Can I get to the train Gelendzhik?

Gelendzhik is located at the foot of the mountain range Markoth (western part), on the Black Sea (the coast of Gelendzhik Bay).Entrance to the bay across the width is approximately one nautical mile on either side are two capes: the north - and south thin - thick.

Just twenty-five kilometers is Novorossiysk, so if you decide to travel by train to Gelendzhik, better to drive to the train station of Novorossiysk.The journey will seem fun and interesting.Leaves no one indifferent views of the mountains, lush forests.

How to get there by train to Gelendzhik

To get to destinations more convenient and comfortable on the train, so say many travelers.The only drawback is that the tickets are very hard to get in the holiday season.This should take care in advance, it is best on the first day, when the announced vacancies (forty-five days before the trip).Let us consider how to get to the train Gelendzhik.

The town Gelendzhik has yet its railway station and rails here are not yet paved.There is a projec

t for construction of pathways from Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik, but is not yet known when it become a reality.The nearest station of the resort city is located in Novorossiysk.And here you need to get to, if you want to be in Gelendzhik as quickly as possible.Well, until the Novorossiysk get easier.If you go on a journey from Moscow, the train go in that direction every day from Paveletskaya, Kursk, Kazan stations.

Travel Gelendzhik: train tickets, prices

Going through Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik, in advance take care of the tickets.The cost of travel varies significantly depending on the conditions.So, for example, a ticket to the second-class train car, the exhaust from the Paveletskaya station, worth a thousand six hundred rubles.From Kazan station does the train "premium" in CB car is worth eight and a half thousand.

from St. Petersburg and can be reached by train through Novorossiysk Gelendzhik, he departs daily from the Ladoga station.Here, the cost of tickets varies from two and a half thousand for the second-class carriage to eight thousand seven hundred rubles a CB car.

Way to Gelendzhik

Upon reaching the railway station of Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik get to be quite easy.You can go by taxi or take the bus, which departs from the bus station every twenty minutes.On the forecourt in Gelendzhik sent taxis.

If you are unable to purchase tickets directly to Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik get to train possible through Sochi, Anapa.There are railway stations.From here you can reach any road, but the road will take longer than from Novorossiysk.

The attractive Gelendzhik

favorable season for vacationers lasts from early May to mid-October, the sea water is heated from 18 to 24 degrees.Gelendzhik coastal strip there is the 114 bathing areas, almost all of them the type of shingle.In sum, the length of the beaches is 20423 meters.In the center of Gelendzhik Bay specifically artificially created sandy beach, its length of 1000 meters and covers an area of ​​5.5 hectares.

Gelendzhik is famous for its mineral springs.In the vicinity of the city registered 5 mineral springs of flowing and 18 mineral mineral water.Almost all motels, resorts resort used sodium, chloride, bicarbonate water, which contains a small concentration of boron, iodine and bromine, iodine water from Solntsedarskogo field."Gelendzhik" medical-table water is in great demand among the population of the Krasnodar Territory and beyond, it is adjusted industrial production.Resorts Gelendzhik annually take patients with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory, endocrine, nervous system, musculoskeletal system.The resort delivered mud from the Taman Peninsula.The most popular Gelendzhik are the following resorts: "Blue Wave", "Gelendzhik", "Primorje" them.Mikhail Lomonosov, "Red Talco", "Sunny Beach", "Russia", "Chernomorets".Pensions "Builder", "Caucasus", "Friendly Beach", "Kabardinka", "Torch."

influence of the sea climate Gelendzhik

Thousands of tourists tend to get to this paradise with a mild, warm climate.Although no direct train from Moscow to Gelendzhik how to get to these places, it is easy to learn.There are several options, selecting one of them, for example through Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik you reach from anywhere in the country.

Many people wonder why in these parts most of the year is warm and favorable weather.All this thanks to the warm Black Sea and the Caucasus mountains.In the depths of the sea water temperature is never below 7 degrees.In winter, it rises from the depths of the warm water and replaces the cold that comes down.So is the circulation.At the same time ruling on the coast of the eastern monsoon was removed from the shores of chilled water in place of the passage from Asia Minor brings warmer here.Because of such phenomena the eastern part of the Black Sea has always warmer west to 6 degrees, although they are on the same latitude.In the summer takes place opposite is true: the night breezes extremely hot distilled water, which are replaced with refrigerated lower layers.In summer, there is no sweltering heat.The climate is favorable for year-round recreation.