Cheap vacation in the Crimea.

Tourism has now become the favorite pastime.Is not it interesting to visit a new place, meet new people, to bask in the rays of the warm sun and fill naplavatsya in the sea?In addition, the holiday on the coast helps to strengthen the immune system, which means that the body will be permanently protected against infectious diseases.The fact that it requires a large amount of money is wrong.Today you can have a good rest and a small amount.Chance of a cheap holiday in the Crimea.

How to choose inexpensive vacation

After endless winter will certainly want to visit the sea.Why not go to the Crimea?This is an excellent Russian sanatorium.Everything is there: well-kept sandy beaches, warm sea, the beautiful nature.Along the Black Sea built a huge number of hotels and boarding houses.The rooms on different levels.You can always find a cheap room.If you are wondering where the cheapest vacation in the Crimea, it is necessary to consider the private sector.Local residents rent accommodation at the lowest pr

ices.For these purposes, they are always prepared and equipped with the facilities necessary.Keep in mind that lyuksovskih services will not be there, but it is important that there is a place for recreation and basic amenities.Most tourists do not need much.Most of the time they spend on the beach or at exhibitions and excursions.Therefore, the main thing that was a bed for the night and a place where you can eat.Where cheaper vacation in the Crimea, will understand more.

How to choose the cheapest area

In Crimea, a lot of amazing and unique places, every corner in his own good.Downtown - quite expensive and the cheapest vacation in the Crimea is only possible in remote areas.In mid-summer the price per person - about four hundred rubles a day.In Yalta and Alushta travel those who have income.Interested in where cheaper vacation in the Crimea?If you go a little further away - in Malorechenskoe and Fishing, the vacation will be cheaper by half.Where cheaper vacation in the Crimea?In Nikolaevka.It is a small village on the west coast.If you are not afraid of the pebbles on the beach, the holiday will be wonderful.

Rest in Feodosia

This is also a cheap holiday in the Crimea.The area has long been famous beautiful surroundings, nice beaches.If you have good health and enough strength every day to climb the slope, you can stay in a boarding house.Cost of living in them are quite reasonable, and also will not have problems with nutrition.It can be one-time or three times a day.Often, right at the train station to see people with signs such as "Crimea.Recreation.Private sector.Cheap. "Typically, in such a way it can be rented the whole house for a family.And there is also a separate yard, kitchen, shower.The average price of such service - about two hundred rubles a day per person.Often that rest was even more expensive, many families come together and rent a house together.This is not only cost savings, but also the opportunity to spend time with friends, in the cheerful company.The area has many shops, vegetable shops, so the food will never be problems.

relaxation, the hotel

Maritimes city is always glad to host all those wishing to relax.Built for this purpose are many hotels and inns.Allow for organizers of rest that the financial capacities of people are completely different.Double rooms are expensive (at the very season - sometimes a thousand rubles).But you can remove the same room for four people, then the price will be reduced by half.Many hotels organize food for its residents.If you compare the cost with the prices in restaurants and cafeterias, it is not much different.And how many times to eat, tourists decide for themselves.Usually in hot weather, a person does not need a high-calorie food is abundant, it is possible to manage a dinner, and the rest of the snack salads, fruits, dairy products.All of this you can always buy in the shops.A little advice for travelers in the Crimea: it is not necessary to acquire all central stores.Food is better to buy in remote areas - there are more natural, tastier and cheaper.

Rest "savages"

always glad to visitors of Crimea.Holidays at the seaside cheaply available.This is confirmed by many tourists who prefer to rest savage.You just need to buy a train ticket and get off at the station in any town on the Black Sea.Visitors are always welcomed people with proposals for housing.Prices are different.It all depends on the location, the condition of the house.But experienced travelers bring such offer help to those who've already been to the peninsula.In such cases, the overpayment will not intermediaries, the price will be much less, and also The accommodation checked.

Crimea today

Following recent political developments, many Russians go to rest just there.To issue a passport is not necessary at any time to come and enjoy a marvelous holiday.Those who have already visited Yevpatoriya, Saki, Black Sea, Feodosia, Kerch, note that in these areas is possible a cheap holiday.In Crimea, built a lot of recreation.On the west and east coast you can rent a separate guest house just nine rubles a day.It can reside in about four people.There is also a dining room, pantry, shops.And if you drive off a little bit away from the major population centers, and there the price per person is on average about two hundred rubles at the height of the season.

From all of the above, the following conclusions.Go to the Crimea may be people with different incomes.The main thing - to choose the place and decide for yourself how you want to relax.If you want to spend time with the children, the quiet town with a shallow sea would be the ideal option.Prices of small resorts are quite reasonable, and it is easy to find good housing.The only advice for travelers: to ask in advance what the recreation center, guest houses and hotels are there.If you want to remove a separate house, you better do it in advance.If the family does not have small children, then we can take a chance and find accommodation at the exit of the train.Such services have long worked in the coastal areas.