Attractions Kashin - photos and reviews

Kashin is one of the oldest cities in Russia.It is located in the Tver region, and is the administrative center of the district of Kashin.Traveling on Russian soil in search of interesting places, be sure to check out here.Attractions Kashin may impress.

«Russian City Heart»

That's called this city.The fact is that a river flowing through it Kashinka has many turns.If you look at the city from a height, it will be seen that it bends forming a figure very similar to the image of the heart.In the city quiet and peaceful.Life flows slowly and methodically.Sightseeing Kashin, you'll have plenty of time to cross the river on the footbridge, which in this village are countless.Some of them are constructed long, others are relatively new.Some have a railing, while others do not.All the bridges are different, each represents a different interest.They perfectly fit and complement the local architecture.

Cathedral House

large number of churches and monasteries, preserved to our days, famous Kashin.At

tractions (reviews attest to this), you can begin to explore the city with the Catholic home.This is a civil building of the eighteenth century.The house served as the home for the priests of the city of temples.It was built in the Baroque style.The two-story building has an attic.Cathedral once the house was beautiful and magnificent, but it is now in need of restoration.

Sretensky Monastery

Kashin Attractions include just four monasteries.The largest of these is the Candlemas.Local legends say that it was built in 1400's in honor of the successful campaign of the prince of Tver.During the Troubles, the monastery was burned and looted.His recovery takes Mother Dorothea, who was once a princess Korkodinovoy.With the help of the monastery gave the former appearance.The main temple of the monastery - Candlemas Church - was built in the late seventeenth century.Then the rest of the buildings were completed, including a tower with a bell tower.Today, in the monastery courtyard, you can see the ruins of the monks' cells and the urgent housing, Trinity Church, the burial, including the tomb of Mother Dorothea.

Regional Museum

Mr. Cashin, attractions which will certainly be interested in experienced hikers, has its own museum.It was founded in the autumn of 1918.The exposition was originally located in the building of the City Duma.A 1936 exhibition took its place at the entrance of Jerusalem, the church built in the eighteenth century.The building itself is of great interest for historians and anyone interested in architecture.He founded the Museum Kunkin merchant who took an active part in the life of their region and was interested in its history.For many years he collected antiques.His collection was confiscated by the authorities and served as the basis for a modern exposition.Today in the museum you can see old furniture, household items townspeople and peasants of the city of different times, as well as a collection of portraiture.Number of exhibits - about five thousand.

Church of Joachim and Anna

Attractions Kashin (picture may not reflect their grandeur to the full, they need to see firsthand) include a unique monument of church architecture of the seventeenth century - the wooden church, which was erected in honor ofSt. Anne and Jehoiakim.Once at the site of the temple stood a different church.It was burned during the Troubles.In 1650 a new church was lit in the presence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.The building is unique in that the construction does not use nails and other iron fixture.Logs are connected via the ridges and grooves.This design was considered the most reliable.The church was high enough.It seemed that he rushes to heaven.In 1830 the church was restored.It has been added to the porch and belfry.Overhaul and replacement of a log house was carried out in 1970.Unfortunately, the unique structure has not survived to our times.In 1998, a fire destroyed everything.But the old pictures with her image is in the Museum of Kashin.

Museum porridge

explore the attractions Kashin, be sure to visit the museum Kashi.It has long been considered a ceremonial meal.It is prepared for all major events, be it a wedding, christening or funeral.And everyday the table rarely do without the mentioned specialties.The museum houses the most ancient recipes for a variety of cereals.In addition, the exhibition includes utensils such as pots and iron pots, which were prepared by our ancestors.You can appreciate carved spoons for men and women who gave on important holidays.The museum is located in the city center, in a beautiful 19th-century building, which is considered an architectural monument.Comments about this visit attractions just enthusiastic.But the most vivid impression, according to travelers, and locals, can be obtained by visiting the Festival of porridge!Not only will talk about how to prepare such a distinguished our ancestors dishes, meet attributes cooks, so also will provide an opportunity to test their own strength in the role of "chef".

Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Attractions Kashin do not end there.Among them are the Church of the Resurrection of Christ.It stands at the entrance to the city and immediately catches the eye.Its bell tower is visible from afar - its height is 76 meters.It is equipped with an impressive astronomical clock.The church was built in 1867.It fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape - remaining from the ancient city of the Kremlin buildings and picturesque hills, which once served as reinforcement.The cathedral was to become the symbol of the city and its magnificent temples overshadow other major cities.Such, for example, how Kalyazin.

What to see in the neighborhood

Attractions Kalyazin and Kashin not inferior to each other in beauty.Build the latter (in the old part of the city) dated 18-19 centuries: houses, Vvedenskaya and Ascension Church.However, will not be bored.Both adults and children will certainly be interesting to look into the residence of Baba Yaga.Fabulous house and the interior will take you to your childhood.Baba Yaga is not evil: old feed cakes, drink tea and make sure to dance.There is no doubt that the reviews guests left the residence of the most positive.In addition, people who have been in Kalyazin recommend to visit the local museum.A small but informative exhibition tells about the history of the city.In addition, it will be interesting to look at the Church of the Ascension, a monument to Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky and the bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral.The latter is considered a symbol of the city.