We leave for the tour "Anapa-Ufa"!

Summer - the long-awaited time of the year.In adults, it was time to leave, and the children - school holidays.Many families in the winter begin to think about where to go on holiday in the summer.The inhabitants of our country for a long time to think it is not necessary - you can safely put forward in the direction of Anapa.It is the most popular Russian resort.Agencies have prepared a special tourist bus tours "Ufa-Anapa".

Tour Anapa

To go to Anapa on a comfortable bus - the very best deal for the Russians with average incomes.This is an opportunity to spend a few days at the wonderful resort for only 4-5 thousand rubles.What is included in this tour?First of all, a comfortable place in a convenient bus with WC, TV and fridge.If you add a small amount, it will be possible to book a place in a cheap hotel, which is located about fifteen minutes from the beach and pay for meals.The average bus tour "Anapa-Ufa" is about 11 000 rubles per person, children up to three years go for free.Hotels guests

can choose for yourself when you make a tour in the travel agency.A trip to the sea takes about two days.Agree, interesting tour "Anapa-Ufa"?The distance is about 2000 km, but modern bus with all the amenities it is imperceptible.

Hotels Anapa

For those who decided to go on tour "Anapa-Ufa", the agency can offer accommodation in these hotels and inns as "Angelica", "Valley of the Sukkah", "Cuttlefish"" Foothills Sukkah "and many others.All of them are close to the tender sea.The hotel rooms are equipped with all necessary household stuff, comfortably furnished.Rooms designed for different number of guests (from 1 to 4 people).At the hotel there are caf├ęs, restaurants and leisure centers.Some complexes are equipped with tennis courts, in others - swimming pools, saunas, cinemas, playgrounds, parking and more.

How else can you get from Ufa to Anapa

Not all are well tolerated in the road vehicles.The ride should be about two days, and for many it is an ordeal.In such cases, you can recover a trip to the Black Sea coast or on a train or on a plane.Trains in this area is very much the way from Ufa to Anapa is about two days.Tickets are best booked in advance, for the 45 days prior to departure on vacation.Why is that?Or you will get most wrong place, or do not be, because in the summer to buy a ticket for the southern direction is very difficult.The cost of the ticket, "Ufa-Anapa" averages a little more than 2,000 rubles - a fairly low cost.

in Anapa on the plane

There is still the fastest and easiest way to get to the resort - a direct flight on the plane, "Ufa-Anapa".The ticket price will range from 4,500 to 9,000 rubles.There has a trick.If tickets are booked for a month, and even on the morning flight in the middle of the week, the price will be low, and if only a few days and for the weekend, then twice.Tourists who want to save money, they know all the details of the flight.

road will be about 2.5 hours.If a direct flight ticket purchase does not work, you can use the transit aircraft.The flight will be a little more complicated, with additional transfers, but still on the journey time will be spent less than if you traveled by bus.

can draw some conclusions.If you decide to go for a vacation in the summer of Anapa, the better to find out about good hotels, cheap hotels and cozy guest houses, offering agency.Carefully consider the type of transportation, calculate financial costs and learn more from experienced travelers, where they rest and how to get there.