the club "Levadia" I must say that they are actively working in this direction.The club is prepared equestrians Paralympic 3-4th levels (International Classification).This activity aims to develop Para-Equestrian our country.

Athletes with disabilities involved in the club twice a month under the guidance of experienced coaches.


This is the first presentation in KCK "Levadia".Circus arrived at the base near Moscow club for the first time September 15, 2012.The program included acrobats, trapeze artists, clowns.You could see incendiary art of riding and enjoy the trained animals.Before and after the presentation of equestrian complex visitors can ride horses, ponies, and the smallest riders - on donkeys.Today, CSC "Levadia" has its own circus tent.

Rent stall

Job Club "Levadia" diverse and multifaceted.All services are directed to the proper maintenance of horses.

Rates stall, in addition to the content of the animal, it includes food, grooming, vet.In a word - it is round the clock care of your pet.

Veterinary services

team KSK "Levadia" gathered people, infinitely loving horses.They carefully monitor the health of their pets.The owners of the horses turned for help to vets "Levadia", can be quite sure that they will fall into the darling of caring and capable hands.

Veterinary services are provided around the clock.It uses the latest equipment and experienced agents.

Vets Club will conduct a full examination of the animal, identify torments horse disease nominate correct treatment.

Equestrian Club "Levadia" - a young, dynamic company.Here people gather, united by one passion - the love of horses.Animals feel fine in itself, and in exchange for the care and affection, give a person selfless devotion.