Where to go in Nizhny Novgorod: Woman with child and tourist

Every city in its own beautiful and unique.Each has its own unusual and mysterious story.It can be said about Nizhniy Novgorod.Its history dates from the twelfth century.Then, many centuries ago, the city was not a question, it was a small assembly point between two great Russian rivers such as the Volga and the Oka.Lower steel dignify it because it was a place in the "Nizovskaya" land of Veliky Novgorod.Gradually, the city settled, there were new buildings, development of industry, infrastructure - and in front of us today a modern city that perfectly combines the old and the buildings, and modern buildings.If you are interested in where to go in Nizhny Novgorod, the amazing places there are many.

Where should I go first

For those who came to this city for the first time, you immediately get poisoned for a walk along the main street Bolshaya Pokrovskaya.Impressions remain no worse than on the Arbat or Nevsky Prospect.Street luxury and also is only for pedestrians.We arrived in Nizhny Novgorod?Where

to go in the evening, do not know?Yes, it is on this street.There's always performing artists, sells souvenirs, guidebooks, maps of the city.And this is where you can always find out about new developments in the city, about historic places.

Main on Main Street

This is the street where strolling famous people, tourists, locals.Every house, every building there is associated with the history.This may be the home of a noble nobleman or merchant, or a house that is home to a famous person.The street is rich with sculptures.Always greets guests' postman with the bike. "It is a sign of the city's main pochtampa.If you go further, you can be at the theater, called "October".It is built just where once before the revolution was the Lutheran church.There's even a sign of "lady admires himself in the mirror."Can all admire, but that's a little distorted picture.And when a little tired, you can relax on a bench to the famous puppet theater.There's even a set composition dedicated to the "Mother and son".And there are places on this street a lot.

Romantic places

city was built many centuries ago, and most of the buildings and the streets began their "life" in the romantic eighteenth century.Structures of the different ages of the original finish.They are unusual moldings around buildings sculpture, mosaics decorated buildings.Do you think where to go in Nizhny Novgorod with a girl?It is not necessary to think long, you should immediately go to the embankment Fedorovsk.The landscape there is spectacular.In addition, there is the park and "Switzerland".It is right on the river bank.Breeding park began in the early nineteenth century.The first steel plant seedlings teachers with their students from the local high school.Then the authorities changed, but the park was not destroyed, and Komsomol members in the thirties of the same century, continued to work on its development.He now occupies a vast territory.There are not only the most rare and wonderful plants, but also rides the carousel.A corner of the park in the small zoo.It is considered and the most favorite place for residents.After the solemn wedding ceremony, almost all couples leave it there.


Still think where to go in Nizhny Novgorod?No need to think, and it is necessary to go to the Art Museum.Only there you can see the big picture "Appeal Kozma Minin."It is of about six meters in height and approximately seven meters in width.Artist on its development a lot of bother.This is one of the most unique works.In addition, the museum is still a lot of interesting work.There are exhibitions of contemporary artists from around the world.There are many other museums in the city.For example, the museum of steam locomotives, museum architecture, museum and other automobile plant.

Where should definitely visit

Interests, where to go in Nizhny Novgorod tourist?Such places are many.This museum of wooden architecture, Exotarium, Kashirinyh house.It is necessary to look at the Romodanovsky Railway Station, visit the Ascension Caves Monastery, Museum of Gorky, homestead Rukavishnikov Museum River Fleet, a French bistro, and many other places.If you plan a trip to this city, then we must remember that the most interesting places and there is a lot one day is not enough to get acquainted with the entire history.Still think where to go in Nizhny Novgorod?Then we have to go to the arrow.It is a place where you can see all the great part of the city across the river.They presented unusual and unique look.In addition, if the weather is sunny and warm, this is where you can admire the flight of gliders.For those wishing to have the opportunity to own and enjoy your flight.

How best to spend the evening in the city

not know where to go at night in Nizhny Novgorod?Always in the open-air cinema.Probably like most people have only seen in American movies.The film can be viewed directly in a private car.You just need to pay for parking and can be in the car with his company enjoy watching.There are not many theaters in the country, and found it easy in the city, every citizen is proud of its unique structure and will always show the way.If fortunate enough to go to a city like Nizhny Novgorod, where you can go, we have not decided yet?Then do not waste time, and it is imperative to go to the Kremlin.Ideas were once demolish this structure and instead make a good road to the Volga River.Only the Kremlin was lucky, his left and also restored.Some places were spoiled and therefore ordered the special bricks special dimensions to return to this unique construction of the original appearance.The best architects of the country's great efforts.There's even a specially neotrestavrirovannoy left a small corner of the wall.On it you can walk.

modern city

If you are tired from a day of visits and trips do not know where to go to Nizhny Novgorod, you can get in a cozy cafe.Such cultural centers there too much.Citizens do not forget their history and at the same time, go "up" over time.Construction of new residential districts, opening supermarkets, shops, leisure centers.But preference should still give the old days.

Famous caf├ęs

When else will be able to visit the art-cafe "buffet", only better book a place there in advance.There are concerts, meetings with artists, and artists.Once the host first met a hussar, and he gave him coffee, prepared by a special recipe, and so coffee like that ever since the owners changed, and the only way coffee is prepared.There is one unique place "Literary Cafe Bezukhov."Many tend to go there.If you have not been there, then, and was not in Nizhny Novgorod.The place is also necessary to take care in advance.There are meetings with writers and simply creative people.Do not be afraid that there'll be "empty-handed".There's always a good lunch.All prepared by a special recipe.It is important to pay attention to the menu.Some portions can be huge, while others, on the contrary, small.It also has its own cunning.The very unique cafe.Upon entering, it can be concluded that there were terrible fights recently, some half-ruined walls, other unique antique decoration, and the third part of a bare brick.Nevertheless, it is a cozy and very comfortable place.