Waterpark "Golden Beach" in Anapa - a zone of entertainment for the whole family

City Anapa - is one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.Every year, here comes a huge number of tourists from all parts of Russia and in many neighboring countries.This popularity is not surprising - beautiful beaches, warm sea, a huge number of cafes and restaurants for every taste.

One of the most famous entertainment venues - a water park "Golden Beach" in Anapa.Every summer, it attracts not only tourists staying in the city, but tourists staying in nearby towns.

About waterpark

excellent alternative to the usual beach - a water park.Anapa - a beautiful family-friendly resort, and it is not surprising that it is here decided to build a large complex with entertainment for children and adults.The local water park was opened in 2001.It became popular rather quickly, since such centers at the time were new to the whole of the Krasnodar Territory.Since then, the park is not just upgraded, so that today it is not inferior to many similar entertainment centers.If you bel

ieve the reviews of tourists, "Golden Beach" is no worse than foreign water parks.

Adult Entertainment

If you are going to visit the park with the whole family, carefully study the age limit for each attraction.The fact is that the "adult" slides are divided into two groups: 10 and 12 - the age of travelers, respectively.You can ride the rides with mats, rubber rings, or without special tools.

Children older than 10 years, the water park "Golden Beach" in Anapa offers slides "Twister", "knot" and "loop".Customers already celebrated his twelfth birthday, may visit any attractions, including the extreme.The most interesting for thrill-seekers will slide "Black Hole", "Aladdin's Lamp", "Kamikaze" and "Kamikaze-extreme".An interesting attraction "Family Rafting", which is carried out in the five-seater descent raft.There is a quiet hill - "Yellow River" (the slowest, and most calm), "BoA" and "Spiral".

Waterpark "Golden Beach" in Anapa has 7 swimming pools, one of which created a storm surge.Several artificial reservoirs are interconnected.

Kids fun

Smallest Visitors entertainment center will be delighted by the children's pool depth of only 0.4 meters.For older children there is an entire entertainment area - "Treasure Island".It has all the games in the water;slides and wet labyrinth - is a favorite pastime of those who first came to the water park.Anapa ("Golden Beach") offers some surprises.For example, in the children's area at intervals of 10 minutes appears flips barrel filled with water.Also, kids are invited to ride a rollercoaster, "Children's foam" and "Dragon".Quite often in the area for children entertainment program with the participation of professional artists and animators.Older children can stay in the "adult" area with their parents.

Attention: water park - an open, and the water is not heated.Focus on weather conditions and the temperature of the air, going to visit this place.


Decent in all respects Anapa water park."Golden Beach" - is a modern complex that meets all safety requirements.Near all attractions instructors on duty, ready to talk about the rules of use and operational assistance at a difficult time.Many tourists spontaneously decide to visit the water park.Especially for those guests on the territory of the center has a shop where you can buy swimsuits, suntan, towels and other little things.What is particularly nice - the use of sun beds and sun umbrellas - for free.There are also comfortable for the rest.

Everyone knows that after a long swim in the water and swim very hungry.Waterpark "Golden Beach" in Anapa has many caf├ęs and eateries to suit every taste and budget.You can not only quick snack and quench your thirst, but also to eat a full lunch or dinner.

Anapa water park: reviews and cost

Admission to the water park gives you the opportunity to ride an unlimited number of times on any rides.For customers entertainment center free sunbeds and canopies from the sun.The ticket price includes insurance and rental of camera cell storage.

orders in restaurants and shopping in the gift shop to be paid separately at the price list.For an adult admission ticket costs 1000 rubles for children whose growth was less than 135 cm - 500 rubles.Kids under 5 years old can go free when accompanied by parents.

Most of the reviews have already resting in the water park, positive.Some say that even the most extreme roller coaster is not so steep and high, as in other centers."Golden Beach" is considered to be a great place for a family holiday.Spend your holiday in Anapa, this complex be sure to visit.