Children's educational and health camp "Baldauren» (Kazakhstan / Kokshetau)

In 2002, Kazakhstan finally opened training camp "Baldauren", whose main task - to create favorable conditions for the development and fulfillment of the child.Ensuring pension from the republican budget.It is here that children learn to defend their civil position, acquire skills right relationship, take the initiative, provide mutual support and assistance.The most important thing - the guys are under the supervision of experienced counselors and educators.

Location and description

Children's camp "Baldauren" is never deserted even in winter.During the season it is visited by up to 500 people.Is this wonderful island in a conservation area of ​​Kazakhstan, on the shores of beautiful Lake Shchuchye, in the resort village of Kokshetau.Wellness resort is an analogue of the well-known camp "Artek" and the only one of its kind in Central Asia.

On the vast green area of ​​8.6 hectares are located various buildings: residential buildings, a health center and an administrative building.All the childr

en are waiting for interesting lessons with teachers, familiarity with the world and lots of exciting activities.Most importantly, every child learns to interact within different national team, to overcome social and psychological barriers in communication.

To get all the guys can not in an institution "Baldauren".The presidential camp accepts children under permits, but activists standouts, orphans and students from low-income families.Quotas can win adolescents aged 11 to 15 years of international, regional, sports, national and international competitions.The special permit is issued completely free, it included five meals (dining room), wellness, entertainment and educational activities.


Children's camp "Baldauren" offers comfortable cottages for different persons.Total in 8 cottages built.The maximum number of beds in rooms - six, the minimum - two.All rooms have bathrooms with showers.From furniture: beds, bedside tables and a wardrobe.

coastline for swimming and sunbathing provided stretch of sandy beach.On the coast there are enough long pier, which offers magnificent views of the local beauty and the lake.Equipped Beach trash cans, buoys and beach equipment.Before the start of the bathing season is conducted microbiological and chemical study of water.All sanitary standards strictly adhere to an institution such as a camp "Baldauren".

Leisure and entertainment

Condition and quality of service are at a high level and meet international standards.Create an excellent platform for the sports gym and rooms equipped for volleyball / football.There are two indoor pools, as well as a concert hall and a variety of clubs in drawing, music, dance, aimed at the development of creative abilities of children.

opening of the library, play center and a school for students grades 5-9.In addition to the entertainment and sports facilities, camp "Baldauren" a medical complex where children can undergo prophylactic and therapeutic procedures.Daily checks of children experienced pediatrician, health monitors and selects proper nutrition.

ALWAYS tempering measures, physiotherapy, massage, as well as reception of oxygen cocktails.The wellness center features a number of physiotherapy room, where every child can be treated using thermotherapy, magnetic therapy, UHF, electrophoresis, and so on. D. When the disease of the respiratory system are appointed by inhalation.

periodically for kids organize hiking trips to local attractions.Excellent meets children's camp "Baldauren."Kokshetau wonderful nature and clean air, which contributes to a relaxing holiday.And this is not a complete list of services.Every year the republican institutions actively developed and ennobled.It is possible that in a short time the camp will become a world-class status.